What are the benefits of CAT tools?

CAT tools can handle everything from editing to performing quality assurance, using indexing tools, applying formal rules or style guides, correcting formatting, and standardizing terminology. With the aid of CAT software, your translation projects will improve in many ways.

CAT tools foster consistency

Thanks to translation memories and term bases within CAT tools, you can translate multiple texts with the same consistent results every time. Your CAT tool will also get smarter the more you use it, as its translation memories—or database of previously used translation units—will keep on expanding, i.e., there will be fewer words that you will have to translate individually.

CAT software increases productivity

With a CAT tool, you no longer have to copy and paste your translations into a template. Rather than taking precious time out of your day to type, edit, and format content, you can focus only on translating the units that need translation. Your CAT tool will handle the rest and will even generate a clean copy of your original file in the source language once you are done.

A CAT tool is flexible

CAT tools are easily adaptable to a variety of professional needs and workflows. For example:

Most of them are compatible with exchange files from other CAT tools.
They include integrations and built-in modules that allow you to customize your workflow, so you can tailor the solution to most projects.
You can configure customized access rights so that certain users have write permissions while others have read-only access.
CAT tools are usually accessible across devices—on the web, desktop, and mobile—so you can use them on your preferred device, in the office, in your cloud, and on the move.

A CAT tool caters to quality

With a CAT tool, you will be able to deliver high-quality translations consistently and effortlessly. If you frequently have to produce texts using technical, financial, or industry-specific jargon, then you know just how important tone and terminology are. By referencing internal or external language databases integrated into a CAT tool, you can pick up these nuances more easily and translate texts more quickly.
CAT translation is less costly

Thanks to their matching technology, CAT tools let you work more quickly and efficiently every single time. Your translators and other team members no longer have to go through the trouble of retyping the same translation several times in similar texts.

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