Xtool X100 PAD3 + Yanhua FEM/BDC Clip Read BMW 95128 No Solder

Yanhua FEM/BDC Special Programming Clip can read 95128/95256 chip without soldering. Compatible with most diagnostic tools on market such as ACDP, CGDI, VVDI, Autel, Launch X431, Xtool, etc.
xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-1 (2)

Here’s a quick demo on how to read 95128 with Xtool X100 PAD3.

1.Install Yanhua FEM/BDC Clip.
How to install Yanhua FEM/BDC Clip?
2.Connect to EEPROM Adapter & X100 PAD3.

Special function >> EEPROM >> EEPROM Adapter
Please make sure to connect to VCI & turn on the ignition switch…

Read/write EEPROM >> EEPROM adapter
Make sure the adapter is connected and powered on, and the status light is turned on.
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xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-3 (2)

xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-4 (2)

xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-5 (2)

95CXX series >> 95128 >> Read EEPROM data >> Save file
Read completely!

This is how to read BMW 95128 chip with Yanhua FEM/BDC Clip without disassembly.
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xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-7 (2)

xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-8 (2)

xtool-x100-pad3-yanhua-fem-bdc-clip-read-bmw-95128-9 (2)