Nissan Consult 3 Plus Program Keyless Remote (T31/C11/K12)

Nissan Consult 3 Plus Program Keyless Remote (T31/C11/K12)

This article show a guide on how to use Nissan Consult 3 Plus to program keyless remote (T31/C11/K12).Hope it helps,and if you want to know more about Nissan Consult 3 Plus,check:Nissan Consult 3 Plus Projects.

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Nissan Consult 3 Plus Software Download

How to Install Nissan Consult 3 III Plus Diagnostic Software

Nissan Consult 3 Plus Clone Interface


1.From the CONSULT-III plus “All DTC” screen, select the “BCM”.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus Program Keyless Remote -1


Nissan Consult 3 Plus Program Keyless Remote -2

3.Select “Work Support”.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus Program Keyless Remote -3

4.When the next screen appears, (section shown below) select “REMO CONT ID REGIST” function to program the remotes.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus Program Keyless Remote -4

ID Code Entry Procedure


Close all doors (Observe the operation of the interior light with each door to ensure the door switches are OK).


Operate lock using the driver side door lock and unlock switch (on P/Window swassy.)


1.Remove and insert the key into the ignition key 6 times within 10 seconds (turning the key barrel switch from OFF to ON counts as 1 time).

2.Hazard warning lamp blinks and all door unlocks.

NOTE:On the sixth key insertion, keep the key in the cylinder with the key barrel switch ON.Does the hazard lamp blink and all doors unlock?YES >> GO TO STEP 4.NO >> GO TO STEP 1.


Within 3 seconds after the hazard lamp blinks and all door unlocks, turn ignition switch to the ACC position and operate lock using the driver side door lock and unlock switch.


1.Press the lock or unlock button of the keyfobto be added.

2.All doors unlock simultaneously.

3.Hazard warning lamp blinks and all door unlocks.

4.Key ID is registered.

Is key ID registered?

YES-1 >> When adding a keyfob: GO TO STEP 6.

YES-2 >> When ending registration: GO TO STEP 8.



Operate lock using the driver side door lock and unlock switch.


1.Press the lock or unlock button of the keyfobto be added.

2.All doors unlock simultaneously.

3.Hazard warning lamp blinks and all door unlocks.

4.Key ID is registered.

Is key ID registered?

YES-1 >> When adding a keyfob: GO TO STEP 6.

YES-2 >> When ending registration: GO TO STEP 8.



Open the all doors >> REGISTRATION END.

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Obdstar X300 Pro 3 Review: Valuable, Good with Asian Models (Nissan, Toyota G/H chip)

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3,Good economy key programmer. Asian models are pretty good but you need to know what you’re doing to use it. . . i.e . how to convert BCM serial no to pin code on Nissan and which ones are 4 digit pin vs. 20 digit pin. It’s not in the manual. Pretty much nothing of value is in the manual except how to plug in and update it.

It’s a game of “where’s waldo” when trying to figure out what model in another market will work to program a particular car (that isn’t an Asian model, i.e. USA Fords). I started a spreadsheet to document what works and what doesn’t. No, I won’t send it to you. . . join some forums and figure it out yourself or pay thousands of dollars for something better like a T-Code that comes with support and a proper manual.

The tool is well made and does a TON of stuff for the money. I bought it exclusively to program G and H chip Toyota and it works perfectly for that.

There’s zero documentation with the eeprom adapter so I haven’t used any of that. Odometer correction is also fairly limited. If you’re expecting a one-tool solution for key programming, this isn’t it but it’s def. worth the price.

One person found this helpful

Look here: my Obdstar key master working for Toyota H and G chip

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota H chip: success!

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota G chip: success!

In detail..

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota H chip:

Car: Toyota Altis Esport

Key type: chip H (47)





obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-4 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-5





Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota G chip:

Model: Toyota Hilux Vigo 2010

Key type: G chip (72)






Porsche PIWIS 3 Keygen Download Free + How to use

Free download keygen for VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS 3

Big thanks to Damien

How do you use the keygen:

This is the method you can try:

Make sure PIWIS is closed.  If it is open, right-click the Taskbar, and run Task Manager.  Select and End Task.

Click Start (WinKey) and type services.msc in the search box. Run services.msc. If the service is running, stop it.

If the Keygen is on the laptop, run it, and leave it open.

Run a Command Prompt.
At the Command Prompt, type:

Enter the Serial Number into the Keygen.
Enter the Country into the Keygen.
Change the Expiry Date to 01/01/2030.
The Dealer number is not important, but you can enter one if you know it (7 digit number).
Leave the Challenge Key blank for now.

Click Start (WinKey) and type services.msc in the search box.  Run services.msc
Change the AdminService startup to Automatic, and click Apply.
Click Start to start the service.

Run Piwis3.
Go to the Imprint section.
Enter 4 random digits into the Licence key boxes.
Tick the Accept box, and click License Update – it will say Not Valid – click OK.
Click Licence update twice more and OK.
The Request Key should have disappeared, and the Create Key button should be active – click it.
Place the mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen, and open the Keygen.
Enter the Request Key into the Challenge Key box, and click Generate.
Enter the licence key shown into the boxes on Piwis.  Tick the Accept box and click Licence update.
If successful, you should get a message to reboot.  Click OK, and the computer will shut down.


After starting the computer, open services.msc again.
Stop AdminService, set startup to Disabled.  You can now run Piwis.

You can also get the serial number by printing out the imprint request.
The snag with that is if you are imprinting a VM, it does not show the complete number.

(Credits to 911Turbo for his great contribution)

This is for your information.

If you don’t have a working PIWIS 3 program or the keygen is not working for you,

you’d better choose decent Piwis 3 software, tested version better.

The circuit diagram in version 37.900 works perfectly even without online access. And whether the updates work now or not is only secondary, the main thing we have to play.

porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-1 porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-2 porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-3
porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-4 porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-5 porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-6 porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-7 porsche-piwis-3-37900-download-8

How to Activate and Update XTOOL A80 H6 Tablet?

Xtool H6 is the latest car diagnosis platform made for technicians. It needs register and activate before use,here is the steps about Xtool A80 H6 Activation and Updating.

Step1. Click the Settings icon on H6 Elite.
Xtool - A80 - H6 - Activation -1

Step2. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to available internet.

Step3. H6 will automatically prompt that you need to activate, please click NEXT.

Step4. Please fill in the company name and mailbox, (no need to fill in Phone number cause overseas phone number cannot receive the auth code.), then click OK to complete the activation.

Software Upgrading

Step1. Please open H6 APP and click update.

Step2. You can choose Update all or any single software to upgrade.

W639 All Keys Lost Programming with CGDI MB and AC adapter

Test report: CGDI Prog BenzMonster + AC adapter for Mercedes Benz W639 all keys lost.

Hardware: CGDI Prog MB programmer + AC adapter

Software: CGDI MB

EIS: W639

Wiring diagram:



Step 1: read EIS data

CGDI read out EIS data

Step 2: calculate pass

CGDI MB calculated password


waiting to read EIS data

pls unplug the direction lock ELV and connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line on the directional lock plug (the most fine line in the directional lock connector in the K-Line)


pls insert the simulation key within 1 minute. if you have inserted it, pls pull out and try again

you need a key emulator:



CGDI MB read EIS data successfully

save data

upload data

query result


Piwis Tester 2 Work For Porsche Cayenne 2014 Kessy Module Matched

Porsche - Piwis - 2 - Porsche - diagnostic - tool-1
How Does Porsche Piwis 2 Matching Porsche Cayenne 2014 Kessy Module

Piwis Tester 2 is Piwis Scan Tool for Porsche Scanner, Piwis Tester 2 with latest V18.150.500 software work for Porsche. Piwis 2 Porsche Scanner work for Porsche old and new car model before 2017. Below share how does Piwis tester 2 work for Porsche Cayenne 2014 Kessy Module matching.

Piwis 2 with V18.150.500 Piwis 2 Software for Porsche Scan Tool

Porsche - Piwis - 2 - Porsche - diagnostic - tool-2

How does Cnautotool offer IMMO code calculate for Kessy Module Matched?

1. Firstly, contact email: to pay for Kessy module IMMO code calculate service,

Then pls send Cnautotool sales order number with Porsche car nameplate to show the Car model, year & VIN numbers.

2. Secondly, connect the Piwis tester 2 interface & Porsche diagnostic laptop to the car, as well as insert power adapter to the car

3. Then, send us Teamviewer id and password of Piwis Tester 2 laptop, and waiting beside the car

4. Need your help to brakes on, headlight on, emergency flashing, turn on & off width lamp to keep the car activate all the time when technician start offline matched Kessy Code.

(Once the Car is sleep during technician do the Kessy module matching, we have to restart processing.)

5.Cnautotool technician will help you matched the kessy module.

Cnautotool Kindly Note:

1. Kessy had better brand new order via VIN number from the dealer

2. If we need matching the Second-hand Kessy Module via Piwis tester 2, pls offer VIN number to calculated the IMMO code firstly.

Customer need purchase the Piwis 2 Porsche Diagnostic Software V18.150.500 Porsche Piwis II Porsche Scanners or Piwis 2 online programming after change new module just contact us freely.

Lonsdor K518ISE adds VOLVO XC60 2014 Spare Key Success

New customer feedback: VOLVO XC60 2014 Spare Key (semi-smart key) well done with Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer.

Q: How long does it require?
A: Takes less than half an hour.
Q: From where did you get the security data? It require to dismantle something to read it?
A: on the table read CEM with RN-01 PCB dongle takes around 2 mins, after go to the car and program.
VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-1 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-2
Q: Can I do all keys lost?
A: Yes. same job.
Procedure & Photo attached:
Turn on ignition switch
In Lonsor K518, select Immobilizer->Volvo->XC60-> 2009 up->Smart key->Add Key
Select security data (read before operation)
Press Start button
Read vehicle information, part number, VIN etc
Identify current number of keys: 1
Insert new key to be programmed to car slot
Key programmed success
VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-3 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-4 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-5 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-6 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-7 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-8 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-9
Here’s the step-by-step procedure on Volvo XC60 key programming with Lonsdor k518ISE.

CGDI BMW Program CAS3 CAS4 All Key Lost No need DME ISN

Why CGDI Prog BMW is one of the must-to-have BMW Devices ?
No need DME ISN or Removing ISN when All Key Lost.

Note: The BMW Data modification and verification license is required. The license is free to use.


1.Test CAS3 All keys lost

2.Test CAS4 all keys lost


Read CAS3 eeprom dand CAS4 dflash data with CG Pro or VVDI Prog

1 .Test CAS3 All keys lost No need DEM ISN code


Select BMW Data Modify

Select Data type: CAS3

Load CAS3 eeprom

The current data is CAS for encrypted version data. Click on NO and don’t decrypt the ISN.

CGDI BMW display VIN and CAS ISN code
Copy the ISN code
Go back to CGDI function menu

Select CAS3 Key Match

cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-7 cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-8
Load CAS data

Select a unused key position and Generate Dealer Key

Choose Manually enter a known ISN
Paste the ISN code here, press Next

Place the blank key into CGDI key programmer

If the current programmed key is a smart key, the key will be locked.

cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-10 cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-13
Program key success. The key is locked.

2.Test CAS4 All Keys Lost


In Tango key programmer,  select BMW->Cars-> CAS4

cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-15 cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-16

Upload CAS4 dflash data


Detected CAS4+ Type


Select I have DME ISN


Tango asks to enter a DME ISN code to continue


Go to CGDI BMW, select BMW Data Modify->CAS4 type


Load CAS4 dflash data

The current data is CAS for encrypted version data.
Press Yes to decrypt the ISN

Paste the ISN code to Tango corresponding area

Select a key position and write key.cgdi-bmw-cas-all-key-lost-11

Cummins Insite Data Unlock + Keygen Download

What is Cummins Insite Data Unlock?

Cummins INSITE Data Unlock is a software can solve the problem with incal Cummins expires. You can use the old calibration arquivos Permite you change PC date on cummins insite and releases the program. This allows you to use older files of calibration, unlock the isnite program if PC battery were destroyed or damaged Cummins unlcok password generator allows you to roll back date the PC and run your cummins insite program.

Cummins - Insite - Data - Unlock - Keygen - Download

How to use Cummins Insite Data Unlock:

If you change your computer date March 09 for use of incal March or someother reason for rolling back date the insite lock system up. This will allow you to use older flash files such as flash files vary form year. For example, they say they make some improvements in flash files, then he is not improved. For a person may prefer to use an old flash file could never be able to access the older file, unless they have this tool.

To use the earlier discs INCAL, you need to start to change the date on the computer, setting it a month later release date disc INCAL, you want to use. Then run the program INSITE. You will see a message about changing the date. Click OK, and then in the window that appears, you will need to enter the code,that you create using INSITE UNLOCK.

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Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Register, Install and Update

Autel - MaxiSYS - Pro - MS908P - Register - Install - and - Update
How to install Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P software?

There are two Setup.exe program packages contained in the CD provided with the MaxiSys tool kit. The packages include the following applications:

1. PC Link?—?launches a Printing Services program which receives and
allows editing the files sent from the MaxiSys tablet for printing

2. Driver Program?—?setup driver program for the VCI device

3. Network Configuration Program and Update Agent?—?network configuration program and firmware update agent for the VCI device (for J2534 ECU programming device)

4. Update Agent?—?firmware update agent for the VCI device (for Bluetooth communication interface)

To install the Setup.exe program

1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM of the computer. The driver installation wizard will load momentarily. 2. Click on Next on the welcome page. 3. Click the Change button, and select a destination folder to install the program, and click Next to continue. Or directly click Next to continue without changing the default installation folder.

4. Click Install and the Setup.exe program will be installed onto the computer.

How to register Autel MaxiSYS MS908P pro programmer?

In order to get access to the Support platform and obtain update and other services from Autel, you are required to register the MaxiSys Diagnostic Device the first time you use it.

To register the diagnostic device 1. Visit the website: 2. On the Sign In page, input your account ID and other information to log in, if you already have an account. 3. If you are a new member to Autel and do not have an account yet, click the Create Autel ID button on the left side. 4. Enter the required information in the input fields, read through Autel’s Terms and Conditions and tick on Agree, and then click Create Autel ID at the bottom to continue. 5. The online system will automatically send a confirmation email to the registered email address. Validate your account by clicking the link provided through the mail. A product registration screen opens. 6. Find out the device’s serial number and password from the About section of the Settings application on the MaxiSys Display Tablet.

7. Select the product model of your device, enter the product serial number and password on the Product Registration screen, and click Submit to complete the registration procedure.

How to update Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P diagnostic scanner?

1) To update the software
Each car model software has different version. We provide free update online for One Year, pls feel free to contact us by email:

2) To update the firmware
The internal programming of the Autel MaxiSys Diagnostic System, known as the firmware, can be updated using the Update application. Firmware updates increase the MaxiSys applications’ capabilities, typically by adding new tests, new models, or enhanced applications to the database. The display device automatically searches for available updates for all of the Maxisys components when it is connected to the internet. Any updates that are found can be downloaded and installed on the device.

1. Power up the MaxiSys Display Tablet, and ensure that it is connected to a power source and with steady internet connection. 2. Tap the Update application button from the MaxiSys Job Menu; or tap the update notification message when received one. The Update application screen displays. 3. Check all available updates: If you decide to update all the items, tap the Update All button. If you only want to update some individual items, tap the Update button on the right column of the specific item. 4. Tap the Pause button to suspend the updating process. When you tap Continue to renew the update, the updating process will resume from the break point.

5. When the updating process is completed, the firmware will be installed automatically. The new version will replace the original version if there is one.