BMW diagnostic tool

Super MB Pro M6 error code 661 resolved

Customer problem: There is something wrong with my Super MB Pro M6. It works well before, but now the software cannot connect with my car. I have done [...]

Xtool X100 PAD3 + Yanhua FEM/BDC Clip Read BMW 95128 No Solder

Yanhua FEM/BDC Special Programming Clip can read 95128/95256 chip without soldering. Compatible with most diagnostic tools on market such as ACDP, CGDI, VVDI, [...]

Know about How to Restore BMW ICOM A2 After Factory Reset

Problem: How to restore BMW icom a2 after a factory reset? LAN doesn’t work after reset. Answer: You need to restore it with usb drive, here is the [...]

Setting MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI

We know The MB SD Connect Compact 4 can connecting with Both Lan cable and WIFI, some customers might have question and problem about how to setting [...]

Change ISTA-P Language for BMW ICOM A2 Software HDD

  How to Change ISTA-P Language for BMW ICOM A2 Software HDD? Customer Question: Hello, I bought a BMW ICOM A2 HDD. Multi-language available [...]

Know about BMW ICOM Diagnostic Tool (Integrated Communication Optical Module)

What is BMW ICOM? BMW ICOM (Integrated Communication Optical Module) is the data interface to the vehicle and is the successor to OPS (Optical Programming [...]

New BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool without Software

Software Version : V2022.03 ISTA - D: 4.33.30,with SDP Programming Database 4.33.30 ISTA - P: with Engineer Programming,supports the programming [...]

BMW ICOM firmware upgrade instructions

 BMW ICOM V2021.01 With free Software: Software Version : V2021.01 ISTA - D: 4.27.20,with SDP Programming Database 4.27.20 ISTA - P: with [...]

Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell XDOS with DTS Monaco and Vediamo

Provide free solution and tested version of Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell XDOS 12/2020 with DTS Monaco and Vediamo. Free solution of Xentry Diagnostics [...]

How to Solve MB SD C4 Plus DOIP WiFi Connection Error

MB SD C4 Plus DOIP WiFi connection problem: An error message prompts as shown in the following picture. And there is something wrong with the WIFI. Is [...]