Warn! Do not upgrade diagnostic laptops to Windows 11

Windows has made great efforts in recent months to bring more and more people to Windows 11. If you currently have Windows 10 on your diagnostic laptop, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a message similar to the one below when updating your computer, or maybe even a different message with a big UPDATE NOW button.

This article is our warning to any shops or fleets out there with diagnostic laptops : Do not upgrade to Windows 11…YET!


Usually, we always tell our customers to check their Windows updates regularly. It’s good practice to keep your diagnostic laptop updated with the latest Windows updates, but this is different. Windows 11 is a new operating system that is not yet fully supported by most of the major diagnostic programs.

Checking for the latest Windows 10 updates regularly = RECOMMENDED

Updating to Windows 11, which doesn’t most support diagnostic software yet = DON’T DO IT
What Will Happen?

Since Windows 11 is virtually brand new, most of the major diagnostic programs do no support it yet. If you update your diagnostic laptop to Windows 11 you will immediately encounter problems with your Cummins INSITE, Paccar Davie 4, Premium Tech Tool, Diagnostic Link, and more.

Customers who have accidently upgraded to Windows 11 have called us in the past two weeks with the following issues:

* Computer may not recognize Nexiq USB Link interfaces that are plugged in.
* Cummins Insite will not open 100% of the time.
* Cummins Insite License Manager will not accept license keys.
* Cummins Insite License Manager gives a licensing error.
* Paccar Davie 4 will not open, gives an error “Cannot connect to back office”.
* Paccar Davie 4 will not open, gives an error “Unknown error”.
* Paccar Davie 4 will do nothing when you click on it.
* Premium Tech Tool (Mack or Volvo) will not let you get past the login screen.
* Diagnostic Link opens but runs extremely slow, usually becoming unresponsive.

How Can it be Fixed?

At this time, the only surefire way to fix this issue immediately is to downgrade back to the version of Windows 10 you had earlier. If you are not a big computer user, it is recommended that you have an IT professional assist with this process.

With downgrading back to Windows 10, there is a chance that your software licenses could get messed up. If you are still experiencing licensing issues after downgrading back to Windows 10 please contact the software manufacturer or your software distributor.

Diesel Diagnostic Equipment customers can call or email us for assistance with this.
Going Forward

At some point in the future, all diagnostic software will begin supporting Windows 11, but we’re not quite there yet. We recommend waiting at least a year and continually checking the release notes for any updates that are released for diagnostic programs.