Month: June 2017

MB SD Connect C4 WIFI set on WIN10 laptop Xentry 03.2017 OK

Here share with you a personal tested guide, hope it helps and try your own risk! How to set up Mb Star C4 Wireless on a Dell XPS15 9550 laptop WIN10 and [...]

Xprog M V5.7.0 ECU programmer with AUTH-0025 installation on WIN7 / XP

Finally XPROG Box 5.7 ECU Programmer is tested fine to read write ECU with new authorization (see details as below), and newly released at, price [...]

Obdstar X300M odometer correction manual

This is the newest  OBDSTAR X300M manual, incl. obdstar x300m ebay, obdstar x300m update, x300m obdstar car list, obdstar x300m reviews… Here you go. What [...]

How to repair Mercedes W204 ESL/ELV steering wheel lock

This is a thread of “Mercedes W204 Steering wheel lock remove to repair DIY”. Big thanks to the contributor @dannyhoang9 from forum, [...]

The Way To Change Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P from Spanish to English

If your MaxiSys Pro MS908P diagnostic scanner global version comes with Spanish in default, you can follow guide to switch language from [...]

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P to tuning Acura TSX 09 key

Those days Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P I use it for diagnosis like reading or clearing some faults. Today, I try it to program a new key for Acura TSX 2009. [...]

Renault CAN CLiP Diagnosis China Clone Reviews

So, here comes the CAN Clip for Renault diagnostic tool review for you to checking what CLIP can do for which cars. Thanks to all users for [...]

How to install Renault CAN CLIP v168 diagnostic interface

Renault CAN CLIP v168 updated!! This is how to install Can clip renault v168 diagnostic software on Windows 7. Renault can clip update: via a CD with [...]

GM Tech2 Clone Diagnostic Scanner Feedback

I start this post for GM Tech 2 Clone Diagnostic Scanner to put together the feedback of the users what’s working what’s not working? ……OK – Used [...]

How to replace Tech2 DC to DC converter for “not boot up”

This is how to rework GM Tech2 clone PCB to make Tech2 scan tool clone boot up for use. – Problem Tech II clone not boot up (not turn on) – [...]