Common Transmission Failures in Range Rover and Jaguar


Range Rover and Jaguar are luxury SUVs known for their performance, style and durability. However, like all vehicles, they are bound to break down, especially the gearbox or driveline. Here are some of the most common transmission failures that can affect Range Rover and Jaguar:
Range Rover gearbox failure

One of the most common transmission problems in a Range Rover is a faulty gear selector mechanism. This can lead to difficulty shifting or complete transmission failure, causing a “Transmission Failure” warning message to appear on the dashboard.
Range Rover gearbox failure

Transmission problems in a Range Rover are often caused by a faulty solenoid valve block, which prevents the transmission from shifting smoothly. This may also cause a “Transmission Failure” warning message to appear on the dashboard.
Jaguar gearbox failure

Jaguars are also prone to transmission failure, especially the XF and XJ models. A common problem is a failure of the electromechanical unit that controls the drivetrain. This can cause shifting problems, transmission failure, and a “Transmission Failure” warning message on the dashboard.

Steps to take when transmission or gearbox failure is detected

If you detect gearbox or gearbox failure in your Range Rover or Jaguar, action must be taken as soon as possible to prevent further damage and expensive repairs. Here are some steps to take:

Check the fault code. Use a diagnostic tool to check fault codes and determine the specific problem with your transmission or gearbox. The most common codes for Range Rover and Jaguar are P0730, P0731, P0732, P0733, P0734, P0735, P0736, P0737 and P0738.
Check gearbox and derailleur. Inspect the gearbox and gearbox to determine if there are any obvious signs of damage or leaks. Check the fluid level and condition, and make sure it’s the right type for your vehicle.
Replacement valve body and sleeve set. If the fault code is related to the valve body or sleeve set, replace it with a new set to prevent further damage. For detailed instructions on how to replace the valve body and sleeve kit, see the technical bulletin (previously available html bulletin).
Conduct a road test. After replacing the valve body and sleeve kit, perform a road test to ensure the gearbox and gearbox are working properly. Check for any unusual noise, vibration or movement issues.
Perform regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can help prevent gearbox and gearbox failure. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals and use the correct fluid and filter for your vehicle. refer to more Jaguar diagnostic tools.