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How to crack GM Tech2 Tis2000 patch?

This article is on why need to crack Tis2000 software and how to crack TIS2000 for GM / Opel. Why need to crack Tech 2 Scan Tool? For GM Opel tis2000: use [...]

TIS2000 “E666: Access to SPS Server was Denied” Solution

Tis2000 E666 Solution 03
Hey guys, engineer & users share the working solution to Tech 2 Scan Tool software TIS2000 error” E666: Access to Service Programming [...]

Guide on installing TIS2000 on XP, win7 8 32bit or 64bit

win7 - 8 - 32bit - or - 64bit
This article is available how to install TIS2000 on machines other than WinXP Pro. Window 64bit or 32bit 64-bit versions of Windows contain backwards [...]

USA Cars (GM, Ford, Chrysler) PCM Flash Reprogramming Instruction

This is a how-to’ of American cars PCM flash reprogramming incl. GM, Ford, Chrysler. Topics are discussed here like: PCM Programming is Nothing [...]

TIS2000 can be installed on Virtualbox(Win7/Win8), Mac, Lixus?

One question for TIS2000. Would using Virtualbox on another version of Windows (i.e. 7 or 8) still work as it seems to support them? What about Mac and [...]

Where is the best place to buy a clone GM tech2

Today, I visit and read an interesting topic: Where is the best place to buy a clone GM tech2? a reliable site or Ali or [...]

GM tech2 Clone with TIS2000 for C6 Corvette, where to buy and why

Confusing where to buy one GM Tech 2 Clone for C6 Corvette? If from cnautotool, there are too many shops to choose, if from one website I see many listed on [...]

Saab 2008 9-3 Aero TTid fault code read with GM Tech2 or Opcom

Have Saab 2008 9-3 Aero TTid. It won’t rev from cold at all for about a minute, then sound to pick up a bit and does fine. It has no power and will pull [...]

How-to’s of 2006 Corvette M6 BCM fix with GM Tech2?

Car model and year: 2006 Corvette M6 Symptom description: The new column lock replacement parts have been installed in my 2005 M6 and now I need to [...]