What’s the difference between lonsdor K5181SE and OBDSTAR x300 DP PLUS

Seems Obdstar x300dp plus will win ??


FYI, actually they are 2 different machines to do 2 different things.

you can regard londsor as a Key Programming Tool (esp. volvo immo), while x300 works good in diagnostics and programming and special functions(incl. odometer correction)

Good to know: X300DP plus and Lonsdor K518S difference in detail

Lonsdor highlights its VOLVO key adding. Both the Obdstar and Lonsdor key tools work good in car key programming though.

Obdstar works perfect in full-system diagnostics, odometer correction and special functions.

in detail….


Obdstar has a better kit with more adapters/cables to perform more functions.

X300 DP PLUS is good at full-system diagnosis whiele K518ise can not do it.

Lonsdor is the only key tool working for VOLVO immobilizer.
Odometer correction:

X300 DP PLUS supports more cars than k518 for mileage change.

Special functions:

Obdstar is able to perform special functions including ECU programming/cloning, but Lonsdor works as an auto key programmers only!


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