V1.27 PCMtuner tool FAQs


The latest 2022 PCMTuner 1.27 ECU programmer not only supports German and Japanese Ford, Chinese car, Delphi and other engine computers, but also supports Audi and Volkswagen series transmissions. It also supports power upgrade, reading/writing bin files with checksum, and gear cloning and maintenance. Here have collected many questions recently asked by customers.

Q: DO I need separate dongle to fully use the 67 packages or dongle is included?
A: The package comes with the main unit, cables and dongle (all licenses and software are stored inside the dongle), you do not need to buy an extra dongle.

Q: What is the Smart Dongle used for in the package?
A: All licenses and software are stored in the smart dongle.

Q: Is the SN of dongle same for each PCMtuner ECU programmer?
A: The dongle currently has the same serial number, but the PCMtuner host serial number is different.

Q: Does this dongle work with Scanmatik? Do i need to buy PCMtuner?
A: No, it can not work with scanmatick. If you have ktm bench or ktm 3 in 1 ECU programmer, you can buy the new dongle alone. If not, you need to buy pcmtuner whole package.

Q: Is the dongle compatible with scanmatik2 pro?
A: No, it isn’t.

Q: Can the pcmtuner dongle work with tactrix interface?
A: No, it can only work with KTM Bench, KTM Bench 3 in 1, KTMOBD ECU programmer so far.

Q: Does it support VR read and write if has VR file? Are VR files payable?
A: Yes, it supports. The VR files are for free, there is no extra charge. We have a server and can offer the VR account for users, then you can login to get it.

Q: Does it support Helpdesk and tuner account?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it support DCM7.1A by BOOT and OBD?
A: Yes.

Q: Can it read S6 and S7 scania ecu?
A: No, it can not.

Q: Does it support BMW EDC17xxx ECU?
A: No, it doesn’t support.

Q: Does it support BMW and Opel?
A: Yes. Some car models are supported.

Q: Can I use it to erase crash data on airbag module?
A: No.

Q: When reading Engine ECU by PCMtuner, does it do a full Read, mcu and eeprom, just in case of any issues?
A: Yes, it can read MCU and EEPROM.

Q: For a 2016 Ford Ranger: 3.2L Diesel (SID209/BSL), can pcmtuner work for it by OBD, or bench mode or does both?
A: It can work via bench, boot and OBD mode

Q: Once the ECU is read by pcmtuner, for remapping are these files compatible with Winols, and can i send to my tuner, has Winols?
A: The data readout is compatible with Winols, you can use winols to remap it.

Q: Is the pcmtuner the master version?
A: Yes, It is master version.

Q: This PCMtuner programmer has online update?
A: Yes, free update online, no annual fee.

Work online or offline?
Q: Do I have to connect the internet to read or write by OBD for engine remapping using PCMtuner?
A: Work offline, VR needs online.

Q: Does it work online?
A: Only VR and software update need to operate online. Other functions like ECU reading& writing can be done offline.

Q: What is the difference between a black and transparent security key? Transparent- 67 modules?
A: The black one is USB dongle of KTM200.

Original or clone?
Q: Are you sure the pcmtuner is original?
A: Yes, there is official website: http://www.tuner-box.com/.

Modules supported:
Q: Do you have full list of pcmflash modules?
A: Yes, you can check the PCMtuner ECU support list.

Q: If I buy pcmtuner, shipping is possible from the czech republic?
A: It is new released, will not be in overseas warehouse in short time.
But we registered ioss account. We can ship via ywen no tax to EU union like before. Do not worry about this.

Q: Is it possible to send to Russia?
A: Yes, we can ship it to Russia.

Q: I am from ROMANIA/EU. If I buy, what is the delivery time and custom taxes?
A: The first 100pcs are sold out, and we ordered another 300pcs from the PCMTuner factory. It will be here on March 10th.

We have registered an ioss account and can ship from China via ywen no tax to EU Union (including ROMANIA).
The delivery via ywen usually needs 7-10 working days.