How to do odometer programming for KAI RIO 2021 NEC70F3524

This instruction show you guide on how to do odometer programming for KAI RIO 2021 NEC70F3524.


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Connect iprog programmer to KIA RIO 2021 by obd

Then run iprog software and select “Kia_Rio_2021_(NEC70F3524)_Continental_OBD2”

And click “Read EEPROM”

After data reading finish,it will show mileage is 5000km,and input new value “45”

Click “Write KM only”

It detect model year is 2021

For set entered mileage need patch flash.

Press “Yes” for start procedure or “No” for cancel

Click “Yes”

It will patch flash and erase flash to transfer data,please wait processing

It will prompt you “Write Mileage area…OK”

Then check the mileage value,it show a new value “50”

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