Confirmed! Lonsdor K518 Read Pin and Program Renault Clio IV (4) All Keys Lost No Issue

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518 Read Pin and Program Renault Clio IV (4) All Keys Lost No Issue

Renault Clio 4 all keys lost key card programming is verified can be done by Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S Key Programmer under subscribed menu.

Read pin code – ok

Immobilizer programming- ok

Remote programming-ok


Require to dismantle the smart key module HFM to read D-FLASH D70F3633 data by programmer (VVDI Prog, Orange5 etc) then copy bin file to K518 “customfile” folder.


In K518, select Renault->Select from vehicle->Clio->Clio IV->2012 up->All key lost

lonsdor-k518-renault-clio-iv-1 lonsdor-k518-renault-clio-iv-2 lonsdor-k518-renault-clio-iv-3 lonsdor-k518-renault-clio-iv-4

Follow Lonsdor prompts to read HFM data and paste bin file to K518 customfile folder.

lonsdor-k518-renault-clio-iv-5 lonsdor-k518-renault-clio-iv-6

Select D-Flash D70F3633 bin file

Reading file data


Read data successfully


Read VIN and confirm


Lonsdor K518 Read Pin Code success


Insert key card into slot and turn on ignition


Switch ignition off and then turn on again

Program completed.  Continue to program next key card or quit


Test the new key, start engine

Test the remote control.


Yanhua Mini ACDP: how to view the vehicle info by VIN?

Yanhua Mini ACDP update: Both IOS & Android users can view the vehicle info by VIN before going to program. Please upgrade your app from App Store.

Purpose: In order to confirm whether Yanhua Mini ACDP can program the user’s key.

Such as:

When you only know the car model and year, this software will help confirm the BMW IMMO is BMW CAS1-CAS4+or FEM/BDC.
If all keys lost, it requires to read out the engine ISN code, but the user doesn’t know the ECU model, then this software will help. Which is helpful for both users and dealers.

For example, when the dealer has no idea whether Key Programming Tool Mini ACDP can program key on BMW 5 series 2017 or not, which module to order, then the dealer can ask for the VIN to check the BMW information before decision.

Part 1. For IOS user, you can follow the next procedure to view the vehicle info by VIN:

1.Select “Details”.


2.Select “App store”.


3.Vehicle information.

4.Option: “From image” or “from clipboard”, then click on “Query”.



5.BMW vehicle info in details.


Part 2. For Android user, you can follow the next procedure to view the VIN.

Update Yanhua Mini ACDP 3.0.89.







Chrysler Factory Scan Tool Timeline: DRB3 – Star Scan – VCI Pod – Micropod 2

This is a research result about “OBD 2 Chrysler Factory Scan Tools ” from a fellow professional and what he shared with all on the web. Thanks to Brin who has taken the time to do this.

Here are several parts included:

Part 1: Chrysler and Post OBD 2 and DRB 3

Part 2: Star Scan

Part 3: VCI Pod

Part 4: Micropod 2

Then a summary…

In detail…

Part 1: Chrysler and Post OBD 2 and DRB 3


Vehicles on the road today are mobile networks. Each vehicle system needs a computer or control module to manage and monitor that system. Often, these seemingly independent control modules depend on other control modules to function. They must be able to communicate with each other and they do so on a bus, otherwise known as a communication network. This is not a new concept, but every year more systems and modules are making their way onto vehicles. This is increasing the complexity of these vehicle networks. What does this mean for the general Independent, aftermarket, mechanical or collision repair business? It means that we should be considering factory scan tools (scan tools used in dealer franchise service departments) and service information if we truly want to be able to handle our vehicle mix in a thorough, efficient and profitable manner. I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a place for aftermarket scan tools or service information in our businesses. I’ve found that both are needed to increase the likelihood of knocking it out of the park on every job. I realize that there are a lot of different, successful business models out there. Not everyone of these business models can support a journey like this. When considering ROI, you might not think that it makes sense for you and your business. You might consider subletting some of those jobs out to other local businesses that have committed to making these investments. Often, this means a mobile diagnostics and programming company. In this series, we will cover the most popular vehicle manufacturers one at a time, providing the information that you’ll need to make an educated decision. So, sit back and relax. We’ve got this.

We have a lot of work cut out for us so where do we start first? I’ll give you a hint, this vehicle manufacturer has had 6 different factory scan tool interfaces and 5 different scan tool platforms in the past 14 years?

Yes, we’re going to start with Chrysler.

We’re going to start with Post OBD 2 and the DRB 3. The DRB 3 is a hand-held Chrysler factory scan tool for non-CAN Chrysler vehicles but also has non-CAN, Global, OBD 2 Scan Tool capabilities as well as an oscilloscope. Don’t expect much from the oscilloscope. Compared to modern oscilloscopes, I’d consider the scope in the DRB 3 more like a graphing voltmeter. The DRB 3 will never time out meaning that it does not require a subscription to function. You will, however need a Tech Authority Subscription to access and download the calibration files needed to program Non-CAN, Chrysler Modules. Super Cards were needed in early models (pre-98) and other special applications like Chrysler branded Mercedes or Mitsubishi products like the Mitsubishi based Stratus, the Mercedes based Chrysler Crossfire and the Mercedes based Dodge Sprinters. There were different Super Cards for each of these special applications. Super Cards were inserted into the lower section of the tool. Special adapters called Multiplexers and cables were needed for certain applications as well.

Part 2: Star Scan

Next on the list is the Star Scan. The Star Scan is a hand-held Scan tool. It was the first Chrysler factory scan tool used for CAN only vehicles. None of the scan tools used for CAN vehicles were backward compatible, meaning that they would not function on non-CAN vehicles with exception of the DRB 3 Emulator that was included with the first wiTECH MicroPod 2 application (We will touch on this later). This tool was pretty much obsolete when it hit the Market. It was very slow. It didn’t take long before the Hardware couldn’t keep up with updates. A subscription was not needed for this tool to function, but a subscription was needed for tool updates and a Tech Authority subscription was needed to access and download calibrations needed to program Can Chrysler vehicle modules. The Star Scan is no longer sold or supported.

The Star Mobile was Chrysler’s first Scan Tool Interface that was designed to be used with a laptop. The interface was the hardware that connected to the vehicles DLC (Data Link Connector) but you would need a laptop with the downloaded Star Mobile Desk Top Client software for the scan tool to function. The installation and update software were downloaded from a disc. The Star Mobile could also be used as a functional Interface for the first wiTECH application that would be released later (Discussed later).

Star Mobile Desk Top Client was the software used with the Star Mobile. This software was quickly replaced with the wiTECH Application called the wiTECH Desk Top Client. As mentioned earlier, the Star Mobile Interface could be used for the wiTECH application for most of the existence of wiTECH.

Part 3: VCI Pod


The wiTECH VCI Pod is an interface that came out at the same time as the wiTECH application. At one point, the only way to purchase the wiTECH was with a package that included with the special wiTECH gateway (Basically a router configured to be used with the VCI Pod and to link with Chrysler’s server, the mother ship). When Chrysler first launched the application, franchise new car dealers were told that there was a wiTECH install and support team that would have to set everything up. The franchise dealers were not to set anything up on their own. Often, those teams never came and finally, the franchise dealers installed the system themselves. This was about the time of the bail out and bankruptcy. For aftermarket service facilities, the wiTECH package was around $8,000.00 with a years’ worth of wiTECH licensing, support and programming capabilities. Sometime later, wiTECH decided to offer a more economical option that came with a less expensive router and support limited to email. This package was around $4000.00 and was called wiTech Lite. A DRB 3 emulator was included in the wiTECH application not long after wiTECH was released. This Emulator allowed the user to scan and program non-Can Chrysler’s through the wiTECH application. The DRB 3 Emulator was just that, an emulator and emulators are rarely as good as the real thing. Early on, the emulator was okay but did get better over time with updates.

Part 4: MicroPod 2

The wiTECH MicroPod II was the next generation in Chrysler factory scan tool interfaces. The MicroPod is a pocket-sized dongle that plugged into the vehicles DLC. A wiTECH subscriptions was needed to use the wiTECH application. This tool would time out and be unusable if the subscription lapses. If you had an original VCI Pod and the wiTech software from V13.03.38 or prior, and never updated it, the tool would never time out. You could use it as a stand-alone tool, meaning that you couldn’t get all the benefits from the application, and you couldn’t program. Before this update, the application could be used in an offline mode, allowing it to function without connecting to the wiTECH server and checking the pod for registration and account information. Again, this is stand-alone diagnostics only, you wouldn’t be able to program, you would be limited in application features and you would limit yourself to older models due to the older update.

Tech Authority is the aftermarket portal for accessing subscriptions needed to download Chrysler flash files for programming Chrysler’s modules regardless of what scan tool or programming device that you are using.

The MicroPod 2 was released for compatibility issues with certain models. A while later wiTECH 2 was released to reduce cybersecurity and theft issues with Chrysler vehicles. With the wiTECH 2 release there was news of a sundown or elimination of the original wiTECH application. The other fun fact, your MicroPod 2 had to have a serial number of WPS-31560 or above. Older MicroPods would not be compatible with wiTECH 2, meaning that some users had to buy, yet another scan tool interface for use with witech 2. If you had a Micropod with a serial number that would allow you to register the device for the witech 2 and you did, that device could never again be used with the original wiTech application. The sundowner mentioned above did take place late in 2017 but according to sources, the original wiTECH application is still available to dealer franchises due to wiTECH 2 not being 100% compatible with some older CAN platforms. The new wiTech 2 is a cloud-based application meaning that you will need access to the internet for the scan tool to function.

The DRB 3 emulator is not available in wiTECH 2, so as it stands, the aftermarket needs to buy the separate standalone DRB 3 emulator from Controller Technologies Corporation or find a used DRB 3 if they want Factory non-CAN Chrysler coverage.


Non-CAN Chrysler vehicles.
Full factory scan tool functions (Some special Super Cards, adapters and cables needed for some Chrysler branded Mercedes and Mitsubishi products).
No longer sold, supported or serviced by formal vendors. There are very small companies that offer repairs, but parts are limited to old stock or parts used from non-functioning DRB 3 units.
Chrysler module programming with a Tech Authority subscription

DRB 3 Emulator

Controller Technologies Corporation DRB 3 is a stand-alone PC based scan tool. We are not referring to the DRB 3 Emulator that was included with wiTECh. This is the only legitimate option when looking for Factory coverage on non-CAN Chrysler vehicles. Keep in mind, that emulators are rarely 100% effective at emulating what they are designed to emulate. The DRB 3 is no exception, although, according to AE Tools, a distributor and support company for factory scan tools, the Controller Technologies Corporation DRB 3 is more capable of handling some of the oddball early CAN PCI Hybrid vehicles that were released during the early stages of the CAN protocol. In this way, it might be superior to the original DRB 3.
Nearly full factory scan tool coverage. This emulator has the same exceptions as the DRB 3 regarding Chrysler branded Mercedes and Mitsubishi products but a PC Based DRB 3 Multiplexer is available for Crossfire and Sprinter applications.
The kit comes with non-powertrain ECU calibration files for programming body and chassis modules without the need for a Tech Authority Subscription.
Powertrain programming available with a Tech Authority subscription.

wiTECH 2 and the MicroPod 2

Full factory scan tool functions with full programming capabilities on CAN compliant Chryslers.
A wiTECH 2 subscription will be needed for scan tool function.
wiTECH 2 subscriptions are available in three different terms:

3-day subscription is $50.00,

30-day subscription is $200.00

365-day subscription is $1600.00

Cloud/Internet based so an internet access is needed for the application to function.
A Tech Authority subscription is needed for programming. You will need to have an active wiTECH 2 subscription as well.
Tech Authority subscriptions are available in eight different terms. 1-day subscription is $24.95, a 3-day subscription is $35.00, a 7-day subscription is $70.00, a 30 day subscription is $250.00, a 3 month subscription is $600.00, a 6 month subscription is $1000.00, a 1 year subscription is $1800.00.

See attached for vehicle to diagnostic tool reference chart


To recap,

If you find that you need Non-Can Chrysler coverage, you might consider buying a Controller Technologies Corporation DRB 3 Emulator. Normally I would say that it would be best to buy the Genuine DRB 3 but they’re only available used at this point and they are very expensive. You can expect to invest $2200-$3000 on a functional used DRB 3. A significant risk on a used tool that might not be repairable if needed.

For full factory diagnostic and programming capabilities on CAN Fiat/Chrysler automobiles, it’s very clear that you’ll need a MicroPod 2 with a serial number WSP-31560 or higher, a wiTECH subscription and a Tech Authority subscription for programming.

If you just look for a decent tool for Chrysler and don’t care it’s original or copy, the lowest cost is to get a decent Micropod 2 china clone with wiTECH 2 subscriptions (DO CONFIRM ITS FUNCTIONALITY! A good one should be like

XTOOL A80 Full System Car Diagnostic tool reviews

XTOOL A80 Full System Car Diagnostic Tool reviews language, car list, function list, register, update etc.

XTOOL A80 Language:

Available: English Spain Italy Malaysia Spanish French Russian German Polish Portuguese Arabic

The default language is English.

Offer the machine serial number to the dealer to reset any of the above languages.


Xtool A80 success list:

Diagnosis …confirmed

Special function  …confirmed

EPS …confirmed

IMMOBILIZER …confirmed

Mileage adjustment …confirmed

Service light reset …confirmed

xtool-a80-review-2 xtool-a80-review-3

XTOOL A80 coverage and function list
xtool-a80-review-4 xtool-a80-review-5 xtool-a80-review-6

Question: Does Xtool A80 h6 program VW Polo (2015) all keys lost?

Answer: use VW 4th and 5th IMMO option to program.

Question: Does Xtool A80 support Smart 453 odometer correction?

Answer: No. it doesn’t.

XTOOL A80 activation:

Issue one: after entering gmail address, the activation was finished. But when upgrading, got the error message “Not support this language to update!”, the language to reset is Italian.


Contact the dealer if the language is reset ok, if yes, please reset the tablet language as Italian, and also reset APP language as Italian.
Issue two:

When active xtool a80 h6 pro master, got error “Submission information is incomplete”.

Solution: please use the popular email to active, i.e gmail.

XTOOL A80 activation procedure:

In order not to affect the using and upgrading of newly released

software, please be sure to activate A80.


First turn on the A80 BT host, enter the tablet setting function to

enable the WLAN function, and connect to the wireless network. Click

the A80 BT Diagnostics icon to activate the page: 1. Enter the activation

code on the certificate.

Enter the six digits after the S/N code on the


Enter auser name, such as A repair shop.

4, please enter the correct format of the mailbox account.

5 and 6, please enter a consistent custom password in the two columns. After clicking the activation, you will be prompted to verify the mobile number. Please enter the mobile number, receive the SMS verification code, and enter the verification code in A80 BT.

Note: In order to improve A80 BT, every time period, Xtool will update A80 BT, pop up the update box directly on the diagnosis interface, click to install.

XTOOL A80 update:

Question: Does xtool a80 code scanner update free lifetime?

Answer: No limitation to update time.

The A80 BT device no longer requires a card to be upgraded, just open the app and click Upgrade.


To be continued…


CGDI MB adds Benz Kline W202 W208 W210 Key via OBD

Topic: How-to’s of CGDI MB adds Benz Kline W202 W208 W210 Key via OBD


This is new key to be programmed


Step 1: Calculate Password

Plug CGDI MB to the laptop and vehicle

Open CGDI MB software

Go to EIS->Read EIS data

Choose Computer Password-> Copy key with key-> Collect data.


Collect data by following the below 7 steps:

1.Insert the original key into EIS and press OK

This is a k-line EIS, the operation is different from the ordinary EIS.


2.Insert the key into CGDI MB and wait for collection

3.Insert the car key into EIS 10s and remove

Make sure to twise the key to ON position and turn on

instrument. If failed, pull out the key and try again. Press OK to continue.

4.Insert the key into EIS

Remove the key for 5s and then insert the key into EIS

6.Insert the key into CGDI MB

Save the generated files.



8.Save the file successfully. Upload the data to calculate password.



Upload data successfully. Press Query Results to calculate pass–done.


Copy and paste the pass to EIS Key password box and then save it.


Select Generate EE->V051-> Load EIS file.


Upload EIS file just saved–>Press Generate Key File–>The key file was generated successfully.


Go to Read/Write Key->IR —>

read the key/chip


Then Open/Write


For Smart key choose 41 format, for common key and BE key choose 51 format.

Select a key file and write it.

Write key success.

Test the new key. Works good.

Job is done.

Create Product Status Report (Download List) on Caterpillar ET Software

How to Create Product Status Report (Download List) on Caterpillar ET Software?

-Open Caterpillar ET Software, Click on Menu “Information – Product Status Report”, and Mark on “Download List”.

-Click on “Create Report”, wait until process complete, and Click “Save As” to Save Product Status Report file to your documents (.xml)
-Example Product Service Report Download (pdf format);
Click Link below:
PSR Download

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems

Recently, CnAutotool regular customers feedback some problems of Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer,include:

Problem 1: Cannot enter the main interface of the device.

Problem 2: It takes a long time to enter the main interface of the device.

Problem 3: Some menus are lost in the device

Here cnautotool engineers share the solution to solve these problem.


Step 1:Hold on those two buttons marked in red at the same time.

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 1

And you will access the interface below,press “Uninstall APK”.

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 2

Press “OK”

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 4

Then press “Oldest APK” once

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 4

Now system loading

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 5

Enter the password

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 6

Connect the device to WiFi and then press “Update”.

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems 7

Press “OK” to update the device.

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Common Problems (8)

The device will be normal as before after updating.

All about Mercedes fbs4 key programming

In this post, all about hot keywords of Mercedes fbs4 key programming:

fbs4 all keys lost

fbs4 key programming

diagspeed fbs4

cgdi mb fbs4

vvdi mb fbs4

Fsb4 & fsb3 key

cgdi mb fbs4:

Confirmed! CGDI MB can read & write FBS4 keys

Images means a lot:

key-reading-1 key-reading-2

***CGDI MB allow users to program a new key through OBD. All done with a tool. That’s the reason why people look for it.

vvdi mb fbs4:

No. it’s not possible to read data and password for the newest Mercedes cars after 2015 with FBS4 EIS.

vvdi mb is ideal for BGA keys and the other.

To be informed: VVDI MB often works with VVDI PROG, since there are some eis and ecu’s that you cant do with MB Tool lonely. For example some w210 eis or Sprinter 906. You should have both VVDI MB Tool and VVDI prog. Or, if you have to buy some tool again, Simon Touch is the best, but its more expensive.

cgdi mb VS vvdi mb in the aspect of FBS4:

the difference between CGDI and VVDI in FBS4 is as Follow , CGDI can read FBS4 keys and knows if its in a working status or key is damaged , CGDI can read EIS FBS4 and knows if it working or not working , However VVDI can not Detect FBS4 . on the other hand CGDI never claimed that it can make calculation for FBS4 . Only Read to know the status . Out of the subject No one was Born knowing everything at one point we all asked for questions to know. Respect

Both CGDI and Vvdi MB are a great comprehensive solution comparing to what else is available out there. In my opinion they’re the two best for keys maybe along with Diagspeed but much far ahead than AVDI (for keys).

AVDI fbs4:

The most new benz cars have fbs4. Avdi cannot make fbs4. You have to go to dealer. The newest cars to make with avdi are from 2013.

diagspeed fbs4:

diagspeed can read Mercedes FBS4 key info.

Read FBS4 ezs w218 w212 w166 w246 by can full data 2015.

Fsb4 & fsb3 key:

Timings FBS4 comparing to FBS3 totally different, data exchange different so no chance using a FBS4 key like FBS3.

FBS4 applicable models:

Applicable Models: April 2013 to Present, Model W212; July 2013 to Present, Models 166, 207, V212; September 2014 to Present, Model 218; November 2014 to Present, Models 117, 156; April 2015 to Present, Model 172; MY-AII, Models 205, 217, 218, 222, 231.

MY2013, Model 166 with Code 803, Models 207 and 212 with Code 804.

Also, you can check SA Codes on vehicle data card or use any suitable online vin decoder to see SA codes related to your vin. You are looking for the presence of SA code 803 or 804, depending on the Model this means vehicle is FBS4 related.

FACT: Be sure . No device can do fbs4 yet . Only MB dealer can do it

I’ve been able to order fbs4 keys for years, got them direct from Mercedes. It car still has to go to dealer to be programmed.

Dealer can order a pre-programmed FBS4 key, similar to older models, but most dealers won’t. Huge amount of paperwork/protocol from FBS4 technician and scrutiny from Benz corporate…Needs to really be a true emergency: IE car stuck at bottom of Grand Canyon and only way out is airlift or get a programmed key…Or maybe easier is DBS4 technician and dealership owner is related to you!


so if i understand well, vehicle has to be towed?


No…dealer can order programmed key (3 to 5 days to deliver), hand it to the customer and car will start, same as any older system. The difference is in the key ordering procedure…FBS4 key needs much more scrutiny of paperwork, authorizations of parts managers and FBS4 technicians etc…most dealers do not want to go through this big procedure and liability, so they tell everyone to have the car towed in and key programmed with Auto Diagnostic tool which is a much more common (easier) practice for them. Personally my opinion is that Mercedes corporate is encouraging the dealers NOT to order the programmed key unless total emergency and no way to tow the car in…

To be updated…

Yanhua Mini ACDP adds Online Checking Vehicle Detail Information by VIN

New update for Yanhua Mini ACDP iOS APP!!

Go to Apple APP store to refresh Mini ACDP APP. You will find new function–online checking vehicle detail by VIN before programming!! Check picture attachment below.

Note: The function now is available on iOS app.  It will be released to Android app and Windows system soon.


In order to confirm whether Car Key Programming Yanhua Mini ACDP can program the user’s key.
For example:
1. Identify BMW IMMO type is BMW CAS or FEM when you only know the car model and year.
2. If all keys lost, it requires to read out the engine ISN code, but the user doesn’t know the ECU model, then this software will help. Which is helpful for both users and dealers.
For example, when the dealer has no idea whether Mini ACDP can program key on BMW 5 series 2017 or not, which module to order, then the dealer can ask for the VIN to check the BMW information before decision.

yanhua-acdp-vehicle-info-2 yanhua-acdp-vehicle-info-3





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Dernier calculateur Jaguar & Land Rover SPC564B64L8 en lecture / écriture: CG100 terminé! (cablage)

Dernier - calculateur - Jaguar - 1
Comment:  Jaguar et Land Rover SPC564B64L8 lecture et écriture

Puce: SPC564B64L8 du dernier écu Jaguar & Land Rover

Clés: TOUTES les clés perdues

But:  lire et écrire ECU

Solution: programmeur CG100  -confirmé à programmernouvelles clés aprèslecturedonnées etécriture etprogrammation



Sortez le module et la puce de la voiture



Exécuter le logiciel CG100: autres fonctions – Land Rover


Schéma de cablage

Connectez la puce avec CG100 pour lire et écrire des données


écrire de nouvelles données avec succès

Ensuite, programmez et ajoutez de nouvelles clés!