Obdstar X300 DP Plus vs. Obdstar X300 DP

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS (X300 DP PAD 2) is coming soon. So, what’s new and different, compared with X300DP?

Here you go.

What’s Obdstar X300 DP Plus?


Note: it will be testing and released soon in https://www.cnautotool.com

What’s Obdstar X300 DP?



Obdstar X300 DP Plus vs. X300 DP:

– X300DP Plus main unit and vci adapter 2 in 1:

Obdstar makes X300 DP Plus and the VCI adapter in one machine. No need worry you forget to take the VCI if you’re out. And the built-in VCI box offers more stable communication.

– larger screen:

X300 DP Plus comes with 8-inch touch screen, which offers better visual experience than X300DP (7 inch).
– no buttons on the main unit:

X300 DP has four buttons on the left, while X300 DP Plus is a real pad without buttons.
– with a back bracket/support on the back:

You cant put the unit on the steel wheel or on the table when you are testing with a car.
– reduce production cost:

Obdstar adopts high-tech but spends a lot on it’s firmware design. But the pad works as a real diagnostic tool in fact, so it’s unnecessary to do so. X300 DP Plus cut the cost in firmware design but make sure of the performance as good as X300DP.

– new adapters:

3 adapters are integrated into the X300 PAD Plus: EEPROM /PIC 2-in-1 adapter, RFID adapter (VW Audi 4th / 5th IMMO programming and other cars e.g Porsche, BMW, Fiat etc.) and Renew Key PCF79XX adapter.

– Toyota smart key card!!!!!!!!!
– read 8-pin chip data!!!!!!!!!!!!

– ECU Programming/Cloning

ECU cloning means copy ECU, that is the OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus copies the data from the original car ECU, then write it into another same ECU hardware, so that it can achieve the same function as the original ECU.

When you want to change the new ECU or the second ECU, if you use X300 DP Plus to clone via OBD, you won’t need to go to the 4s store to do the online programming or dismantle ECU to weld, read & write.

ECU clone Pros :
No need to go to 4S shop, convenient, fast and save money.
Simplify the operating steps, even the amateur can also operate.
No need to dismantle and weld the ECU to read & write, it is zero risk to clone ECU via OBD with the X300 DP Plus.

– Switch activation function

Nowadays, many car models’ accessory power supply of the dashboard or audio equipment needs to be activated to enter the boot status through the related module CAN.

However, when the car technician maintains the dashboard / audio equipment, the main unit is out of the CANBUS network so it maybe won’t boot. X300 DP Plus ” switch activation function” can emulate the CANBUS communication to active the power supply of dashboard / Audio so that it can enter the boot status, then it will test and verify the dashboard and the Audio, also the technician can save money avoiding to purchase many the boot platform and cables of kinds of car models.

– New “Help” function including the testable car models, update notice, special features, help instruction, wiring diagram etc.

Testable car models: The user can read the testable car models and year.
Update notice: The user can read all of the update content.
Features: The user can read all of the special features and the functions that only X300 DP Plus supports.
Help instruction: Built-in the guide and instruction for each car model or function.
Wiring diagram: Built-in ECU wiring diagram, more intuitive and convenient.

Obdstar X300 DP Plus Testing:

















Obdstar X300 DP Plus will be tested on more cars and released in in the near future.