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GM tech2 Clone with TIS2000 for C6 Corvette, where to buy and why

Confusing where to buy one GM Tech 2 Clone for C6 Corvette? If from cnautotool, there are too many shops to choose, if from one website I see many listed on some of the sites, which one to have?

Arrived one from free shipping, and includes TIS200 disc as well.

Here is the cable that you will need to connect it your computer on a USB port to use TIS200o with it ( if the laptop you using does not have a RS232 port)
Also note that the drivers are linked on this page, so you build a VM machine on XP/or laptop running XP, then download and install the needed XP version driver into the XP shell.


It not going to come with case, but Harbor freight hard cases work very well.
One last thing, and the DC to DC converters are know to go out on the clones after a while, but easy to replace.

Tech II clone or VX GM nano:
Tech II clone or VX GM nano, I find myself using the Nano more often instead.
It works just like a Tech II running Tech2win on a laptop, works with TIS2000, as well TDS SPS and GDS2 for newer cars, since the VX GM nano is a clone of the newer MDI units that GM is using now.

Why I prefer the above website to cnautotool?
1. If buy from cnautotool:
Pros: accept credit cards payment
Cons: When open cnautotool and search GM TECH2, there are more than 100 search results, it’s difficult to choose for the newbie.

2. If buy from a branded website:
Pros: Accept PayPay and more payment method, after-sale tech support etc.
Cons: It offers several Tech II clone options for purchase, at the beginning the user may be confused, but following the below recommendation, you will have ideal on which one to have.

The better quality version is supposed to be the SP23-B or B3 versions. Accordingly, they will cost more. Here is something from one of the sites that details the differences.

SP23-B is the best Tech2 with Black Carry box, more stable

SP23-B3 is the SP23-B with carton box and best quality

SP23, SP23-C is the same as SP23-B, it also includes the Black carry box, but comes from another manufacture.

SP23-1 is the most cost effective one, it is with carton box, will help you save much more money.


To sum up:

Clone Tech 2’s are made by the same company, just different sellers, so watch what come with it (Tis200 disc or not) and if shipping is including in the price or not.
Also, make sure to order the one for GM-Holden north America.

Volvo Prosis Offline 2019 Installation Guide

How to install Volvo Prosis ?

1.Open DAEMON Tools Lite, load “PROSIS2019”.

2.Click on “PROSISInstaller” to setup.

3.Install PROSIS on your computer.

4.Press Next to start the installation, the following tasks will be performed.

Oracle XE 11 Release 2 will be installed.
Prosis Launcher will be installed.
PROSIS Importer will be installed.
PROSIS Offline will be installed.

5.Installation successfully.

Press Next to start importing new PROSIS content.

Abort import.
Click on “PROSIS Offline” at the desktop to login.

An error has occurred, click on “Close”, back to Cancel login.

Open ” PROSIS Importer”, browse “DB-ROM Drive (H) – > Disc1 – ReaseManifest.
Click on “Start”.
Completed in 5221 seconds.

Exit DAEMON Tools Lite.
Close PROSIS 2019 CD ROM.

Open PROSIS Offline to login.

First come the 2019 newest info.

How to Install VCX Subaru SSM 3 & SSM 4 US 04-2018

Subaru SSM 3 & SSM 4 US 04-2018 Free Download link :!B9wEWa4R!fCiUWWMfFKcZf9bdtCOWP3nl6brU2I8FW_KoYcPIUXM

What is Subaru SSM:


SSM is short call of Subaru Select Monitor

SSM Features:

1.All System Diagnosis

Selecting this item displays on a single screen the fault detect status of all control system control modules for which SSMΙΙΙ diagnosis is supported, and memorized diagnostic codes.

2.Each System Check

Selecting this item makes it possible to select a particular system from among the control systems for which SSMΙΙΙ diagnosis is supported, and perform fault diagnosis. This item can be used to view input/output data of the system control modules that perform fault diagnosis, memorized diagnostic codes, and other data on the PC display. This menu item is also used after repair work is complete to delete diagnostic codes, to configure control module settings, etc.

3.Saved Data Display

This item can be used to save various data sampled during fault diagnosis operations, and to load data for viewing after work is complete.


This item performs immobilizer registration.


This item performs reprogramming of the control module.

6. Read CF application measurement data. This item performs reading stand alone measurement data saved in a CF card to hard disk of your PC.

7.Convert/Save measurement data on driving recorder

Loads data sampled on the driving recorder to the PC from the CF card, and converts and saves that data.


After attaching the optional pulse/analog cartridge to SDI, connect the pulse/analog box to the SDI and using pulse/analog probe to perform analog sampling.

SSM 3 vs. SSM 4:

SSMIII DOES NOT work with PassThru.

SSM 4 can work with PassThru devices.

What is SSM 3:

SSM3 is dealership OEM tester software. Made by Hitachi Car Engineering Co., Ltd. Windows PC based diagnostic application that uses the proprietary SDI interface hardware. Later versions also support Denso DST-i interface. Can communicate with various car control units using a bunch of different protocols.

What is SSM 4:


Subaru Select Monitor 4. Subaru dealership OEM tester software; introduced in 2015, successor of SSM-III.

How to Install SSM3 SSM4 Software for Subaru Diagnosis & Programming ?

wiTECH Micropod 2 DRB III wiTECH 2 Scan Tool Download and Complete Info.

wiTECH MicroPod 2 is the next generation of witech vci pod.Chrysler Micropod 2 diagnostic and programming interface provides 100% CAN coverage for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Fiat.wiTECH Micropod 2 online version support online programming with online dealer account .Here, share complete information about wiTECH Micropod 2.

CnAutotool will share you complete information about wiTECh 2 as following:

1.wiTECH MicroPod 2 Overview

2.wiTECH MicroPod 2 Vehicle Application

3.wiTECH MicroPod 2 Notice

4.WiTECH MicroPod 2 Software PC Recommend

5.wiTECH MicroPod 2 V17.04.27 Software Download Free

6.wiTECH MicroPod 2 Software Install Guide

7.wiTECH MicroPod 2/DRB iii Real Car Test Report

8.wiTECH MicroPod 2 FAQ

Here we go…

1. wiTECH MicroPod 2 Overview

1.Software Version: V17.04.27 (install by our engineer via teamviewer)

2.Update: Software can be updated via CD or link.

3.Working Condition: Software can connect the internet

4.Online Programming: Support online programming with dealer account

5.Multi-Languages available: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

6.Support vehicles: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat

7.PC-Based: Requires PC connection

micropod-2-programming-tool - 1

2. wiTECH MicroPod 2 Vehicle Application

Chrysler latest diagnostic interface fits in your shirt pocket and provides 100% CAN coverage for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat.

Although small in stature, this dongle-style device offers 100 percent CAN coverage for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat vehicle platforms. This is the same diagnostic and programming tool the dealerships are using. It replaces your StarMobile, StarScan, and wi-TECH POD, and enables your technicians to increase their productivity and provide world-class diagnostic services to your customers.

3. wiTECH MicroPod 2 Notice

1.This Witech MicroPod2 can be used online.

2.This Professional Diagnostic Tools Witech MicroPod2 support online programming with online dealer account, if you dont have , pls connect CnAutotool seller.

3. This WiTech MicroPod 2 CAN NOT support DRB iii emulation,if you need, pls connect CnAutotool seller for another wiTech Micropod 2 with DRB iii function..

4. Software need to be authorised to work , pls send code or send teamviewer to CnAutotool seller, we will help to authorization.

5. If the software shows ” Registration Required “or other problem , please contact us, we will help you.

micropod-2-programming-tool - 2

4. wiTECH MicroPod 2  Software PC Recommend

micropod-2-programming-tool - 3

5. wiTECH MicroPod 2 V17.04.27 Software Download Free


6. wiTECH MicroPod 2 Software Install Guide

Latest V17.04.27 software need to be authorized ,need engineer install via remote.

micropod-2-programming-tool - 4

Tips: The computer date is current time

1.PC-Based: Requires PC connected to the network

micropod-2-programming-tool - 5

2.Then run Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 CD software as picture

micropod-2-programming-tool - 6

3.Firstly, installation AdobeAIRInstaller.exe

micropod-2-programming-tool - 7

4.Secondly, installation jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe

micropod-2-programming-tool - 8

5. Finally, installation wiTECH_Install_17.03.10.exe

micropod-2-programming-tool - 9
6.After successful to install the software, the desktop will appear

Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 software icon is as follows:

micropod-2-programming-tool - 10

7. About the detail witech 2 software installed demo, please check the following

installation video:

micropod-2-programming-tool - 11

WiTech Micropod ii Chrysler VCI Micro Pod 2 Use Guide for Green Hand

1. Firstly ,make sure you have installed WiTech Micropod ii software successfully .

2.Secondly connect Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 USB Port with PC, OBD2 Port connect

with car.

3.Then computer will automatically install Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2

hardware driver

micropod-2-programming-tool - 12

4. After Drive installed, you can find your device in your computer device


witech micropod 2 software install guide-84

micropod-2-programming-tool - 13

5.Then double click the icon of Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2

micropod-2-programming-tool - 14

6.Then you will see Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 connected with software, Please

click ” next”

7. If you have your personal online account, you can login in your user id and
password. If you don’t have online account, please select “word off line”,Then

click “finish” and go to next step

micropod-2-programming-tool - 15

8. Finally select ” Connect”

micropod-2-programming-tool - 16

9. To this step, you can choose the type of car which you want to test and the
system for diagnosis and programming in the end.

7. wiTECH MicroPod 2/DRB iii Real Car Test Report offer two version wiTECH micropod 2 , both good quality and support online programming ,client can choose the DRB III function software version one if they need.

When to use DRB3 & when to use wiTech?

The DRB3 emulator is part of Chrysler’s Witech software. The Witech software supports two different pass-through devices, The VCI pod which is sold with the Witech system and the Chrysler Starmobile. The DRB3 emulator is a convenience item for dealerships to allow the use of their current witech scan-tool on older non CAN bus vehicles. It is not by any means a cost saving option.

wiTECH Micropod 2 DRB 3 Emulator Car List:

DRB 3 supports Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealerships to service non-CAN based vehicles from 1998-2007

Test reports from users: (thanks for all the input)

2018 Jeep Wrangler:

FOBIK key programming done!


2016 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat:

100% CAN – equipped coverage to 2016 for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat vehicle

Provide basic OBDII diagnosis

Have access to module for Re-Flash Programming, TSBs, wiring diagrams, and repair information.

Btw, wiTech 2 supports chrysler and Fiat online programming, but the package from comes without  fiat software; i have my own micro pod 2 fiat software so that i can installation and programming. )

2015 Grand Cherokee:

Grand Cherokee 2015 RFHUB modify CRC and VIN

It’s really simple with micropod in offline mode . Just replace it …. and restor vehicle config.

2015 Chrysler 200:

The 2015 Chrysler 200, along with other Fiat-based models like the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Cherokee, and Ram Promaster, are all equipped with a rolling PIN Code.

Managed to program fobik with wiTECH app, when the 200 lost all keys

2015 RAM:

I traded in my 2015 RAM for a 2017 and confirmed that the wmicropod clone works with wiTech 17.04 patch level 11 works on my 2017 RAM.

I’ve heard rumblings that they changed things for the 2018 MY – doubt they will work.

2015 WK 3.6L and 2015 DS 5.7L:

I connected it to my 2015 DS and my wife’s 2015 WK with no issues. I disabled the side view mirror tilt in reverse on her WK (only thing she didn’t like about it) and she was thrilled. There are functions to bleed ABS, program tire sizes, etc.

There are literally hundreds of sensor readings, dozens of tests, actuators and misc functions that you can perform that seem to be very vehicle specific – which you would expect. Every switch/gadget in the vehicle seems to have a corresponding sensor reading of some kind in the software.

The only odd behavior I saw was when I connected to the ABS computer of my DS… the EVIC freaked out and started screaming to service the ABS. Maybe that is a safety feature of some kind so folks don’t go driving while messing with the ABS computer?

Powering the vehicle off and on again made the ABS warning go away. I could not find any “PROXI alignment” functions – maybe they don’t apply to my vehicles?

2014 dodge avenger:

One vehicle i tested with: a 2014 dodge avenger …. just fine.

was able to flash a module update and program a new key with the unit.

try the emulator on: DRB III emulator confirmed working.

2010 Charger:

I tested it on a 2010 Charger under witech and works flawlessly

2006 Jeep Liberty:

2006 Jeep Liberty CRD Limited 4X4

I ordered a witech micropod 2 clone with drb3 functionality.
MicroPod II comes with version 17.04.27 software, drb3 support is not installed automatically but can still be found after install. Says it’s good for offline use only, but that should be enough to mess with the TPMS.
All modules except the BCM and ABS computer are still compatible with the DRBIII on the 06’s.

This is a working offline Witech. I just got it connected successfully. Software V17.04.27 was installed on a Windows 7 laptop no problem. It did successfully populate the VIN and can read the ECU.

2004 Dodge:

got a 2004 Dodge pickup and under the emulator worked perfectly.

2003 PT Cruiser:

Basically no other modules other than the Engine, work. I cannot connect to the transmission, ABS, VTSS, SKIM, radio, cluster, etc. But everything in the engine module can be tested, actuated, etc.
Then luckily for me, I really only needed the DRBIII to write the Pinion factor for manual transmissions, which is conveniently in the ‘engine’ part which works.
Maybe I really need to invest in an older VCI pod so that everything else works.

Chrysler after 2003:

Micropod 2 with wiTECH only works for Chrysler made after the year 2003

old Chysler 1997 – 2004 (2005):

Micropod 2 work well with DRBIII emulator for old Chysler the year 1997 – 2004 (2005)

8. wiTECH MicroPod 2 FAQ

Q1: wiTECH Micropod 2 Chrysler VCI can working with internet?

A2: Yes, witech micropod ii can using with internet, the Turkey version can not using internet.

Q2: Does this Mopar micropod 2 support online programming?

A2: Yes, witech scan tool support online programming with online dealer account .But Turkey version 100% can not programming, because can not using internet.

Q3: Chrysler witech micropod 2 vci Can connect with wireless?

A3: Sorry, now the chrysler witech micropod ii can not connecting with wireless, maybe in the near feature will have wireless Chrysler witech micropod 2.

Q4: The Micropod 2 support DRB iii function?

A4:  Yes, offer 2 version witech micropod 2, both with a quality and support internet connected .clients can choose the one with DRB iii function software HDD if they need.

Q5: The Micropod 2 can testing new vehicles?

A5:  Yes, chrysler witech micropod ii software can Synchronize update, this makes it can testing the new vehicles. The Turkey version software is V14, can not work with new vehicles.

Free Download JLR SDD 156 Software + Patch

(05.2019) Free download JLR SDD version 156 software and patch to work for OBD2 diagnosis and programming for Jaguar and Land Rover.


Year / Release Date: 2019

Version: 156

Language: Multilingual: Germany/ Russian/ French/ Dutch/ Portuguese/ Japanese/ Spanish/ Italian/ English/ Simplified Chinese.

Jaguar / Land Rover – Symptom Driven Diagnostic software

Software for the diagnosis and repair of cars Jaguar, Land Rover.

Will be able to work on:

Windows 7 32 Bit

Step 1 : install software
Step 2 : Run Patch and use login details provided
Step 3 : Enjoy!

Will be fit for:

– JLR Mangoose PRO

– VCM Rotunda both original and clone



– Da-Dongle J2534 VCI

– JLR VCI (Jaguar Land Rover approved SAE j2534 Pass-Thru interface)

– JLR VCI (SP284)


JLR SDD 156 Vehicle Coverage:

For Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538 etc.

For Jaguar: X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 etc.

Jaguar and Land Rover Years Covered: 2016-2018

JLR SDD 156 JLR Features & Functions:

Can do basic diagnosis and programming for Jaguar and for Land Rover
Support Online/Offline programming (Online programming with a your owndealer account)
For Jaguar and for Land Rover approved the device
Covers CAN, MultiCAN, ISO9141, and SCP vehicle networks
Suitable for Legacy, current and future vehicles
Easy to update for J2534 new functionality

in detail….

DTC Code Retrieval:

Retrieve OE DTC with code Definition

Link DTC to service information
Customizable PID display

Data Logging:

Pressure/Vacuum Tests

Bi-Directional tests:


Network Test:


Module Programming:

Programmable Module Installation (PMI) procedures
Module Reprogramming (Reflash)
Supplemental restraints initialization
Programmable Parameters ( ability to change in service settings ie, tire size, personality, customer convenience etc.)

Body Controls:

Anti-theft System Functions
Remote Keyless Entry
Restraints (supplemental restraints and seat belts)

Chassis Tools:

ABS Service Bleed
ABS/ Brake system functions
IVD Initialization Sequence
Ride Height Calibration ( for vehicles with pneumatic or hydraulic ride height controls)
Cruise Control System tests
Tire pressure monitor functions
Electronic Ride control

Electrical Tools:

Charging System Tests
Parking Aid Tests

Powertrain Tools:

EVAP Evaporative Emission Control System
Fuel System Test/Relative Injector Flow Test
Bi-directional control of fuel components
Bi-directional Ignition System control
Power Balance Test
Transmission bi-directional Tests
Engine Checks and OBD Tests (Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09)
EGR Test

Digital Multimeter:

Basic DMM functions
Current measurements (50 Amps/500 Amps)
Pressure/Vacuum measurements

IDS Legacy Tools for Jaguars 1997 -2005:




JLR SDD v156 Images:

jlr-sdd-156-image-2 jlr-sdd-156-image-3 jlr-sdd-156-image-4


BMW ICOM is Professional  diagnostic tool for BMW group vehicles.BMW ICOM A2 is upgrade of BMW ICOM, and it’s always next technology of BMW ISTA diagnose and programming product.

BMW ICOM A2+B+C has functions as follow:
A2 – OBD diagnostic supporting MOST, D-CAN and K-CAN protocols;
B – diagnostic via MOST bus, and possess link to A-interface through USB connection;
C – 20-pin cable for previous types.

BMW ICOM A2 Compared with ICOM:
1. The modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity.
2. Robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments.
3. To protect the MOST connector, the ICOM B for vehicles with optical MOST access will be equipped with a soft cover made of rubber instead of the former plastic cap.
4. The ICOM C for old series with a diagnostics socket will be additionally equipped with an approx. 20 cm long cable, which facilitates the connection of the ICOM A2 and makes storage in the engine compartment easier.
5. BMW ICOM A2+B+C support BMW cars till 2013 year. Support BMW & MINI full system diagnose and offline programming.


How to install and update VPECKER E4 Tablet Diagnostic Tool

VPECKER E4 Tablet Client software upgrade to 5.0 version:

1, Optimize UI display.

2, Fix some bugs.

3, Improve diagnostic capabilities and communication layer stability.

4, New model software update reminder.

5, Optimization of diagnostic data flow interface interaction.

6, New freeze data stream refresh function.

7, Add history reminder for diagnostic menu click.

Then you are supposed to upgrade VPECKER E4 Tablet, here you can go to install in 3 steps.


1, Please click Settings-OS Version in the main interface of VPECKER E4.

2, Please click 2-0 2-1


Please wait for the upgrade package to download. After complete, the tablet will

automatically start VPECKER E4 installation interface, please follow the guide to


3, Please click “Install”.



Note: After installation, please log in IDUTEX Store to re-download all car software.

Read: VPECKER E4 Tablet User Manual

CAT ET 2017A Caterpillar Electronic Technician Free Download

Caterpillar Electronic Technician 2010 download free:!UKZyxKjB!hjHElnx8hO1-g6RdvQxKPK6SKaahe2xDvoQYhKjgm5U

incl. 2010A +2010 B +2010 C +2011 A v1.0


Caterpillar CAT ET 2017A Electronic Technician download:

It’s CAT electronic technician crack

No need CAT et 2017a keygen

Tested by professionals & 100% works well

Use CAT ET 2017A with relief and safety! Look here:




17-000 17-0000
Caterpillar CAT ET 2017A Computer Requirement:

PC containing a 2.0 GHz dual-core processor
3GB of available hard disk drive
DVD-ROM drive
15.4 inch XGA Screen (1280×1024 compatible)
Microsoft Windows? 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional, Windows 10 Professional (Not tested with Home Edition) (Note: Windows 8 RT is not supported)
RS232 port with 16550AF UART or compatible (for use with Caterpillar CommuniCATion Adapter 3)
USB 1.1 or 2.0 port (for use with Comm Adapter 3 from CnAutotool)
Ethernet RJ45 connector
Built in pointing device or mouse
For security purposes, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 or newer is recommended.

Note: The most recent version of Microsoftò Internet Explorer may not be validated to work with the service tool.

microPod does not appear in the device discovery or unable to perform the ECU flash

Issue Summary:

microPod does not appear in the device discovery or unable to perform the ECU flash


If the microPod does not appear in the device discovery or you are unable to start the ECU flash, please update your Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTECH Diagnostic Application to the most recent version 15.03.29.

Please click on the link below to review the instructions on how to update the wiTECH Application software to the latest version:

How to update from wiTECH Application Software

Once you have updated your wiTECH 2.0 to version 15.03.29 and the microPod is updated to 2.1.2 version, please follow the steps listed below:

1.Start wiTECH Diagnostic Application.
2.Select the microPod from the Discovery.
3.Login to DealerCONNECT.
4.Wait for the Topology to load.
5.Wait for additional 3 minutes on the Topology Screen before starting the ECU Flash.

GM MDI Software GDS2 gds tech 2 for Vauxhall Opel/Buick and Chevrolet

Newly released gm mdi software, which can work for 2018 Cars. and no need to activate
GM MDI GDS2 gds GM Tech2 win software Sata HDD for Vauxhall Opel/Buick and Chevrolet V8.3.103.39 for Win 7 for 2018 Cars

System: Windows 7 64bit
Software Version: V2017.2.0
Update time: GM Global V2017.2.20
Used for: Both China GM MDI USB version and GM MDI WiFi version scanner
Easy to use: Insert the HDD with MDI GM gds2 software into your computer; the software can be used directly with the GM MDI scanner, which doesn’t need activation by users.
GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface scanner will provides the full dealer level diagnostics and programming for all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017. The GM MDI diagnosticsoftware gds2 can be installed on 2.5′ SATA HDD,  with the Win7 Operation System.

Attention please!

* Please make sure your computer supports Win7 64 bits system.
* Computer system requirements: the year after 2008, 4GB RAM
* If computer failed to boot up, please enter BOIS system and change the SATA driver to AHCI.

Package includes:

1pc x  500GB GM MDI 2.5″ SATA HDD