PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series Immobiliser

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PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series Immobiliser

PS2 / PS90 upgrade updates HNMAZDA,NISSNA,GM,CITROEN,CHANGAN,ZXAUTO immobiliser and TPS

01.Increase the NISSNA Qichen type 2 immobiliser
02.Increase the GM Lova 2016 immobiliser
03.Increase the GM Lova 2016 remote
04.Increase the ZXAUTO Delphi Petrol Immobiliser system
05.Increase the ZXAUTO Bosch Diesel Immobiliser system
06.Increase the MG GS TPS
07.Increase the MG GT TPS
08.Increase the ROEWE 360 TPS
09.optimization the HNMAZDA S7 immobiliser
10.optimization the CITROEN menu
11.optimization the CHANGAN cs35 Immobiliser/remote
12.optimization the CHANGAN cs75 Smart Key system

How to Use Xtool X-100 C ?

Xtool X100C is a dongle which is used to read PIN CODE and do key programming via OBD2 socket with your cell phone. It is a special key programmer for  Ford, Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen and DS.
It is user friendly and it can read Pin code for following models, but is not limited to following models.

But how to use it ?

Here we share APP Operation Guide

Support both iOS and Android

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 1

Recommended APP: X100C (search and download it from App store and GooglePlay Store)

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 2

Screenshot of Application (Android)
Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 3

Activation: Please activate X100C before you use it to program keys. Input the serial number and press “Activate”
Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 4

Immobilizer: Enter the software and choose your vehicle type, and then process programming.

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 5

Settings: By selecting Setting, users can set the language, unit and other system related options:

Language: Select the language. Please tick the required option from the multi-language options on the right.
Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 6

Bluetooth: Enter the Bluetooth setting and pair the phone Bluetooth with X100C -xxxxxBluetooth

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 7

PDF: input and store user’s information to be printed in the PDF report.

About: Users can read the software version and serial number here.

Report: It provides data flow during vehicle key programming.

Replay: It replays the data flow during vehicle key programming.

Screenshot of Application (iOS)

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 8

PS: If you want to change language, you can enter  “Settings” to change it.

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 9

If this picture shows up, it means you have to install language package first.

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 10

Activation: Please activate X100C before you use it to program keys. Input the serial number and press “Activate”
Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 11

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 12

Settings: By selecting Setting,users can set the language, unit and other system related options:

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 13

Bluetooth: Bluetoothis another important part, you have to connect your Bluetooth before you start. Here are steps:

Step 1: Open your iPhone’s setting ->Bluetooth ->choose the one same as your device
Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 14

Step 2: Check your setting in the app to see if it is connected successfully.

Support - both - iOS - and - Android - 15

How to get Security Code for XTool X100 PAD and PAD2

How to get security code for XTool X100 PAD and X-100 Pad2

Here is the question from a customer

Q: I was promted to send in this info in order to get a security code for a 2017 Chevy Malibu.

APP CODE- 8A85F2C002

Thank you for your help!

How - to - get - Security - Code - for - Xtool - X100 - PAD - and - PAD2

For this kind of issue, customer should contact seller and they will help to contact Xtool factory to get a security code

Xtool Anyscan A30 Function DPF and EPB Vehicle List

XTOOL Anyscan A30 is new product released by XTOOL company can replace Autel Maxidiag MD808

It is a full system diagnosis kit and easily to carry in your pocket, working together with mobile phones and tablets. Both iOS and Android platform are supported. Full brands and systems are covered. What’s more, it has many special functions, such as service light reset, DPF regeneration and EPB reset.

And today, we show function DPF and EPB vehicle list which are from our engineer

First is DPF function , the version is V6.13

Including EU models,Benz,Ford,GM ,Porsche,Renault and Toyota.

Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -1

Second is EBP Function Vehicle List ,version is V23.23

Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -2 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -3 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -4 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -5 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -6

Review of XTool PS90: Done with HYUNDAI 2014

I got the XTOOL PS90 and had a test on my HYUNDAI Santafe 2014. The tool worked perfectly on my car. I would share the test procedure with everyone.

PS90 tablet supports WiFi and Bluetooth that has the application advantage of Internet, which helps share my diagnostic data, picture, video and searching relevant solutions and experience online.

Bluetooth Connection: Connect the main test cable to the VCI box, the connect the main test cable with the OBD2 16Pin connector or other connector, then plug into vehicles DLC port.b.  The Bluetooth will be paired automatically between PS90 tablet and VCI box.c. Switch on the ignition and turn on PS90 tablet, then tap on PS90 application icon to test vehicles.

Function list:







I just do the diagnosis test because of limited time.

Diagnosis test:

There are Asia, China, America, Europe and Australia car model

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -1 Europe - and - Australia - car - model -2

Star to scan after certain the car model

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -3 Europe - and - Australia - car - model -4

Read code and diagnose

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -5 Europe - and - Australia - car - model -6

Special features

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -7

In my opinion, XTool PS90 is a pretty good diagnostic tool and wort every penny. It can read DTCs,  clear current and historical trouble codes memory. Beyond that it can be updated online with one-click.

XTOOL EZ400 Pro 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20pin Smart Key

This post will share a process about use XTOOL EZ400 Pro to program 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20 pin smart key. Here we go

First, post the youtube video link of this process so that you could view more details:

Choose “Nissan Infiniti”

Nissan - Infiniti - 1

Choose “program keys” -> ”select from types” -> “smart key system” -> ”20 Pincode”->”type 1” -> “program smart keys”

Nissan - Infiniti - 2

Switch ignition off, turn on the hazard warning lights, press OK to continue

Nissan - Infiniti - 3

A note before program: next to all smart keys will be erased, you can program up to four smart keys, press YES to continue

Nissan - Infiniti - 4

Do not press the brakes, press the start button until the ignition switch turned on, press OK to continue

Turn on the ignition switch

Nissan - Infiniti - 5

Communication and switch ignition off when shows the note like this:

Nissan - Infiniti - 6

And a note will appear to guide you how to program smart key

Nissan - Infiniti - 7

Press the start button and release it immediately, then the yellow light will flash on the start button, use a smart that needs to be programmed to be attached to the start button until the instrument is lit. then press Yes.

Nissan - Infiniti - 9

Make sure the immobilizer lights off.

Nissan - Infiniti - 10

Switch ignition off

Nissan - Infiniti - 11

After Configuring the system, a note will show you program success and ask you whether to program another key or not.

Press YES to program the next one, press NO to return.

Nissan - Infiniti - 13

Follow the step as the first programmed keys above to program the next key.

Use the first programmed smart key to close to start button and turn switch ignition on, the buzzer sounds, programming is completed
Nissan - Infiniti - 14

XTOOL EZ400 Fail to Active and Solution Full Guide

One of our customers turned to us that he can’t active his new XTOOL EZ400 and the tablet screen remain as the photos attached below.


How to solve this problem:

Once you meet the situation like this, contact us with your serial number and activation code. Check the APP version of you Xtool Scanner.

Serial number and activation code are in the package you received.


Note: tap the skin bottom on the top right of the screen. Find “about”->”setting” to check the XTOOL APP version.

After we check the customer’s XTOOL APP version, we found it is too old to activation. After he installed a newer version, he active his XTOOL EZ400 successfully.

Here attached two XTOOL EZ400 APP version for you to reinstall:

Note: if you can’t install the above APP, please contact us for the newer version.

Why XTOOL fail to active?

Input wrong activation code. Please check the code clearly when you register. Reset the XTOOL once you have registered the wrong code. And then register again with the right code.
Old APP version. You need to update first before activation.
The serial number and activation code you get are wrong. In this case, provide the serial number, activation code and APP version to us, we will send you another activation code.

“Why My XTOOL X100 Pad2 Can’t Do BMW Key Programming?” – Solution Process

Recently, one customer got his new Xtool X100 Pad2 but he is sad to find that this pad can’t work! He uses this pad2 to do BMW Key programming but fail. What happen? Let us find out why and solve this problem.

Here attach an image to express his situation:

xtool X100 PAD2-Fail-to-do-BMW-Key-1

Customer: This weekend I tried a Q7 2006 to diagnose the pneumatic shock absorbers the aircraft supports only 5 marked so Jaguar, land rover, Benz and another brand. And my BMW 3 series E91 for DPF system (the fap) because I have the light FAP lit nothing it does not work.

Today I tried to program a key on a Golf 2000 gasoline and I can not, I try to make a BMW e46 it does not work either. I would like to have the procedure to follow !!! Please, thank you in advance

Engineer suggest customer change the menu from “F chassis and E chassis” to “CAS 1-3”

While customer still can’t do BMW key program after using the “CAS 1-3”. And it appears a “Fail to communicate” and a CAS 1-3 using note:

xtool X100 PAD2-Fail-to-do-BMW-Key-2 xtool X100 PAD2-Fail-to-do-BMW-Key-3

Here are some tips to use Xtool Diagnostic Tools X100 Pad2:

Choose the right menu or change the menu when you meet problem programming.
Update the device to the latest version software.
If the X100 Pad2 still can’t work after update, you could tap the “Help” on the device to test the device so that the engineer could give you more detail solution.

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How to Register and Activate Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker?

Lonsdor KH100 remote maker requires registration and activation before using. The KH100 is a multi-functional remote maker released by Lonsdor company.

Lonsdor KH100 Function List:

Identify Copy
Chip Simulation
Remote Generation
Remote Frequency
Access Control Key
Chip Generation
Coil Identification
Special Function

How to register Lonsdor KH100 via email/mobile phone number?

To use KH 100, you need to register device first.


Power on KH100, select Register/Activate->New Users

register-lonsdor-kh100-2 register-lonsdor-kh100-3
Enter E-mail address or mobile phone number

register-lonsdor-kh100-4 register-lonsdor-kh100-5

Manually enter User Name


Set user password and confirm
register-lonsdor-kh100-7 register-lonsdor-kh100-8

The verification code has been sent and wait for 2 minutes for the code


Check the activation code in email or mobile phone

Fill in the verification code


Logging and checking

register-lonsdor-kh100-12 register-lonsdor-kh100-13 register-lonsdor-kh100-14 register-lonsdor-kh100-15 register-lonsdor-kh100-16

Register success.

The Lonsdor Kh100 remote generator is ready to use.