How to update Ktag firmware to version 7.020

Updating KTAG firmware to 7.020 version doesn’t block processor.

For correct operation device it is necessary to change CID SDcard on 035344535330344780399b1368010300

This procedure is supported by not each SDcard.
Programs for change of CID and the description of process easy to find in the Internet.
I used mmc32 and evoplus_cid from github. This programs for linux. I haven’t found soft working in Windows

It is difficult to find SDcard which supports change CID.
SDcards with built-in chipset of production Samsung meet such requirements.


CID SDcard: 035344535330344780399b1368010300

Firmware_7.020:!rUdDnYDA!RrHb5a8CcksLq22Yl9r-sjwZ-FUfAZV44odW-1N62xQ Ksuite_2.23:!OZVWVKaB!69SeNOiikVGqZLx2Fxy7-KMZ4s7-0Zi9WjzDCFQSL1s


Ktag fw 7.020 update FAQs:

Q: for upgrade KTAG ECU Programmer with 6.070 required change nxp whit crp3 status?:
A: if you use Jlink to you necessary level not above CRP1
if you use usb-com to you necessary level not above CRP2

Q: tool trick is test unlock whit airflow?
A: Yes, but sometimes it’s easier to replace LPC with new device.

Q: trick airflow whit my kess not work…send me instruction for test on ktag and i’m test trick on ktag…thanks. And i have a question…problem is my ftdi interface?

A: I think most simply to change NXP processor.
…temperature destroys the processor
It is very doubtful method

Q: After you change cid copy image with sd
A: cloning of SDcard is a big problem now
I will do SDcard for CID

Q: what linux system did you use?
A: linux version will not matter
Q: what program do the card image sd ??

A: I used mmc32 and evoplus_cid from github. This programs for linux.
Q: i have samsung 64gb change the cid an uplad the bin but all i have is this on the picture. any ideas?

A: use up to 8gB card. And check all Made in Korea for rewritable CID
Q: what was the hardware problem ???

A: not all china clones are the same, mine is missing a few components
with ktag 6.070 from CnAutotool not have problems
there is free rework guide on the net
so i add them and all ok
Q: Can you share usb-com connections?

A: Here you go


NOTE: Good experienced technique is required. YOU ARE TRYING ALL ON YOUR OWN RISK. If you want a Ktag firmware 7.020 with relief and use it with security, go for a tested and working one – RED Auto ECU Programmer Ktag 7.020 is cost-effective. Look here:

Confirmed! Working no issues!