we’d like to give you the notice about Launch X431 PAD

We are truly grateful for your great concern and powerful help on cnautool tech company all the way, and now we’d like to give you the notice that The Launch X431 PAD is ready to release. The latest Launch X431 has up-to-date OBDII wireless technology and a comms chip using LPTT, a patented technology, that provides a super-fast user experience. On top of this it has a thermal printer for instant print outs of fault codes. It can also save screenshots and graphs for analysis or comparison later on.

It is possible through a VPN connection with the Launch server to transfer images and videos, and to allow a remote support centre to control the Euro Pad functions while connected to a vehicle. In addition there is a superb feedback function which allows users to send fault reports directly to the Launch service centre server.

TheĀ Launch X431 PAD is designed to be flexible and planned optional modules will expand on its capability even further. Save screenshots while working for review later and print out reports for archiving with the built-in thermal printer. This flexible and versatile solution to car diagnostics is the next generation in Launch technology, offering a number of essential functions with convenient wireless capabilities.
These modules include:
Four channel oscilloscope with ignition analysis
Sensor tester and simulator
Battery test with print out
Bore scope

For me one of the most important things about this provider is that the product is in Spain !! You do not have to wait 15 days or 1 month as others in China and then turn a lottery if they work properly or not. Another problem with many cables that sell both in China and assumptions sellers in Spain, is lockable indiscriminately as much as you beware of upgrades or licenses, this cableĀ Vagcom 12.12 which I recommend wearing an anti-lock chip (as you can see in the picture), so you can be more relaxed in normal use.

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