Professional Diagnostic Tools

Review: Micropod2 Clone + DRB3 on 2005 SRT6 Coupe and 2007 LTD Roadster

I have purchased and used this product on 2005 srt6 coupe and 2007 ltd roadster (us versions). It takes some work to get the software set up. But once you do, [...]

XTOOL EZ400 PRO VS Xtool EZ400 VS Xtool PS90

What’s the differences and similarities among Xtool EZ400 PRO, Xtool EZ400 and XTOOL PS90. Go on reading. Differences: XTOOL EZ400 PRO = Xtool EZ400 + [...]

XTOOL EZ400 Pro 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20pin Smart Key

This post will share a process about use XTOOL EZ400 Pro to program 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20 pin smart key. Here we go First, post the youtube video link [...]

GM tech2 Clone with TIS2000 for C6 Corvette, where to buy and why

Confusing where to buy one GM Tech 2 Clone for C6 Corvette? If from cnautotool, there are too many shops to choose, if from one website I see many listed on [...]

Volvo Prosis Offline 2019 Installation Guide

How to install Volvo Prosis ? 1.Open DAEMON Tools Lite, load “PROSIS2019”. 2.Click on “PROSISInstaller” to setup. 3.Install PROSIS on [...]

How to Install VCX Subaru SSM 3 & SSM 4 US 04-2018

Subaru SSM 3 & SSM 4 US 04-2018 Free Download link :!B9wEWa4R!fCiUWWMfFKcZf9bdtCOWP3nl6brU2I8FW_KoYcPIUXM What is Subaru [...]

wiTECH Micropod 2 DRB III wiTECH 2 Scan Tool Download and Complete Info.

wiTECH MicroPod 2 is the next generation of witech vci pod.Chrysler Micropod 2 diagnostic and programming interface provides 100% CAN coverage for Chrysler, [...]

Free Download JLR SDD 156 Software + Patch

(05.2019) Free download JLR SDD version 156 software and patch to work for OBD2 diagnosis and programming for Jaguar and Land Rover. Year / Release [...]


BMW ICOM is Professional  diagnostic tool for BMW group vehicles.BMW ICOM A2 is upgrade of BMW ICOM, and it’s always next technology of BMW ISTA [...]

How to install and update VPECKER E4 Tablet Diagnostic Tool

VPECKER E4 Tablet Client software upgrade to 5.0 version: 1, Optimize UI display. 2, Fix some bugs. 3, Improve diagnostic capabilities and [...]