Solving DPA5 Adapter Not Seeing in Diagnostic Software VDA List

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If you have installed the DPA drivers and can get AVT to a Green/Green outcome, you should be able to configure your diagnostic application to use the DPA. If your diagnostic application does not display DG DPA 5 Dual-CAN, USB in their VDA selection dialog box, this could indicate one of three things:

1.The application is not RP1210 compliant and does not work with the DPA.

a.Some applications require a specific, proprietary adapter.

2.Application is RP1210 compliant, but DPA does not support the protocol needed.

3.Problem with the main RP121032 INI file.

a.Some VDAs create issues with the RP121032 INI file when they install/uninstall.

b.Many OEM diagnostic applications are aware of this issue and can read through the errors.

When the AVT software is launched, you will be told if a problem exists in the main RP121032 INI file. If you wish to fix this issue (very highly recommended), press the Fix/Change RP121032.INI File button on the main screen.

If your PC is running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will be prompted for administrator privileges. The following is the dialog box that will appear when AVT is launched and a problem is found in the main RP121032 INI file.

When you press the Fix/Change RP121032.INI File button, AVT will bring up a separate program

called Fix INI that will allow you to view and fix the RP121032 INI file if there are errors detected. You can also change the VDA that appears first in the list of the OEM diagnostic software applications.

In the example below, a bad INI file was detected (depicted by a yellow background). Note the multiple commas and spaces between entries.

Click the Make Changes button and the INI file problem will be corrected. If you wish to make a specific adapter first in the list, you can select that vendor in the Vendor to Make First in List before pressing the Make Changes button.

The next picture shows the dialog box indicating that the INI file was fixed.


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