How to Use Zed-Full Program Keys for Dodge Ram Promaster City by OBD

ZED-Bull mainly functions :

Finding PIN Code, preparing precoded transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU

1.Transponder Cloning

2.Producing Transponders for OBD Programming

3.USB communication and fast update

4.Hitag2 Transponder Programmer

5.Easy Use with Wide Graphic LCD Screen

Zed-full with the same functions like zed-bull , today , we’ll introduce how to use zed-full add new keys for dodge ram promaster city . it need perform pin code reading,key precoding and remote key programming.

Please check the exactly steps as bellow : 

Locate obd port on Dodge RAM,and connect Zed-Full programmer.

Select “OBD Application”

Select car brand (Fiat)

Select “Immobiliser” then hit “Continue”

Select “Precoded Chip” then hit “Continue”

Select “Delphi 46 chip 93C86(Beta)” under options then hit “Continue”

Then it will show “Pack is not loaded. You should purchase it. Do you accept to use from your existing credits Credits to be deducted:20”, hit “Yes”

After turn ignition ON, hit “Continue”

Pin code is extracted!

You may also see programmed key positions and transponder ID’s on the zed-full screen

Select the transponder type from options section

-Pcf7936; Wedge(carbon) transponder

-Pcf7946/47;Remote key(FIR102-FIR103)

Select “PCF7946/47” as we are programming “FIR103” Remote Key, then hit “Continue”

Put the “FIR103” Remote key to the Zed-FULL antenna that you want to program then hit “Continue”

Precode is written! Hit “Continue” to proceed with the key programming process

Then it shows “Pack is not loaded. You should purchase it. Do you accept to use from your existing credits. Credits to be deducted:10 Package Name:OBD-FIA19”. Hit “Yes”

Unprogrammed existing keys will be quarantined unless reprogrammed together with the new keys. Quarantined keys will no longer be programmed to the same vehicle.

Select number of total keys to be programmed. All existing keys must be reprogrammed.

Turn ignition on then press “Continue”

Turn ignition OFF then press “Continue”

Turn ignition on with the first key 01/02, press “Continue”

Turn ignition on whit he next key 02/02, press “Continue”