Autel MaxiIM IM508 adds Smart Key Hyundai Santafe ID46 2016

Autel MaxiIM IM508 key programming tool can successfully add 2016 Hyundai Santafe ID46 smart keys via OBD. With free pin code reading, it can also be used to program all lost keys.

1. Read the password
Connect IM508 cable to OBD,
IMMO >> Hyundai >> System Select >> Read Pin Code >> Read Pin Code (46 smart card) >> Read Pin Code via OBD

The function is only supported for vehicles with 46-chip smart card, please confirm if the key type is correct!
Press OK”.

Turn on the emergency light.
Open and then close the driver’s door once!
Reading the password, wait until 100%…
Switch off the ignition (note: the instrument screen is black).
The read password: 004938

2.Learn the keys
Smart Key System >> Slotless >> Smart Type 8 (CAN) >> Remote Control Learning
Press the START button.
Press “Smart Key Learning”.
This feature supports adding keys and all keys lost;
Running this function will erase all existing keys, all old keys need to be relearned in order to use them normally.
Press “Yes” to continue.

Turn off the ignition.
(note: the instrument screen is black).
Open and then close the driver’s door once!

Enter the 6-digit security code: 004938
Okay >> Yes

Note: Click “OK” to complete the following steps:
Within 5 seconds after pressing OK, use the back or top of the smart key to press and hold the START button for 5 seconds until the security lights flash.
Successful programming.
Press “Yes” to program the next one and “No” to complete.

Number of current keys: 2
Exit the Autel IM508 system and check if the key has been programmed correctly.

Try two keys.
Both can work well, perfectly done!

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