G-Scan 2 Release Parking Brake Good for Jaguar XF 2011

If you have one G-scan 2 diagnostic tool , you want to to replace reader brake pad or repair rear brake system , you need to release parking brake . Today , lets check the instructions how to use G-Scan 2 to release parking brake for Jaguar XF 3L diesel engine as bellow :

Steps in details :

Connect G-Scan 2 diagnostic system to vehicle,then enter menu to select [DIAGNOSIS]

Select [JAGUAR]–>[XF]–>[2010-2011]

Select [PBM(Parking Assist Control Module)],select [OK] to continue

Select [Special Function]

Parking brake release to service position

This function is parking brake release to service position

Press the OK to continue or CANCEL to exit,click [OK] to continue

Make sure the key is in the ignition barrel and the ignition is switched off

The ignition switch to ON (position 2)


Function complete!

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