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Solve Benz MB Star C4 C5 Problems

Problem 1 : Having trouble getting this Windows Display Language Installed Steps how to fix it : Open the desktop “TOOLS” file –> Windows [...]

MB SD Connect C4/C5 Star diagnosis Software New Released update to 2022.09

Recently, released latest 2022.09 software for MB Star SD C4/C5 Diagnostic Tool. HDD Software , Promotion price is 128USD Purchase [...]

MB SD C4/C5 DoIP “No WLAN” WiFi Connection Solution

  MB SD Connect Compact C4 Diagnosis Tool DOIP Plus Dell D630 Laptop With Vediamo and DTS Engineering Software 2022.09 MB SD C4/C5 DoIP “No [...]

MB SD C4 Plus Firmware Update No Battery Latest Guide

How to reflash MB SD C4 Plus without battery - What to do? You can edit Toolkit.ini to change the value of MinUpdateVoltageVbatt and MinUpdateVoltageVExt, [...]

Resolved an issue where the MB SD Connect C4 software would not launch on Win10

Problem How to Solve MB SD Connect C4 software unable to start or automatically repair on Win10? Solution Step1. Go to advanced options; Step2. [...]

Setting MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI

We know The MB SD Connect Compact 4 can connecting with Both Lan cable and WIFI, some customers might have question and problem about how to setting [...]

Choose the MB SD C4 DoIP reasons

V9/ 2021 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Wireless Star Diagnosis with XENTRY Software HDD Support DoIP Protocol V9/2021 WIN 10 without HHT-WIN MB SD Star C4 [...]

MB SD C4 Connect Compact C4 Xentry DAS Star Diagnosis

Notice : Our SD C4 firmware had setup by 2020.12V, if your software version is older or newer version than 2020.12V , pls downgrade or upgrade c4 firmware [...]

Newest version 2021.12MB SD Connect Compact 4

MB Star C4 Features: 1. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose; 2. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis not only [...]

2009 Benz E350 Gas tank mod reset cluster using Das Xentry sdconnect c4

I’m super excited! I just purchase a MB SD Connect C4 system with dell 6410 laptop. Has ssd, 4gb mem, so it should be quicker than a dell630. I got it [...]