How to Use JPRO Diagnostic Software Vehicle Data

When a vehicle is selected in the vehicle readiness window, the following are the displayed data points: Cruise set speed limit, road speed limit, idle shutdown time, battery voltage, total average fuel economy, total engine run time, odometer, engine speed, DPF lamp, EHST (exhaust system high temperature) lamp, trailer and tractor ABS lamps, DPF soot level, DPF derate, total idle hours, total idle fuel used, and consumable fluid status.

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Click on the Consumable Fluids status image to view fluid level details.

Clicking the Idle Shutdown gauge when Click to Change is displayed will launch the Idle Shutdown test.

Clicking either the Cruise Speed Limit or Road Speed Limit gauge when Click to Change is displayed will launch the appropriate Road & Cruise Speed Limits test.
Clicking the PTO Status gauge when Click to Change is displayed will launch the PTO Parameters test.

Engine Data Points

Air inlet pressure, exhaust pressure, fuel pressure, boost pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, fuel temperature, exhaust temperature, air inlet temperature, and battery voltage.

Transmission Data Points

Transmission input speed, transmission output speed, transmission fluid temperature, gear selected, gear obtained,and battery voltage.

Brake Data Points

Road speed, tractor ABS lamp, trailer ABS lamp, wheel speeds (J1708 only), and relative wheel speeds (J1939 only).

Bendix Intellipark switches are displayed for the components detected on the vehicle. The Bendix Intellipark lights will match those displayed by the ECU.

MultiValve: Displays reported switch positions for the red trailer or yellow tractor Intellipark switches.

Push/Pull Switch: Displays reported switch position in either the left or right position, which should match the position of the physical switch in the cab.

Trailer Data Points

Trailer MID address, total trailer distance, trailer ABS lamp, battery voltage, and wheel speeds (j1708 only).

Data Points for Bendix ADB Wear Sensing

When an ADB Wear Sensing component is selected, the reported pad wear life status is displayed.

When a Bendix Continuous Wear Sensing component is selected, the estimated brake wear life (pads plus rotor) remaining is displayed.

Data Points for Bendix TPMS

When a TPMS component is selected the tire temperature and tire pressure for detected sensors is displayed. Blue axle numbers indicate Spare Tire sensors.

Data Points for Agility Fuel System

When an Agility Fuel System component is selected the following key data items are displayed: fuel storage pressure,fuel economy, percent idle time, total idle fuel used, total distance driven, fuel used, and both fuel temperature sensor readings.