Volvo Prosis Offline 2019 Installation Guide

How to install Volvo Prosis ?

1.Open DAEMON Tools Lite, load “PROSIS2019”.

2.Click on “PROSISInstaller” to setup.

3.Install PROSIS on your computer.

4.Press Next to start the installation, the following tasks will be performed.

Oracle XE 11 Release 2 will be installed.
Prosis Launcher will be installed.
PROSIS Importer will be installed.
PROSIS Offline will be installed.

5.Installation successfully.

Press Next to start importing new PROSIS content.

Abort import.
Click on “PROSIS Offline” at the desktop to login.

An error has occurred, click on “Close”, back to Cancel login.

Open ” PROSIS Importer”, browse “DB-ROM Drive (H) – > Disc1 – ReaseManifest.
Click on “Start”.
Completed in 5221 seconds.

Exit DAEMON Tools Lite.
Close PROSIS 2019 CD ROM.

Open PROSIS Offline to login.

First come the 2019 newest info.