Programming Toyota INNOVA CRYSTA Fortuner all keys lost via XTOOL X100 PAD3

People may ask:While we lost all the key of Toyota INNOVA CRYSTA or Fortuner, Which key programming tool could do help?

Here I’m told you there’s have a tool could do help :Xtool X100 Pad3, it is cheap and high quality. And it is suit a lot of the Brands.

Xtool X100 PAD3(X100 PAD Elite)is the professional tablet key programming, it not only support the key programming, but also have 16 special function. It is could support all keys lost of Toyota/Lexus/VW/BMW until 2020 years with the KS-1 The five-in-one simulation card.


Now I’m will show how to do the key programming for Toyota INNOVA CRYSTA / Fortuner:

1. connect:
->> Connect the Tablet to the OBD port of the car via main cable and OBDII-16 Adaptor ( or other port)
->> Connect the X100 PAD Elite to the KC100 via USB cable.
2. Operate step:
Turn on the ignition, and follow below step to operate the software:
Choose“ Immobilization”-> “ TOYOTA”
Agree the disclaimer
Choose “All smart key lost”-> “Read Immobilizer data”
Click the “start”
Input the file’s name for save the Immobilizer data that the tool had got from the car.
Now we are back up the “EEPROM” DATA success.
Generate Emulated Key:
1. Make sure that the X100 PAD Elite connect with the internet.
2. Choose the back up Immobilizer data
3. It is will show the Current key type:
Then it is will show “ get the calculate result—-“
Activation the KC100…
Checking the Version information…
Put the simulation key (card) into the KC100:
Generate Emulated Key successfully:
Put KC01on the start key, then click 4 times
Choose “Add key”

This key programming support 94、98、88,A8,A9、39 smart card. Some old models such as ore-2010 Relz, they smart card is 94. Please choose the Smart Key system menu for key programming. Some car’s models which before 2010 years can’t read the Immobilizer data is out of the support of X100.

Put the Emulated Key which generated before connect to the “start” key until the Beep noises, then put the key onto the “ Start” Key.
Now, we successfully got the key programming: