OBDSTAR X300 DP plus VS X300 DP VS Lonsdor k518ise

Post topic: OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS VS X300 DP VS Lonsdor K518ISE in the software functions, vehicle coverage, features, hardware etc. And followed with obdstar X300 DP plus A package Vs B package Vs C package. Finally ends with obdstar X300 DP plus features & real pictures.

Part 1: obdstar X300 DP plus VS X300 DP VS Lonsdor k518ise


Part 2: obdstar X300 DP plus obdstar X300 DP plus A package Vs B package Vs C package


Part 3: obdstar X300 DP plus features & real pictures.

Hardware Advantages:

1.  Built-in VCI box
2.  8-inch touch screen


3.  Chargedirectly via OBD interface
4.  Practical and high-end gift box
5.  Industrial design with silicone case
6.  Back bracket design:prop on the steering wheel or stand on the table
7.  With 4 Toyota simulation keys (the fifth is coming soon)


Simulated key 1 applies to the vehicle with 94/D4 type of smart key;
Simulated key 2 applies to the vehicle with 98 type of smart key;
Simulated key 3 applies to the vehicle with 88/A8 type of smart key;
Simulated key 4 applies to the vehicle with A9 type of smart key;

8.  P001 programmer: EEPROM adapter + RFID adapter+ Key Renew adapter


9.  Add the clip of reading SOP 8PIN EEPROM


10. C001/C002 circuit board to read and write chip data with weldingC001 circuit board


Image 1: C001 circuit board is compatible with old NO. 3 and 4 circuit boards, applying to EEPROM chip dismantling and reading, Tianjin FAW and VIZHI immobilizer coil initialization and other functions.C001 circuit board


Image 2: C002 circuit board is connected by W001, W002 or W003 without welding the chip.

11. IMMO induction coil to detect the key induction coil failure of the vehicle.


12. Add wiring harness of ECU reading by OBD (for ECU cloning and switch activation)


ECU Programming/Cloning

ECU cloning means copy ECU, that is the OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus copies the data from the original car ECU, then write it into another same ECU hardware, so that it can achieve the same function as the original ECU.

When you want to change the new ECU or the second ECU, if you use X300 DP Plus to clone via OBD, you won’t need to go to the 4s store to do the online programming or dismantle ECU to weld, read & write.

ECU clone Pros :

No need to go to 4S shop, convenient, fast and save money.

Simplify the operating steps, even the amateur can also operate.

No need to dismantle and weld the ECU to read & write, it is zero risk to clone ECU via OBD with the X300 DP Plus.

Switch activation function

Nowadays, many car models’ accessory power supply of the dashboard or audio equipment needs to be activated to enter the boot status through the related module CAN.

However, when the car technician maintains the dashboard / audio equipment, the main unit is out of the CANBUS network so it maybe won’t boot.  OBDSTAR Scanner X300 DP plus” switch activation function” can emulate the CANBUS communication to active the power supply of dashboard / Audio so that it can enter the boot status, then it will test and verify the dashboard and the Audio, also the technician can save money avoiding to purchase many the boot platform and cables of kinds of car models

13. Adds the “Help” functionincluding the testable car models, update notice, special features, help instruction, wiring diagram etc.

Testable car models: The user can read the testable car models and year.

Update notice: The user can read all of the update content.

Features: The user can read all of the special features and the functions that only X300 DP Plus supports.

Help instruction: Built-in the guide and instruction for each car model or function.

Wiring diagram: Built-in ECU wiring diagram, more intuitive and convenient.

Pictures mean a lot:


obdstar DP plus accessories:


obdstar X300 dp plus accessories

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus On Package:

7-13 7-14 7-15 7-16 7-17

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How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Program Smart Key for BWM FEMBDC

Most of the latest BMW vehicles adopt FEM/BDC modules, which must be programmed before the key programming. OBDSTAR X300 DP already updated the BMW FEM/BDC key programming software. To make the operation clear, let’s show the FEM smart key programming process with Key Mater DP as below:


To get a better understanding of BMW key programming, following three major steps and some tools will be explained first.

1.Key Information

2.Key Programming Preprocessing

3.Key Add/Delete

Before key programming, read key information of current vehicle. Then delete the lost key or add new key based on this information.

For these vehicles to be programmed for the first time with this kind of device, Key Programming Preprocessing is necessary before key adding and deleting. Key programming Preprocessing can be operated in the car or on workbench, while operating with specialized test cable on workbench is strongly recommended. FEM test cable is shown below:1

22 (1)

To read and write data on chip of FEM/BDC, it’s necessary to prepare and EEPROM. EEPROM/PIC picture is shown below:

22 (2)

Stpe1:    Key Information Reading

After connecting vehicle or test harness, select “Key Information” under BMW Immobilizer menu to read current key information:

22 (3) 22 (4) 22 (5) 22 (6)

Notice: It will remind you to operate preprocessing in this step. If the vehicle was programmed for the first time, it’s necessary to operate key programming preprocessing. If not, operate Key Add or Key Delete directly.

22 (7) 22 (8)

This is showing FEM module information. Click ”OK” to continue.

22 (9)

This is showing current key numbers, position, and ID. Based on demand, delete lost key and add new key in the position of Not Occupied/Starting during key programming.

22 (10)

Stpe2:    Key Programming Preprocessing

It’s required to operate key programming preprocessing if the vehicle was programmed with the device for the first time. After reading key information, click “OK” back to main menu and select “Key Programming Preprocessing”:

22 (11)

There are seven steps in processing. Start from the first step:

22 (12)

Step 1: Code data backup

Select and click “Code data backup”

22 (13)

22 (14)

Read the code data and click “yes” to save it with the filename by default. Or click “no” to customize filename and remember it (the filename will be helpful in step7)

22 (15)

Code data backup completed.

22 (16)

Step2: EEPROM Original Data Backup

Select “EEPROM original data backup”

22 (17)

During the step2, the screen will show a simple operation instruction. The operation process differs from the user’s programmer, here we take Key Master DP and EEPROM/PIC adapter for example. Shown as below:

Disassemble the FEM/BDC module from car or test cable, open the shell and weld the 95128/95256 chip and take it out.
22 (18)

Weld the 95128/95256 chip to the 95XXX position on the adapter board or insert to the chip holder with the chip clip, (pay attention to the direction of the chip) as following:

22 (20)
22 (21)

Then, connect the EEPROM adapter with Key Master DP, plug in the 12V power, shows as below:

22 (22)

Exit immobilizer function and go back to the main screen, then choose “EEPROM/PIC adapter”:

22 (23)

22 (24) 22 (25)

22 (26) 22 (27) 22 (28) 22 (29) 22 (30)

22 (31)

22 (32) 22 (33)

Notice: The original EEPROM data backup completed and saved with the name“FEM00000”. Disassemble 95128/95256 chip from adapter board and weld back to FEM/BDC module.

Step3: Service Mode Data Generation

Put FEM/BDC module back to car or connect with the test cable. Exit the “EEPROM/PIC adapter” function, enter Immobilizer and choose BMW vehicles, click “step 3: service mode data generation”:

22 (34) 22 (35) 22 (36)

Service mode data generation succeeded and saved directly on the Key Master DP, as the picture shows above. Click “ok” to go back to the last menu.

22 (37)

Stpe4: Service Mode Data Writing

Click “step 4: service mode data writing”:

22 (38)

22 (39)

This step needs the EEPROM/PIC adapter or other programmer to read and write 95128/95256 chip. If you use other programmer to write service mode data, you need to copy the generated service mode data from Key Master DP and reserve it on the programmer or PC computer, then write the data.

Write service mode data with EEPROM/PIC adapter as follow:

① Disassemble 95128/95256 chip again, weld it to the adapter, connect with the Key Master DP.
22 (40)

② Exit BMW Immobilizer, go back to the main menu, choose the EEPROM/PIC adapter.

22 (41) 22 (42) 22 (43)
22 (42)
22 (45)
22 (46)
22 (47)

22 (48)

Input a filename randomly, a different name from the backup EEPROM data in step 2.

22 (49)

Do not exit after the profile reserved. Click “Help” and choose the service mode data “FEM00000(Calc)”.

22 (50) 22 (51)

Make sure again the written data is right. If you use other programmer, please copy the service mode data “FEM00000(Calc)”from the position shown in the picture.

22 (52)
22 (53)

Service mode data recover completed. Click “ok” to go back to the last menu and exit EEPROM/PIC adapter function.

22 (54)

Step5: FEM or BDC module programming

Weld the 95128/95256 chip back to FEM/BDC module, put the module back to car or connect to the test cable, connect the Key Master DP with car or the OBDII for test cable. Exit EEPROM/PIC adapter function, enter key add pre menu, choose “step 5: program FEM/BDC module”.

22 (55)

After the program completed, click “ok” to go back to the last menu.

22 (57)

Step6: EEPROM Original Data Recovering

The procedures for EEPROM data recovering is the same as the service mode data writing. The only difference is the different writing data. Select the EERPOM original data saved in the step2. Operate according to the service mode writing, the data selected is as following:

After read the saved data, then click “help” and choose the saved EEPROM original data “FEM00000.BIN”.

22 (58)

22 (59)
22 (60)
EEPROM original data recovery completed. Click “ok”, exit EEPROM/PIC adapter function and weld the 95128/95256 chip back to the FEM/BDC module.

22 (61)
Step7: Code Data Recovery

Put FEM/BDC module back to car or connect with test cable, Key Master DP connect car or OBDII for test cable. Enter the menu “key programming preprocessing”, choose “step 7: code data recovery”.

22 (62)

22 (63)

22 (64)

Coding succeeded. Key add pre operation completed. Click “ok” and exit the key add pre.

22 (65)

3.Key Add

After the key add pre process, please connect car to do key add and key delete. Put the FEM/BDC modules back into car, then connect Key Master DP with the car OBD. Enter the menu, choose “key add”.

22 (66)

Then, put the key on the emergency starting position and click “ok”. Emergency starting position is on the right side of the steering column shell, a place with key sign as below:

Attach the key to the key sign as below:
22 (68)

Key Master DP will recognize the valid key and show its frequency, click “Yes” to continue.

22 (69)

Then the device will show the car key quantity, position and ID, such as the two programmed keys 00 and 02. Now we can add one key at the position 01, or from 03 to 09. We choose the position 08 here.
22 (70) 22 (72)

Put the key to be programmed on the emergency starting position, click “ok” to continue.

22 (73)

If the new key is recognized, the device will show “programming succeeded”, click “ok” to continue.

22 (74)

After key programming succeeded, the programmed key information will be read automatically. Key 08 is the new added key.

22 (75)

4.Key Delete

The operation for key delete is the same as key add. Enter key enable /disenable, read and remember the key ID. Then go to key add— key delete, choose the key to be deleted according to the prompt(the current key can not be deleted, no worried about deleting it by mistake).

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How to read Renault Grand Scenic pin code by OBDSTAR X300 DP?

It’s very easy OBDSTAR X300 DP read pin code for Renault Grand Scenic! Just a 2 minute job.

Check below how-to steps X300 DP read Renault Grand Scenic pin code fast?

First, connect OBDSTAR Scaner X300 DP Bluetooth VCI box with Renault Grand Scenic OBD port.

Turn on car ignition.

Pair the VCI box Bluetooth with OBDSTAR X300 DP. (After success, the VCI box Power indicator and Bluetooth indicator will be both on)

Next, enter the main menu and click “Diag Program”.

Agree with the tips.

Then, go to choose “IMMOBILISER” and select “Renault” icon.

Open OBDSTAR X300 DP Renault V30.11 software.

Last step, choose “Pin Code Read” function and “Type 2”.
Follow the instruction:

Remove Renault Grand Scenic key card and turn off ignition.

Press the car Start button and click “Enter” to go on.

Wait about only 1 minute and Renault Grand Scenic pin code reading will be complete!

OBDSTAR X300 DP successfully read Renault Grand Scenic pin code! Totally it will cost 2 minutes and things done easily! all rights reserved, Original Article url:How to read Renault Grand Scenic pin code by OBDSTAR X300 DP?

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OBDSTAR X300 DP review diagnose KIA Sportage engine airbag

Are you interested in OBDSTAR X300 DP key programmer and how it work on KIA Sportage?
Below is OBDSTAR X300 DP review for checking. X300 DP diagnose KIA engine, airbag and read mileage OK!

OBDSTAR X300 DP diagnose KIA Sportage SL 2012 engine, airbag
After power on OBDSTAR X300 DP and connect it with car, go to “DIAG-ASIA” then select “KIA”.

Select car model: “Sportage (SL)”,

car year “2012” and “F 2.0 DOHC” in this case.

OBDSTAR X300 DP tablet can diagnose KIA Engine, AT, ESP, Airbag, Aircon, EPS, TPMS, SPAS systems, etc.
First, choose “Engine” module to diagnose.

X300 DP read KIA engine ECU information:

X300 DP display KIA engine live data:

X300 DP read KIA DTC fault codes. (No DTC code in this case, system normal)

Next, choose “Airbag” module to diagnose, select “Mode 1”.

X300 DP view KIA airbag ECU live data including:
Front crash info
Driver side crash info
Passenger side crash info
Rollover crash info
Crash Data info
Service data

Then, go to “MILEAGE ADJUSTMENT”, select “KIA” to check car mileage.

Select Sportage 24C16.

Select kilometer or mile.
X300 DP PAD from read 2012 KIA Sportage 24C16 mileage as 96352 KM.

The car dashboard mileage show 96331 KM.
It’s a little bit different but OK!

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OBDSTAR X300 DP New USB Adapter Warning

OBDSTAR X300 DP key programmer (also the Key Master DP) has update the USB adapter to new type.

Old USB adapter:

New USB adapter:

The connector marked red circle is used to connect to OBDSTAR IMMO Adapter for VAG 4th 5th immo key programmer.

The USB port of the new USB adapter is applicable ONLY to the RFID adapter. Can not connect VCI interface or other products, otherwise will cause damage to other products.

(OBDSTAR RFID adapter comes with the new USB adapter to connect with X300 DP tablet as well. If your X300 DP comes with old USB adapter. It doesn’t matter. If your X300DP comes with the new USB adapter, please keep in mind do not connect the new USB adapter with other devices.)

Good news!!! OBDSTAR X300 DP full version adds U.S region Ford Lincoln cars to OBD Diagnosis menu.

More and more vehicle brands will be added to diagnosis menu as a bonus.