Maserati M156C 2014 Oil Service Light Reset by Launch X431

Here will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to reset oil service light for Maserati M156C 2014.

What You Need?

Launch X431 Pro


1.Park your car on the level surface. The installed sensor is very sensitive to the tilt of the vehicle,Otherwise, it will display an error measurement tolerance.
2.Gear selector in the P mode in car position.
3.After running the engine, waiting for 10min until all vehicle run indicator reach stable. The sensor signals used at this time will give the correct output.

Operation instructions

1.Switch on the ignition ;
2.Select European;
3.Select Maserati V10.02 above


5.Select M156

6.Select gasoline

7.Select system scan

8.Select IPC-Dashboard

9.Read ECU information, Select”Yes”
10.Select special function


12.Note the “reset” prompt information ,ensure correctly set the date of the dashbord

13.After confirm,prompt program is finished


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