How to use Tango programmer to copy a key transponder


Firstly, run the Tango transponder programmer software and select vehicle and read information in the “Info” window. Watch the data location field to locate the memory chip. Locate the chip inside of the immobilizer and read it. Save the read data (dump).
Click the “OPEN IMMOBILIZER FILE” button to download the saved dump.

Then the Tango programmer will start analyzing the dump.
When the programmer confirm the dump is correct, the “WRITE” button will be activated and the “Keys” window will display the range of key numbers that can be created.
Check the “Info” window, especially the Allowed transponder field to make sure the Auto Key Programmer you use is of the right type.


Place the transponder into the coil on Tango key programmer.
Choose the key cuts you want create in the “Keys” window.
Click the “WRITE” button.
The writing process will start and transponder will be stored with the appropriate data.
Save a new immobilizer dump when the Tango key programmer software asks you to.
Save a standard File Save dialog when it is displayed on the program.
The new data is saved and must be written into the immobilizer

Write the new dump into the immobilizer. The immobilizer is ready to operate with the created a new transponder .
Anyway,this? is Simple operation,you can try it!