FC200 Continental SIM271DE

Hi everyone, they didn’t bring me such a block from Mercedes, in general they washed the engine and the car no longer starts, and the rest of the water here on the cover is not a question of how I cleaned it , I didn’t clean it, I did it now, it’s not about the block, I have this one, such a programmer, I recently bought it on CGDI FC200 ECU [...]

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Use CG FC200 ECU programmer to read the original data of Mercedes Benz 272

Issue: Mercedes-Benz 272 engine ECU with hybrid engine not gasoline engine, car can’t start. The client doesn’t want to repair it, but want to clone the data to a new [...]

Best Toyota Fortuner 8A AKL with Autel KM100 and 8A Adapter

Toyota Fortuner 8A H chip blade key all keys lost is done Autel MaxiIM KM100 with Gbox and Toyota 8A AKL adapter. Connect KM100 with Gbox and 8A adapter Pair [...]

What is PCMtuner tool?

What is PCMtuner tool? PCMtuner tool can read and write ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes. PCMtuner performs a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, [...]

How to do Autel IM6908 Cannot Read Corrupted BMW FRM data

Question: I’m trying to reset the BMW FRM module 3m25j with Autel IM608 XP400, data got corrupted there’s no data. Error Partition is zero and data is null. I could [...]

How to repair BMWMini electric windows by Autel IM608

My BMW/MiniFRM module is not responding and now the power windows are not working. It’s not like earlier cars could use hand-operated switches. So I decided to read the [...]

What is different Between Cummis 7 and Cummins 6

So many friend asked why they bought the Cummins INLINE 7 DataLink Adapter, But when it runs why is it a Cummins INLINE 6 ? The Cummins 7 data link Adapter with two [...]

Register and Activate Autel MaxiIM IM508/ IM608

How to register and update Autel IM508/ Autel IM608 programmer for the first time? Follow the getting started guide below for the quickest way to set up the IM608 PRO [...]

Obdstar X300M Correction Mercedes-Benz ML Series W164 Mileage

Since Obdstar X300M is a good mileage correction tool for modern cars, Using it to correct the mileage of Mercedes-Benz is very simple and fast I’ve disassembled its [...]

Program and Flash the Cat ECM

 how to flash and program a cat engine control and module? Here I would send this ECM and ask to see if it was communicating and if it was working and it was not, and [...]

The use Volvo PTT to perform a fuel consumption data test

About how to use Volvo PTT to perform a fuel consumption data test. And for more Volvo PTT projects,check here:Volvo Premium Tech Tool Projects. What You Need? Volvo [...]