Renault CAN CLiP Diagnosis China Clone Reviews

So, here comes the CAN Clip for Renault diagnostic tool review for you to checking what CLIP can do for which cars. Thanks to all users for feedback.


users need a laptop with a 1024×768 screen or higher, it needs XP to SP3 installed, all the extra updates shouldnt make any difference.
the reno applications all overlay over each other, so i think the full package comes in a number of cd/DVD bundles for each model of car covered, so a dedicated laptop is probably recommended, and doing the installation would be fine
i originally tried using a notebook but the screen res was too small. also you will probably need a built in serial port, which does limit the laptops available, as usb serial port.
chinese prolific cheap knock off clone types tend not to work well, as prolific have boobytrapped their drivers to do a self test and if they fail they generate an error 10 in windows.
the serial port is needed if you have other plugin tools that need to be used on the car.


for key coding you really should go to a certified autolocksmith, or you could try contacting someone on another garage forum to buy one-shot pre-purchased licenced authorisation keys to do it.
though your still better off going to someone in the autolocksmith business. (at least that way you wont get ripped off or sold dud keys.)

they are good for basic diags of what is a complex bit of kit, it really is a shame that the measurement unit is not available.


can reprogram the speedo to kmh from, by setting the country on the speedo options, but won’t be able to revert it back. (i have been told it is possible, but im not holding my breath) it would be cheaper to buy another similar speedo off another car in a breakers yard(about 30 to buy) (either as the one to be initially reprogrammed or as one to fall back to when you get back to the UK.)


Yes, Chinese can clip can do most of the functions, changing parameters, actuation, coding injectors, throttle body learning etc.The only thing you wont be able is reprogramming engine ecu and uch and retrieving pincodes to program cards and keys(replacing by new ones).To get pincode is very easy if u know your electronics,just read from ecu -not from uch ,much easier to read from ecu as eeprom is more easy to read than dump send to icc within hours youll recieve 12 digit pin,and use clip or sbb to program.There r ways to clone uch or ecus but u need right tool and gud at Electronics,noneed to go dealer,never,from myself 19 years working for Renault as technical coordinator.


There is a V4 of AUTOFORMATION but i didn’t learn much from it although if you know nothing at all it’s a start.
I’ve done some testing on Clio 1, 2 ,Lag 1, 2 ,meg 1, 2. Readjusted my xenons, it’s good (a must) for bleeding abs brake systems with its actuator tests, tested egr valve with actuator test, entered new valves into TPMS, checked the turbo pressure (can record data off a couple of sensors and store those graphs so you can evaluate it after, for instance speed, rpm, manifold pressure, turbo pressure, throttle position) after new turbo exchange on meg1 dci.
Quite a nice toy.
For other tests like compression test, voltage and some others a secondary unit attached to the Renault Clip is needed i guess.
And of course it works on windows XP only so if on vista or 7 make a dual boot.


Yip, i’ve got one, it does every thing the dealer tool does, inc code keys and uch if you have the immob code, done every thing i’ve asked it to do so far, and thats a lot. Had it about a year now. Got it off ebay for 300 quid. paid for itself several times now.


I bought to that tool. It good for obd testing and quick multiplex diagnose. If you whant to reprog something it asks for a instrument code (7 numbers) and … I don’t know much. I heard that it also asks for other unit code like diesel injection,uch reprogram and radio code. If someone can help me I’ll be forever grateful to him. I have Clip v74, v85, v95. Reprog v60 and v83.


its much better than a lot of fault code readers out there i also say only use it as a starting point to read codes etc it will not do new key cards it all depends on what you want/use it for if you have a local garage thats cheaper than the main dealer id say use them first


I can see why the cloned Clip may look attractive for DIY work. They’re made by illegally copying the hardware/software by deconstructing and remaking them in a similar way to how cassettes are copied. So, it’s much cheaper than the genuine. but some “Chinglish” can creep in during the process so you cannot be sure that the unit or the software will function properly.


The clone clips work very well with the genuine software. the Chinese software is loaded with bugs. I was fortunate to get a complete genuine set of software and a genuine can clip from a bust garage in another country, so tipped the software from the cloned unit, and used the cloned unit plus the genuine unit on my software.
It has proved invaluable to me with rebuilding Renaults, and both units allow me to do the full spectrum of work and reprogramming. I would purchase the clone from fleabay, but then try and get a set of genuine discs, from someone you know, and use that rather than the software that comes with the cloned unit.
I would be careful scratching around thought, as a wrong setting will immobilise the car, then you would have to re-flash the ECU or BCM unit.


There are four Renault can clip china clone versions. Some best-quality, some cheap… For anyone reading the can clip reviews now, you’re advised to read the comparison of chinese can clip diagnostic interfaces if you wanna buy one:

Enjoy clipping!