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BMW ISTA-D and ISIS – Similarities and Differences

This is good information for those who want to know if ISTA-D provides technical diagrams and instructions like ISIS/ICOM. ISIS is a BMW server platform for [...]

How to Restore BMW ICOM Next in 12 steps

How to Restore BMW ICOM Next? This post will show an obd2eshop customer's solution to BMW ICOM Next restore when you has red LEDs turn on issue when running [...]

BMW Ista-D Ista-P Windows 7/8/10 Download + How to install

Confirmed! BMW ISTA-D/P works in windows 7, 8 (8.1), 10 without problem. Look here: BMW ista software download with Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10 [...]

BMW ICOM A2 With V2019.03 Engineers software Plus EVG7 Tablet PC Ready to Use

Software Version : V2019.03 ISTA - D: 4.15.12,with SDP data ISTA - P: with Engineer Programming can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through [...]


BMW ICOM NEXT A Latest Generation Diagnostic Head For BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model.Can Replace BMW ICOM A2, including all function of ICOM A2.Not only can [...]


  Top 5 Reasons to Get BMW ICOM A2 with Latest Software 1.BMW ICOM A2 Hardware Version: V01.40.05 2.Support Vehicles: BMW Cars, BMW Motorcycle, [...]

BMW ICOM A2+B+C with Software Plus EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC

Software Version : V2018.12 ISTA - D: 4.12.12,with SDP data 4.12.12 ISTA - P: with Engineer Programming can program F/G/I/K chassis for car [...]

Cheap Price BMW ICOM A2 without Software

BMW ICOM A2 is the update version of BMW ICOM. Compare with BMW ICOM A, ICOM A2 supports more vehicles, and functions are more stable. ICOM A2 is Second [...]

How to Connect Diagnostic System for BMW ICOM A2+B+C 2017.12 Engineering Version

BMW ICOM A2+B+C Software Version : V2017.12 ISTA – D: V4.08.12,with SDP data V4.08.11 ISTA – P: V3.63.0.400 can program F/G/I/K chassis for car [...]


How to start the ISTA workshop system: Double click the BMW diagnostic software ISTA+  icon in the Windows desktop created during the installation process [...]