How to crack GM Tech2 Tis2000 patch?


This article is on why need to crack Tis2000 software and how to crack TIS2000 for GM / Opel.

Why need to crack Tech 2 Scan Tool?
For GM Opel tis2000: use D630 computer, you can insert the USB dongle to use or use the patch to crack.
For Saab TIS2000: usually use IBM T30, for other computer you may get the error message, need to insert the USB dongle, can’t use the patch to crack.

How to crack TIS2000 for GM / Opel:
Part 1: Insert CD2.
Insert TIS2000 CD into the computer, open DVD.
Open “AUTORUN” to setup.
crack-tis2000-01 crack-tis2000-02

Select language.
crack-tis2000-03 crack-tis2000-04 crack-tis2000-05

Tick “Click here to add”, then “Continue”.

Click on “Ok”.
M3311: the program has finished.
Please attach the USB security key to the PC in order to complete the process.
crack-tis2000-07 crack-tis2000-08

TIS2000 Transbase and ODBC installation.
M723: TIS2000 successfully updated.
crack-tis2000-09 crack-tis2000-010

Part 2: Insert CD2.
M723:Tis2000 successfully updated.
crack-tis2000-011 crack-tis2000-012

Part 3: Insert CD3.
Open the cd, then “TIS2000 patch” to copy “SuperPro.dll”.
Right click on “TIS 2000”, then “Find “Find target”, then paste “SuperPro.dll” here.
crack-tis2000-013 crack-tis2000-014

Part 4: open TIS2000.
Enter “Service Programming system”.
crack-tis2000-015 crack-tis2000-016 crack-tis2000-017


Note: If you done by following the above procedure one by one, you won’t get error ” E666: Access to Service Programming Server was denied”.

Good luck