FC200 Continental SIM271DE

Hi everyone, they didn’t bring me such a block from Mercedes, in general they washed the engine and the car no longer starts, and the rest of the water here on the cover is not a question of how I cleaned it , I didn’t clean it, I did it now, it’s not about the block, I have this one, such a programmer, I recently bought it on CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer, from which I’m sitting a day, I want to try this device, it seems that In this programmer indicated I want to try how it works with a continental there are such adapters now I will connect it and try to run it on the table so I connect the programmer there is help in the program and how connect now i will connect i will show help and in general a good programmer for my money is very cool to have 17 dc sim nations continental and a lot of blocks sche itern in many blocks Supports here 271 7 271 Yes and well, now we will try connect.

It is convenient to eat such things at once pins different pins different adapters for pins go like this 5 we have thin creams you have thick ones some probably [music] so two pieces of ours all days 3 doc I want to crawl to take it and turn it off.

In short, the Chinese copied everything here, I saw such things somewhere at the Flex, in my opinion, that is, we take the same adapters like that, and the wiring is not even signed by the programmer, and it’s all just in color through take it and wildly turn it off minus connect plus turn on the second plus now can up to someone else 1 to 2 to that connects the head like that and turn on the power to the programmer but now I’ll show how it all looks on the computer So lead we now the program for choosing brands of cars like this, it’s still like that, although no, I don’t know what kind of rubbish it was in general, you can choose the brand of the engine there, how much power is shorter than me , you can only choose the brand and which block is worth here we now choose adsense here is the choice blocks 9 jetronic this box can be seen bosch and dc 1740 2040 30 60 60 60 1c to 10 and so wei ter we are also 17 7 and 17 771 are interested in continental sim 271 idiot we choose help here as a connection to the device, that is, vodka vodka two plus minus everything, then everything is well connected, and now we try to defecate it too bring. The device did not report at all, the machines did not start at all.

Now let’s see if it works doesn’t work we press modification of course suicide wines what he gave events, we are still here, you can do it, make a backup and restore, but we will make a backup, we take into account the house connects to the camera, you can’t see it, you need the Internet for work, I’ve gone reading if anyone is interested, this programmer is on sale, if interested, write in the comments in general, according to its capabilities, a very interesting programmer, in principle, for adequate money, you can use it for chip tuning, you can change wines, you can do clones of blocks, you can use it for chip tuning, you can change wines, you can do clones of blocks, you can do a lot of it, he read it in flash.

now he considers data flash x3 prom, in general , he does a full backup, that is, he and he will save it all, but in one file you will save it to the desktop during t it is this file, that is, everything is here and about us flash in all sorts of different ways and of course it’s interesting how to do it this way you can read this block, well, although it’s also backup restore and here it is a help help and it’s very good and very convenient and here is the connection of this block in the gut that there are still these, let’s take some, for example, well, there’s some kind of continental msd 80 , you were me yesterday and there was oil 80, but the car was on both slip it to try these features, I didn’t think he even we our 80 ciro I did continental we look that here you can connect help 2 option we look at the first option what needs to be done,

that is, here you need to solder the microcircuit back in your childhood, you can count the details there for now, well, this is the first option now let’s see the second option the second option it will be ok for the capacitor, you still need to solder and the resistance is 2 and 2 kiloohms, everything can be read by the son 17 28 for example melody let’s look at the connection indiscriminately, that is, can elkana 5 0 gp1 please read, that is, you can modify the wine read essenza write an essay read data flash write data flash flash read and write to flash in in general, you can make a complete clone of the block against enemies of interest, then audi, for example, take an instant-17, here is 121, the first one that comes across, we open that it makes an injection, it’s clear, here it is also 2 5 1, but the block was pulled indiscriminately, the date is considered flash oh with a knife, reading

now your face can generally be modified wines read data for write data flash and you can clone and q both here is how the points are of course not connected and you can clone the block and according to the logs cloning for almost all blocks there is in general such a program tarik with the mercedes block calmly worked out.