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How to get Security Code for XTool X100 PAD and PAD2

How to get security code for XTool X100 PAD and X-100 Pad2

Here is the question from a customer

Q: I was promted to send in this info in order to get a security code for a 2017 Chevy Malibu.

APP CODE- 8A85F2C002

Thank you for your help!

How - to - get - Security - Code - for - Xtool - X100 - PAD - and - PAD2

For this kind of issue, customer should contact seller and they will help to contact Xtool factory to get a security code

Xtool Anyscan A30 Function DPF and EPB Vehicle List

XTOOL Anyscan A30 is new product released by XTOOL company can replace Autel Maxidiag MD808

It is a full system diagnosis kit and easily to carry in your pocket, working together with mobile phones and tablets. Both iOS and Android platform are supported. Full brands and systems are covered. What’s more, it has many special functions, such as service light reset, DPF regeneration and EPB reset.

And today, we show function DPF and EPB vehicle list which are from our engineer

First is DPF function , the version is V6.13

Including EU models,Benz,Ford,GM ,Porsche,Renault and Toyota.

Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -1

Second is EBP Function Vehicle List ,version is V23.23

Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -2 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -3 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -4 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -5 Xtool - Anyscan - A30 -6

Review of XTool PS90: Done with HYUNDAI 2014

I got the XTOOL PS90 and had a test on my HYUNDAI Santafe 2014. The tool worked perfectly on my car. I would share the test procedure with everyone.

PS90 tablet supports WiFi and Bluetooth that has the application advantage of Internet, which helps share my diagnostic data, picture, video and searching relevant solutions and experience online.

Bluetooth Connection: Connect the main test cable to the VCI box, the connect the main test cable with the OBD2 16Pin connector or other connector, then plug into vehicles DLC port.b.  The Bluetooth will be paired automatically between PS90 tablet and VCI box.c. Switch on the ignition and turn on PS90 tablet, then tap on PS90 application icon to test vehicles.

Function list:







I just do the diagnosis test because of limited time.

Diagnosis test:

There are Asia, China, America, Europe and Australia car model

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -1 Europe - and - Australia - car - model -2

Star to scan after certain the car model

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -3 Europe - and - Australia - car - model -4

Read code and diagnose

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -5 Europe - and - Australia - car - model -6

Special features

Europe - and - Australia - car - model -7

In my opinion, XTool PS90 is a pretty good diagnostic tool and wort every penny. It can read DTCs,  clear current and historical trouble codes memory. Beyond that it can be updated online with one-click.

XTOOL EZ400 Pro 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20pin Smart Key

This post will share a process about use XTOOL EZ400 Pro to program 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20 pin smart key. Here we go

First, post the youtube video link of this process so that you could view more details:

Choose “Nissan Infiniti”

Nissan - Infiniti - 1

Choose “program keys” -> ”select from types” -> “smart key system” -> ”20 Pincode”->”type 1” -> “program smart keys”

Nissan - Infiniti - 2

Switch ignition off, turn on the hazard warning lights, press OK to continue

Nissan - Infiniti - 3

A note before program: next to all smart keys will be erased, you can program up to four smart keys, press YES to continue

Nissan - Infiniti - 4

Do not press the brakes, press the start button until the ignition switch turned on, press OK to continue

Turn on the ignition switch

Nissan - Infiniti - 5

Communication and switch ignition off when shows the note like this:

Nissan - Infiniti - 6

And a note will appear to guide you how to program smart key

Nissan - Infiniti - 7

Press the start button and release it immediately, then the yellow light will flash on the start button, use a smart that needs to be programmed to be attached to the start button until the instrument is lit. then press Yes.

Nissan - Infiniti - 9

Make sure the immobilizer lights off.

Nissan - Infiniti - 10

Switch ignition off

Nissan - Infiniti - 11

After Configuring the system, a note will show you program success and ask you whether to program another key or not.

Press YES to program the next one, press NO to return.

Nissan - Infiniti - 13

Follow the step as the first programmed keys above to program the next key.

Use the first programmed smart key to close to start button and turn switch ignition on, the buzzer sounds, programming is completed
Nissan - Infiniti - 14

XTOOL EZ400 Fail to Active and Solution Full Guide

One of our customers turned to us that he can’t active his new XTOOL EZ400 and the tablet screen remain as the photos attached below.


How to solve this problem:

Once you meet the situation like this, contact us with your serial number and activation code. Check the APP version of you Xtool Scanner.

Serial number and activation code are in the package you received.


Note: tap the skin bottom on the top right of the screen. Find “about”->”setting” to check the XTOOL APP version.

After we check the customer’s XTOOL APP version, we found it is too old to activation. After he installed a newer version, he active his XTOOL EZ400 successfully.

Here attached two XTOOL EZ400 APP version for you to reinstall:

Note: if you can’t install the above APP, please contact us for the newer version.

Why XTOOL fail to active?

Input wrong activation code. Please check the code clearly when you register. Reset the XTOOL once you have registered the wrong code. And then register again with the right code.
Old APP version. You need to update first before activation.
The serial number and activation code you get are wrong. In this case, provide the serial number, activation code and APP version to us, we will send you another activation code.

“Why My XTOOL X100 Pad2 Can’t Do BMW Key Programming?” – Solution Process

Recently, one customer got his new Xtool X100 Pad2 but he is sad to find that this pad can’t work! He uses this pad2 to do BMW Key programming but fail. What happen? Let us find out why and solve this problem.

Here attach an image to express his situation:

xtool X100 PAD2-Fail-to-do-BMW-Key-1

Customer: This weekend I tried a Q7 2006 to diagnose the pneumatic shock absorbers the aircraft supports only 5 marked so Jaguar, land rover, Benz and another brand. And my BMW 3 series E91 for DPF system (the fap) because I have the light FAP lit nothing it does not work.

Today I tried to program a key on a Golf 2000 gasoline and I can not, I try to make a BMW e46 it does not work either. I would like to have the procedure to follow !!! Please, thank you in advance

Engineer suggest customer change the menu from “F chassis and E chassis” to “CAS 1-3”

While customer still can’t do BMW key program after using the “CAS 1-3”. And it appears a “Fail to communicate” and a CAS 1-3 using note:

xtool X100 PAD2-Fail-to-do-BMW-Key-2 xtool X100 PAD2-Fail-to-do-BMW-Key-3

Here are some tips to use Xtool Diagnostic Tools X100 Pad2:

Choose the right menu or change the menu when you meet problem programming.
Update the device to the latest version software.
If the X100 Pad2 still can’t work after update, you could tap the “Help” on the device to test the device so that the engineer could give you more detail solution.

Xtool PS90 Car Diagnostic Tool Upgrade Notice in August 2019

Xtool PS90 is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL based on Android system and Internet application. It support online update , lets check the upgrade announcement in August , 2019 as following :

PS90 Car Diagnostic BENZ V18.97 2019-08-22
Increase the VIN code recognition function of the vehicle, click the vehicle VIN code recognition function, the vehicle diagnostic software automatically locates the vehicle model, and displays the corresponding vehicle information. After entering, the function of the corresponding vehicle model is displayed (for example, automatic scanning, manual selection system)

PS90 Car Diagnostic SUBARU V7.63 2019-08-21
1. Solve the problem that the 2015 Outback ABS special function brake maintenance mode cannot be released normally
2. Added NITRO project support, optimized VIN code to automatically enter

PS90 Car Diagnostic CHRYSLER V8.20 2019-08-19
1. Added vehicle tracking module, second line screen, central gateway, telematics channel radio, radio frequency hub, regenerative brake controller, radio, parking positioning system, electric sliding door (right), electric sliding door (Left), electric lift gate module, passive entry module, speakerphone, hybrid processor, folding load module, front facing camera module, driving test control module, electronic vehicle control device, left rear door module, driver door module Special functions and system tests for 22 systems, such as centralized telematics module and active noise cancellation;
2. solve the V8.10 version of the 2010 Dodge DS-Ram 1500 (ram pickup) power control module / special function / read ETC display does not support the problem.

PS90 Car Diagnostic HUACHEN V8.61 2019-08-17
1. The new golden cup sea lion system is as follows:
Airbag system: autoliff electronic control system [SMART obdii-16]
2. New H330 system: keyless entry system under IMMO
3. Add automatic scanning function for the whole model

PS90 Car Diagnostic SQMG V8.31 2019-08-14
Add auto-diagnostic function of SAIC’s famous car model

PS90 Car Diagnostic MAZDA V11.31 2019-08-14
Added Mazda 3/AXELA 1.5L P5 engine motion test and special functions (ABS (anti-lock braking system) / DSC (dynamic stability control), headlights, system initialization, DCM, EATC operation check, SWS calibration ).

PS90 Car Diagnostic PORSCHE V9.92 2019-08-14
1. Add special features of the 911 (991) / Boxster (981) / Boxster (982) models
(1). Add the engine system’s delete adaptive data, ready state, special function for the first start
(2). Special functions for passenger detection, replacement/debugging of the airbag system
(3). Adding the transmission control system to read the permanent fault memory, the special function of the oil filling
(4). Adding the front axle final drive of the PTM system for replacement, special function for component replacement
(5). Add headlight adjustment for front-end electronic equipment system, special function of Kessy function analysis
2. Add special features of the 911 (997) / Boxster (987) models
(1). Add the fuel tank calibration of the instrument system, change the oil, set the maintenance interval, special function of the oil level
(2). Add a list of parts installed by the gateway of the gateway system, sleep mode, single line test, special function of wake-up monitoring
(3). Add continuous fault memory of the engine system, program anti-theft code, special function to clear the adaptive value
(4). Adding the venting of the PSM system, the special function of the exchange test
(5). Add special functions of the oil filling mode of the PDK system.
(6). Add ELV identification of PAS system, set control unit, set special function of electronic steering column lock
(7). Add the airbag system to read the collision data, read the system time and AWS status, special functions of the system test
(8). Add calibration of the AWS system and set special functions of the sensor.
(9). Add special functions for system inspection of air conditioning system
(10). Add optical power test of PCM system, MOST system test, actual configuration and nominal configuration, display/reset counter in MOST ring, keyboard test, field strength test, FM magnetic field strength, special function of self-test
(11). Add antenna harness inspection for TV regulator system, special features for audio and video harness inspection
(12). Add special features for the calibration of the roof system
(13). Add the startup state memory of the back-end electronic system, special function of the alarm event memory
Add special features of CAYENNE-2010 models
(1). Add the left headlamp control unit system calibration, reset, reset dipped beam values, reset high beam values, reset static cornering light values, system exchange, AHBA calibration, reset, synchronization test special functions
(2). Add special functions for calibration of the horizontal control system
(3). Add system adaptive to the tire pressure monitoring system, write the special function of the wheel set
(4). Add the left headlight, the special function of the calibration of the right headlight system
Add special features of the 911 (996) / Boxster (986) models
1). Special features for static testing of a stable system (anti-lock) system
(2). Add the combination meter system reset tank calibration, fuel tank calibration, total mileage, event, clear event memory, start the special function of the combination meter
(3). Add alarm system system events, clear event memory, start state memory, clear boot state memory, learning ability, system check, special function of input signal
(4). Add special features of the program anti-theft code of the engine system
V. Add the learning ability of the Carrera GT/GT2 (996) model alarm system, input signal special function
6. Add learning ability of GT3 (996) model alarm system, input signal, event, clear event memory, start state memory, clear boot state memory, system check special function

PS90 Car Diagnostic FIAT V10.15 2019-08-14
1. Added special functions of ABS exhaust of new cars such as Fiat DOBLO’, Fiat Panda, 4C, RENEGADE, YPSILON, GIULIA, GIULIETTA, MITO.
2. Add Fiat 500, 500L, 500X, DOBLO’, DUCATO, FIORINO QUBO, FREEMONT, MOBI, OTTIMO, VIAGGIO, Fiat Panda, 4C, RENEGADE, YPSILON, GIULIA, Special features of throttle matching, electronic braking, electronic steering, and exhaust aftertreatment in new vehicles such as MITO.

PS90 Car Diagnostic BENZ V18.95 2019-08-08
Increase the upper operating system of 251, 164, optimize the 251, 164, 211 part of the data stream and fault code.

PS90 Car Diagnostic BYD V9.80 2019-08-08
1.Add The Functions Of Automatic Diagnosis

2.Add The Functions Of Read Trouble Code, Clear Trouble Code And Live Data For The Following New Vehicle System:
Qin(2014 paragraph ):Battery management system,Active bleeder module,panoramic DSP,1# Switch group,Secondary seat heating switch,Air conditioning water heater,Engine sound simulator,Power steering system,Electronic body stabilization system
QinDouble Crown(2015-2016 paragraph ):Car charger,Low voltage battery management system,Battery management system,EV-HEV switch,Leakage sensor,Combination meter,Transmission controller,DC-DC Assembly,Gear controller,Drive motor controller,1.5TID EFI,Active bleed controller,Electronic parking system,Power steering,Electronic body stabilization system,airbag,Parking assist system,Door multi-channel controller,Electric steering column,Deputy drive ventilation switch,1 Switch group,Rear multimedia control switch,Air conditioning controller,Air conditioning water heater,Air conditioner compressor controller,Green net system,Front compartment power distribution box,panoramic DSP<0×180392>,panoramic MCU<0×180393>,Panoramic steering wheel switch,Tire pressure management module,Information station,Engine sound simulator,Right front gating,Main seat,Combination Switch,Left front door,Steering axle lock,Body controller,smart key,Gateway
Qin(2017 paragraph):Car charger,Low voltage battery management system,Battery management system _ Ternary 100,Battery management system _ Ternary 60,Battery management system _ Ternary 80,EV-HEV switch,Leakage sensor,Combination meter,Transmission controller_Dry,DC-DC Assembly,Gear position sensor,Engine controller_1.5TID,Drive motor controller,Active bleed controller,Electronic body stabilization system,Electronic parking system,Electronic parking,Electronic parking(Sac),Primary blind spot monitoring,Power steering,Adaptive cruise system,airbag,Parking assist system,Door multi-channel controller,Car refrigerator,Battery cooling controller,Electric steering column system,Front seat adjustment switch,Secondary seat system,Air conditioning control panel,Air conditioning controller,Air conditioning water heater,Air conditioner compressor controller,Green net system,Interior mirror,Front compartment power distribution box,Panoramic image,Panoramic steering wheel switch,Tire pressure management module,Tire pressure management module(Baolong),Tire pressure management module(Sensata),Promise fan,Cruise switch,Engine sound simulator,Right front gating,Main seat adjustment switch,Main seat system,Combination Switch,Left front door,Steering axle lock,Body controller,smart key,Gateway
QinEV(2017 paragraph):DC-DC Assembly,Gear controller,Low voltage battery management system,Battery management system,Leakage sensor,Mode switch,VTOG_DSP2,Active bleed controller,main controller,Combination meter,Car charger,Car charger(3.3KW),Car charger(7KW),Electronic body stabilization system,Electronic parking system,Electronic parking,Electronic parking(Sac),Power steering,Adaptive cruise system,airbag,Parking assist system,Door multi-channel controller,Battery heater,Battery cooling controller,Electric steering column,Front seat adjustment switch,Secondary seat system,Air conditioning controller,Air conditioning water heater,Air-conditioning compressor,Green net system,Front compartment power distribution box,Panoramic image,Panoramic steering wheel switch,Tire pressure management module,Tire pressure management module(Baolong),Tire pressure management module(Sensata),Cruise switch,Engine sound simulator,Right front gating,Main seat adjustment switch,Main seat system,Combination Switch,Left front door,Body controller,smart key,Steering axle lock,Gateway

3.The Function Of Reading And Clearing Trouble Code Of 14 New F3DM Systems
Power battery management,Master control ECU,M2 Electric motor control,Air conditioning controller,Air conditioner drive,DC-DC(12V),P Gear motor controller,Transmission control,Car charger,M1 Motor generator control,Electronic power steering (EPS),Engine management,solar power charger,Engine burglary

PS90 Car Diagnostic FORD V11.80 2019-08-08
1. Added Ford Focus, Escort, Mondeo, Taurus, Explorer , Fiesta. ABS maintenance deflation, throttle matching and electronic steering special features.
2. New Ford Focus (2012-2016), Explorer (2007-2016), Mondeo (2015), Edge (2011-2015), Fusion (2011-2015), Mustang (2010-2016) and other maintenance lights Manual zero function.

PS90 Car Diagnostic CUMMINS V20.95 2019-08-01
1.ModifyCUMMINS( Motion testing )Diesel Exhaust Fluid Doser Pump Override Test
2.ModifyCUMMINS(Reading data stream )All Parameters

2019 new XTOOL X100 PAD key programmer: Any good?

New XTool X100 PAD is an advanced version of old one. What’s good of this new XTOOL key programmer?

New X100 PAD is all-in-one machine, and old XTOOL X100 PAD divides into X-100 tablet and PS_VCI box. The new one is more stable when used.

New XTOOL X100 PAD display

xtool-x100-pad-key programmer-1

Old XTOOL X100 PAD display

xtool-x100-pad-key programmer-2

New XTOOL X100 PAD specification:

Screen Size: 7 inch,

Resolution: 1024*600P

Touch Panel: IPS 5-point multi-touch

CPU: Quad-core 1.30GHz Processor

Storage: 1G Ram 8G FLASH

O.S: Android

New X100 PAD Tablet key programmer has the same functions as the old version.


1.New key programming

2.Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset

3.Odometer Adjustment

4.Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset (Manual Operation)

5.Timing belt light reset (Manual Operation)

6.EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation

7.TPS Throttle Body Adaptation

8.Steering Angle Calibration

9.Battery Reset

10.PIN Code Reading

11.Hexadecimal editor (WinHex)

12.OBDII Diagnosis

13.Support the latest vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS protocol

14.Update via WIFI (always equip your device with the latest software)

xtool-x100-pad-key programmer-3

New XTOOL X100 PAD vehicle coverage:

xtool-x100-pad-key programmer-4

XTOOL X100 Pad2 VS PS90/PS80 VS EZ500 VS EZ400 VS EZ300

Xtool X100 Pad2 VS PS90/PS80 VS EZ500 VS EZ400 VS EZ300

XTOOL EZ500 is a full-system diagnosis for gasoline vehicle. EZ500 provides extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European makes, which makes it the best solution for workshops.

Xtool PS90 is sale abroad, while Xtool EZ500 is easier to purchase through the dealers.

Attach a table to compare XTOOL X100 Pad, EZ500, EZ400, EZ300 and PS90/PS80:

XTOOL - X100 - Pad2

XTOOL A80 Full System Car Diagnostic tool reviews

XTOOL A80 Full System Car Diagnostic Tool reviews language, car list, function list, register, update etc.

XTOOL A80 Language:

Available: English Spain Italy Malaysia Spanish French Russian German Polish Portuguese Arabic

The default language is English.

Offer the machine serial number to the dealer to reset any of the above languages.


Xtool A80 success list:

Diagnosis …confirmed

Special function  …confirmed

EPS …confirmed

IMMOBILIZER …confirmed

Mileage adjustment …confirmed

Service light reset …confirmed

xtool-a80-review-2 xtool-a80-review-3

XTOOL A80 coverage and function list
xtool-a80-review-4 xtool-a80-review-5 xtool-a80-review-6

Question: Does Xtool A80 h6 program VW Polo (2015) all keys lost?

Answer: use VW 4th and 5th IMMO option to program.

Question: Does Xtool A80 support Smart 453 odometer correction?

Answer: No. it doesn’t.

XTOOL A80 activation:

Issue one: after entering gmail address, the activation was finished. But when upgrading, got the error message “Not support this language to update!”, the language to reset is Italian.


Contact the dealer if the language is reset ok, if yes, please reset the tablet language as Italian, and also reset APP language as Italian.
Issue two:

When active xtool a80 h6 pro master, got error “Submission information is incomplete”.

Solution: please use the popular email to active, i.e gmail.

XTOOL A80 activation procedure:

In order not to affect the using and upgrading of newly released

software, please be sure to activate A80.


First turn on the A80 BT host, enter the tablet setting function to

enable the WLAN function, and connect to the wireless network. Click

the A80 BT Diagnostics icon to activate the page: 1. Enter the activation

code on the certificate.

Enter the six digits after the S/N code on the


Enter auser name, such as A repair shop.

4, please enter the correct format of the mailbox account.

5 and 6, please enter a consistent custom password in the two columns. After clicking the activation, you will be prompted to verify the mobile number. Please enter the mobile number, receive the SMS verification code, and enter the verification code in A80 BT.

Note: In order to improve A80 BT, every time period, Xtool will update A80 BT, pop up the update box directly on the diagnosis interface, click to install.

XTOOL A80 update:

Question: Does xtool a80 code scanner update free lifetime?

Answer: No limitation to update time.

The A80 BT device no longer requires a card to be upgraded, just open the app and click Upgrade.


To be continued…