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BMW FEM/BDC Add Key and All Keys Lost with CGDI BMW

Here’s the tutorial on BMW FEM/BDC key programming (add key & all keys lost) by using CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmer.

1.Read and Backup eeprom

2.Add a key (copy key with key)

3. Program all keys lost (copy key without key)

1.Read & Backup Data

Connect CGDI BMW with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

maintains voltage above 12v , do not turn off the computer screen during operation.


Open CGDI BMW software

Select “FEM/BDC key match” and click enter
Connect successfully, maintain enough voltage, click “yes”
Need to disassemble the module, read EEPROM data, FEM is 95128


FEM module installation location


Use CG100 Prog to read out 95128 IC data and save the data


Remove the 95128 chip, wash it, and clip it to the ATMEGA adapter

Open the CG-100 to read the data and save it


Go back to cgdi and load the data

Load successfully, save the new data generated by the system


Write back new data with cg-100, weld back to module, and click next
Waiting for programming


After programming, write back 95128 original data,
put FEM into the car again, and click next


Use CG100 to write back 95128 original data

When finished, click “next”


Set code successfully, customers can do any operation.

2. Add FEM/BDC key with CGDI BMW

Copy key with key

choose the unused key, and click “generate the dealer key”

Read working key,click Next

Read successfully and display information

Program the new key

The new key matched successfully.

3. CGDI BMW Program FEM/BDC All Keys Lost

Copy key without key

Using CG100 to read the engine data

Click to enter “ECU

Click on the engine model option to enter the current vehicle


According to the software physical wiring diagram wiring

Physical connection


Read successfully and save the data
Show ISN and VIN


Return to cg-di, select unused key bits, and click “generate dealer keys”


Click on the next item that you select and click next
(Manually input known ISN)


Check the information and click ok


Place new key


New key programming success.






CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Benz Key Programmer: all key lost works

Collection of real CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Benz Programmer feedback including copy key with key and copy key without key (all key lost). Many thanks to the real users test and report.

Part 1. Add only key with the option “with key“.

->  W220 first test, Read Blank Key, Read Write Erase key OK, read EZS and Password from Key…works

-> Tested on W212
Read EZS —> OBD work Fine
Calulating PW from EZS —> Work fine Online Server
Key Calculating —> v041 & v051 Work fine online Server
-> Mercedes W212 2010 e250 Petrol Automatic works

->W203 2004 spare key making:

Total time about 13 minute when begining to programming new key. Read pass NEC key by IR and calculate PSW

Key still working after get PSW.

Done in car.

-> Mercedes W221 2010 Facelift S600 V12 works

Click on “Benz monster” on the desktop.

Click on “Load EIS data”


Open the EIS data folder “w221 2010”, here you can see EZS data with generate PW and you can see key generate working!!!


Write key 8 and car can start.
mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-4 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-5
-> W207 on bench OK, 11 minutes

-> W203 2004 spare key making takes about 13 minute when begining to programming new key. Read pass NEC key by IR and calculate PSW

Key still working after get PSW.
Part 2. Program new key with the option “without key” when all key lost.

-> test all key lost on w164, need gateway.

-> Tested w212 ALL KEY LOST !!! In car, done by OBD
Work realy realy good!
Member say:
W212 is from 2012
Read ezs About 30mins
Upload data
Password given

Read eis info
Paste key password
Then key calculation

Very nice CGDI MB tool ??

-> CGDI Prog work good to do W207 W204 lost keys on bench, use with VVDI cable report by:
Alessandro silva w204 all key lost ok 100 percent.

W204 get data: About hour
PSW W204: 11 minute all key lost in bench with VVDI cable
had VVDI MB and CGDI, CGDI is faster and no problem to get Password:

Test with my W209 545 31 08 on bench as add key: 15mn all done
Trying all key lost, failed. But a friend do with W209 545 05 08 success PSW by IR without gateway

mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-8 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-9 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-10 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-11 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-12
Related Question: I don’t understand when we have CGDI tool working all by OBD why lads want the tool to work on the bench???

Answer: For example if car is some further from workshop and you must spent time driving to the car or customer is just TOO far to drive, so then he can sent EIS or drive by himself bringing EIS it with him at workshop. It’s time saver and what if tool will not work via OBD? You will loose many time driving ex. 30 miles x2. If you have on bench, you can work at your place without risk of wasting time. Also calculating psw at the place of car might last 30 minutes, 1 hour in all keys lost? It’s much time to sit in the car + you have to take care of battery charger. If you have on bench, you can drink a coffee or a beer if you want and enjoy the waiting time
Still no tool which can do all merc by OBD anyway…

-> W203 with W209 EZS all key lost, done in the car about 70mn: Successful.

-> Calculation PSW always the first time, never fail.


->Plug USB to computer, software recognise at once. So i take 2 used BE key put in and read. Software say need 12V.

So i plug 12V and read and reset to unused quickly. Will test on bench W209 as key lost later.

CGDI MB tested failure:

CGDI work not on all by OBD
W906 Sprinter don’t work (CGDI Supports W906 only CAN BUS not K-line)
W230 SL55 AMG 2006 don’t work (CGD Supports W230 CAN BUS, you can send EIS and CGDI to factory to add K-line)

Part 3: CGDI MB tokens

This device also work with tokens for password online calculation. what a nice is : free two tokens each day for 6 months.
Feedback: Yesterday test online calculation, very fast, less than minute. And the counter (10) decrease to 9.
Today it become 10 again. So I think for now until 6 months, I can calculate 10 time/day.
Part 4: seems this CGDI MB tool is vvdi clone, or no?

Users already confirm it is not VVDI clone, they open CGDI and say, PCB is complete other than from VVDI and MCU is other than from VVDI !!!

mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-13 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-14 mercedes-w221-2010-facelift-s600-v12-with-cgdi-mb-15

CGDI MB tool update:
After server updated, new software will realease within 2 days with:
[13:43, 7/11/2017] xxxxxx: will update as follows :Calculate erase password, enable password. Erase EIS, enable the password, write EIS data, calculate the current code hopping key track


If you are hesitating for couple of weeks if it’s worth to but this tool, after plenty of positive opinions, will you decide to order CGDI Benz and will make a test as soon as you get it? I don’t intend to push other Member to Buy CGDI MB, but share what it works and not work.

How to choose a decent auto key programmer for Chrysler?



I have a garage auto repair for Chrysler.

Look for a key programmer for good quality and price…to read pincode and program keys

Do you have any suggestion?


Hi, bro.

Thinking you can have a Lonsdor for your Chrysler.

The new K518S will help you a lot. Also, you can get it at a reasonable price.

The test: Chrysler grand voyager 2010 read pin code





The vehicle coverage: Lonsdor K518S Chrysler (updated on 05.2019)


Audi Q3 -2013 key programming- Help File

This help file basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and  Reference.


1. Backup EPROM: backup car EPROM data;

2. Restore EPROM: copy the backed up EPROM data onto the car computer, to restore it to the original state;

3. Make dealer key: use the backed up EPROM data to write a blank new key to be a dealer key that can be programmed directly;

4. Add key (OBD): use the customized or generated dealer key to directly program key, applicable for the smart card;

5. Directly add key: use the customized or generated dealer key to directly program key, applicable for the folding key;

6. Delete key: delete the programmed key;

7. Reset dashboard

8. Odometer adjustment: to correct mileage;


1. During all the system operation, the dashboard will be in the extinguished state, that is normal;

2. Delete key process:

Step 1. Read immodata; Step 2. Select an existing key; Step 3. Write back immodata.


Chip model: Dedicated 48 chip

Remote type: 220G 315 frequency

Key embryo no.: No.31

PIN code requirement: Backup EPROM data

Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated

OBD position: Under the steering wheel:
Audi - Q3 -2013 - key programming- Help - File -1

The car model
Audi - Q3 -2013 - key programming- Help - File -2

The key

Audi - Q3 -2013 - key programming- Help - File -3


Backup EPROM

1. This function can read the device EPROM data and save in K518ISE;

2. For smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

5. Read the vehicle PIN code and other info;

6. Please enter the file name to be saved;

7. EPROM data is saved.

Restore EPROM

1. Note: Write the wrong EPROM data may lead to the car can not start, please confirm that the data to be written is the car EPROM data backed up via Lonsdor K518ISE;

2. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Please confirm the current data is the car EPROM data;

5. Writing EPROM data, about 2 minutes, please be patient;

6. Resetting the dashboard, EPROM data is restored.

Make dealer key

1. This function can generate a dealer key to be programmed, then use this key to perform “Add key” operation;

2. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

5. Please choose to vehicle brand;

6. Please insert the blank key to be programmed into the K518ISE card slot;

7. Make dealer key success.

Add key (OBD)

1. This system is suitable for directly programming smart card dealer key.

Directly add key(suitable for folding dealer key directly programming)

1. This function can directly add a dealer key to the immobilizer system, please put the new key into the coil, and connect the host to the car OBD port;

2. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

5. Writing immodata, about 2 minutes, please be patient;

6. Add key complete.

Delete key

1. This function can delete an existing key;

2.The process of this function:

Step 1. Read anti-theft data Step 2. Select an existed key Step 3. Write back immodata;

3. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

4. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

5. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

6. Please select the key to be deleted;

7. System communicating, delete complete.

Reset dashboard

1. Establishing communication, the system is resetting the dashboard;

2. Reset complete.

Odometer adjustment

1. This process can read and calibrate the odometer mileage;

2. if the car is a smart key, please turn off the ignition and then turn on the ignition, and then click OK, otherwise click OK;

3. Read the current mileage;

4. Going through security certification and loading external code, getting data, it takes about 2 minutes;

5. Please enter the new mileage needed to be calibrated ;

6. During writing… write complete.

Xtool A80 Opel diagnosis function list V9.50

Xtool A80 is a decent Opel diagnostic & service reset tool after Opcom interface. It has a wide coverage for Opel cars from 1997 to 2014 year, it has the capabilities of OBD2 diagnosis and special functions.

Xtool A80 looks good from outside:

list - V9.50 -1

Xtool A80 parameters (Claimed):

CPU: RK3288


ROM: 32G

Display: 8 inch

Resolution: 1024*768P (4:3)

Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh

Operation System: Android

Camera: 8.0 Megapixel, AF with flashlight

Communication: WiFi / BT

Ports: USB3.0, HDMI (C Type), DC (2.5), VGA (DB15)

Xtool A80 Opel diagnostic functions:

Free download: Xtool A80 Opel diagnosis function list V9.50 (.pdf file)

list - V9.50 -2

ECU Info…Confirmed

Read Codes…Confirmed

Erase Codes …Confirmed

Live Data…Confirmed


list - V9.50 -3 list - V9.50 -4

Xtool A80 Opel Special functions:

Special functions…Confirmed (Page 63 – Page 69)

list - V9.50 -5

Xtool A80 Opel Coverage:

Year: 1997 -2014

Models like:

Adam 2014

Ampera 2014

Antara 2014

Astra-J  2014

Cascada 2014

Combo-D 2014

Insignia 2014

Meriva-B 2014

Mokka 2014














Vauxhall VXR8











Xtool A80 Opel diagnostic tool language:

English as default.

XTOOL A80 activation for using newest Opel diagnostic software:

In order not to affect the using and upgrading of newly released Opel diagnostic software, please be sure to activate Xtool A80.


list - V9.50 -6

First turn on the A80 BT host, enter the tablet setting function to

enable the WLAN function, and connect to the wireless network. Click

the A80 BT Diagnostics icon to activate the page: 1. Enter the activation

code on the certificate.

Enter the six digits after the S/N code on the


Enter a user name, such as A repair shop.

4, please enter the correct format of the mailbox account.

5 and 6, please enter a consistent custom password in the two columns. After clicking the activation, you will be prompted to verify the mobile number. Please enter the mobile number, receive the SMS verification code, and enter the verification code in A80 BT.

Note: In order to improve A80 BT, every time period, Xtool will update A80 BT, pop up the update box directly on the diagnosis interface, click to install.

Xtool A80 Opel diagnostic tool update:

one-click update: A80 BT device no longer requires a card to be upgraded, just open the app and click Upgrade, as shown in the following figure.
list - V9.50 -7

Certainly, Xtool A80 is not only for Opel diagnosis, but more.

Lonsdor K518 reads PIN for older Fiat 2005-2012: Confirmed!

Question for Lonsdor K518:

When You are planning to add PIN read for older Fiat ??

(Doblo 2005 – 2009 or Ducato 2006 – 2012 etc. )

Answer by


The steps:

Read dump with FVDI

Then VVDI-Prog can calculate PIN from dump

(Tango doesn’t show pin, and you need pin for remote programming)

Then continue with Lonsdor – Immo learn + remote

The test on Doblo:


Select a model:

Fiat- Europe-Doblo-2009-
lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-2 lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-3 lonsdor-k518ise-older-fiat-read-pin-4

Lonsdor reads PIN codes


The function can read PIN code and save data


Pls use a working key to turn ignition ON

For a smart key, pls put it close to induction coil


Open the ignition switch


K518 manages to read PIN codes

PIN is saved

Pls use [program key] function to program a key



How to Activate and Update XTOOL A80 H6 Tablet?

Xtool H6 is the latest car diagnosis platform made for technicians. It needs register and activate before use,here is the steps about Xtool A80 H6 Activation and Updating.

Step1. Click the Settings icon on H6 Elite.
Xtool - A80 - H6 - Activation -1

Step2. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to available internet.

Step3. H6 will automatically prompt that you need to activate, please click NEXT.

Step4. Please fill in the company name and mailbox, (no need to fill in Phone number cause overseas phone number cannot receive the auth code.), then click OK to complete the activation.

Software Upgrading

Step1. Please open H6 APP and click update.

Step2. You can choose Update all or any single software to upgrade.

W639 All Keys Lost Programming with CGDI MB and AC adapter

Test report: CGDI Prog BenzMonster + AC adapter for Mercedes Benz W639 all keys lost.

Hardware: CGDI Prog MB programmer + AC adapter

Software: CGDI MB

EIS: W639

Wiring diagram:



Step 1: read EIS data

CGDI read out EIS data

Step 2: calculate pass

CGDI MB calculated password


waiting to read EIS data

pls unplug the direction lock ELV and connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line on the directional lock plug (the most fine line in the directional lock connector in the K-Line)


pls insert the simulation key within 1 minute. if you have inserted it, pls pull out and try again

you need a key emulator:



CGDI MB read EIS data successfully

save data

upload data

query result


Lonsdor K518ISE adds VOLVO XC60 2014 Spare Key Success

New customer feedback: VOLVO XC60 2014 Spare Key (semi-smart key) well done with Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer.

Q: How long does it require?
A: Takes less than half an hour.
Q: From where did you get the security data? It require to dismantle something to read it?
A: on the table read CEM with RN-01 PCB dongle takes around 2 mins, after go to the car and program.
VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-1 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-2
Q: Can I do all keys lost?
A: Yes. same job.
Procedure & Photo attached:
Turn on ignition switch
In Lonsor K518, select Immobilizer->Volvo->XC60-> 2009 up->Smart key->Add Key
Select security data (read before operation)
Press Start button
Read vehicle information, part number, VIN etc
Identify current number of keys: 1
Insert new key to be programmed to car slot
Key programmed success
VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-3 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-4 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-5 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-6 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-7 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-8 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-9
Here’s the step-by-step procedure on Volvo XC60 key programming with Lonsdor k518ISE.

Peugeot 407 2007 read pin & program keys by Lonsdor K518ISE

Possible to program remotes (Peugeot 407 2007) using Lonsdor?

Yep! it’s tested. Lonsdor K518ISE is able to read pin codes and program new keys and remotes to 407.

The test: (done by engineers working for

step 1: read pin

step 2: add new keys

step 3: program remotes

in detail…

Step 1: Read Pin Code

Select Peugeot->Read Pin Code->Type 2




During the function operation, the windshield wiper brushes and the headlight illuminates which is normal
To stop wiper brush, check Help and pull out the corresponding fuse.

Turn ignition switch to ON position


Lonsdor is gonnna to read vehicle information

Reading data and verifying pin


Read pin code success

Step 2: Program a new key

Select Peugeot->Select from vehicle->407->Immobilizer->Program key


Turn on ignition


require to enter pin to access


Turn ignition off and then turn on within 15 seconds


Program complete.

Press YES to program next key or Cancel to quit.

Step 3: Program the remote control


Step to reprogram remote control:
1.Switch ignition off and remove key
2. Insert a key and switch ignition on
3. Press any button of the remote key for 10 seconds and release within 20 seconds.
4. Switch ignition off and remove key
5. For more keys, repeat step 2-4


Job’s done!