Yanhua ACDP Obtain BMW-E-6hp Refresh Authorization Details

How to Solve Yanhua ACDP No Obtain BMW-E-6hp Refresh Authorization? One customer asked for help: When I used Mini ACDP key programmer and 6hp/8hp adapter to clear my bmw egs isn, I got a prompt “The device does not obtain authorization of A50F module. The module name is BMW- E- 6HP refresh.” (See the figure as below). How can I deal with [...]

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JPRO Professional Truck Diagnostics Portfolio

JPRO 2022 V1 is the most popular in-shop diagnostics software for heavy & medium-duty vehicles. JPRO has multi-brand coverage. The JPRO software has a multitude of uses. [...]

The New EST V9.6 New Holland Electronic Service Tools Diagnostic Procedures

  New Holland Electronic Service Tools CNH EST 9.6 9.5 8.6 engineering Level CNH Kit Diagnostic Tool Plus Lenovo T420 Description: The software is 9.6 9.5 [...]

What is Cat et software used for?

What is Cat et software used for? CAT Electronic Technician (ET) Cat® ET is diagnostic software that helps technicians diagnose existing and potential problems with [...]

FC200 Continental SIM271DE

Hi everyone, they didn’t bring me such a block from Mercedes, in general they washed the engine and the car no longer starts, and the rest of the water here on the cover [...]

Use CG FC200 ECU programmer to read the original data of Mercedes Benz 272

Issue: Mercedes-Benz 272 engine ECU with hybrid engine not gasoline engine, car can’t start. The client doesn’t want to repair it, but want to clone the data to a new [...]

Best Toyota Fortuner 8A AKL with Autel KM100 and 8A Adapter

Toyota Fortuner 8A H chip blade key all keys lost is done Autel MaxiIM KM100 with Gbox and Toyota 8A AKL adapter. Connect KM100 with Gbox and 8A adapter Pair [...]

What is PCMtuner tool?

What is PCMtuner tool? PCMtuner tool can read and write ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes. PCMtuner performs a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, [...]

How to do Autel IM6908 Cannot Read Corrupted BMW FRM data

Question: I’m trying to reset the BMW FRM module 3m25j with Autel IM608 XP400, data got corrupted there’s no data. Error Partition is zero and data is null. I could [...]

How to repair BMWMini electric windows by Autel IM608

My BMW/MiniFRM module is not responding and now the power windows are not working. It’s not like earlier cars could use hand-operated switches. So I decided to read the [...]

What is different Between Cummis 7 and Cummins 6

So many friend asked why they bought the Cummins INLINE 7 DataLink Adapter, But when it runs why is it a Cummins INLINE 6 ? The Cummins 7 data link Adapter with two [...]