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(Solved) Online SCN coding not work with Xentry 032018

the following:


solved-online-scn-coding-not-work-with-xentry-03-2018-03 solved-online-scn-coding-not-work-with-xentry-03-2018-04 solved-online-scn-coding-not-work-with-xentry-03-2018-05

It asks for discs after selecting online. The computer has internet access and it works. I have not tried coding on newer car with xentry.
IF I try doing SCN coding, it does the same with this message:


Finally Solved!

SCN coding works, because I have 12-2018 version Das Xentry.



Newest 03-2019 version Das Xentry (SSD version or HDD version)

Where to have Online SCN coding account?

MB Online SCN Coding / Online programming 1 Year Account

$2,299 (benz dealer account for one year)

Cheapest one:

One-time service, no Benz dealer ID and password, but remote assistance.

) After ordering this service, prepare mb sd c4, car, laptop and teamviewer.

2.) Send Teamviewer ID and Password to customer service

) The engineer will access to your laptop to authorize SCN coding function.
) After finish, the system will display “The MB STAR SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully”.


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How to Slove MB SD C4 Cannot Access OBD2 Port


When using china clone mb sd connect compact 4 Multiplexer, it could not link to the car computer, MB SD Connect C4 offered a message, saying like “check cable connection / turn ignition on”. Then tried again, clone SDconnect compact 4 multiplexer cannot access OBD2 port

According to customer’s feedback that he failed to access to the diagnostic OBD port when tried to use sd connect c4 read errors code from Benz SRS system. The system prompted an error message “check cable connection/turn ignition on”.
Possible Reason:

The error lies on the SD Connect C4’s battery.
​Solution from

1) Check and record your MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer battery
2) Hook up a digital multimeter to set it to the direct current
3) Get two t-pins and plug them into the OBD socket at PIN 5 and PIN17 position
4) Put your positive lead to PIN16 and negative lead to PIN5.
5) Write down the voltage on the digital multimeter
6) Check if the voltage you from PIN16 and PIN 5 is same in step 1.
7) Find the light green wire with a blue tracer band of PIN10 of the OBDII connector.
8) If the voltage differs in step 1 and step 6, the problem is probably with your battery.
9) If the battery is damaged or broken, please replace your battery.

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User guide:how to activate 2017.12 XENTRY start key

Step-by-step ,here you are:

Step 1: Double Check the icon name ” ConfigAssist” which on the computer desktop.

Step2: Select ” SDconnect”
27-1 27-2

Step3: Select ” Configure”.

Step 4: Select the icon as picture.


Step 6 and 7 :

Step 8 , 9 and 10.


Step 11: Successful to Activation MB SD Connect C4/C5 MB Star Diagnostic Tools

If you are interesting in buy MB Star Diagnostic Tools , Please contact our sales via email ,better price waiting you.

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2018.3 SD connect c4 software Xentry Das 100% Works

New software come!2018.03 Mb Star Connect C4 software (XENTRY/DAS) is verified to work with the sd c4 diagnostic tool without issues. Here is the test report of it.

This is the working mercedes software 2018.03
22-1 22-2 22-3 22-4

256GB Complete New SSD, High quality!

Latest software version: V2018.3
Support Windows 7 system.
Don’t download anything to the software, don’t update anything of the software, otherwise the software will break down.(Especially browser such as Google Chrome)
Mercedes bus diagnosis & programming can be done via DAS only, NOT Xentry.
Software languages: Chinese, English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish.

V2018.3 MB SD C4 Software Functions:
1.1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
2.All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3.reading trouble code
4.erasing trouble code
7.component testing
9.information consultation
10.component location diagram
11.wiring diagram

Testable systems:

Product software includes: (Version: 2018 )
1. D-A-S / Xentry 2018.3: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System
Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
2. W-I-S net 2017.10: Workshop Information System
Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car, component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.
3. 2017.10: Electronic Parts Catalog
4. ST Finder: Part Location Finder options: 2008 and 2016
5. STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test
6. SDMEDIA 2014
7. PL71: 2016 Mercedes software with PL70

Work With:

SD Connect C4 Mercedes diagnostic tool from

22-6 22-7 22-8 22-9 22-10
Note: there are many versions of sdconnect china clone; please check the PCB design and make sure your mux is working with the software before you wanna purchase the software.

How to repair Mercedes W204 ESL/ELV steering wheel lock

This is a thread of “Mercedes W204 Steering wheel lock remove to repair DIY”. Big thanks to the contributor @dannyhoang9 from forum, shares good tips with us.

Here’s the story of his Mercedes W204 steering lock replacement:

Bought my car from the auction, run and start fine when I try to move it out of the parking so the tow truck can tow it to my shop.

No damaged to front end or steering wheel when at the site. After the tow truck tow it to my shop with the dolly, only tow rear wheel but not locking the steering wheel with seatbelt. The Mercedes Scan Tool will not start, no crank I can turn the car to all the way but no thing happen !

Jump start but still cant start ! Check the battery, still have good voltage

Steering wheel just locked, can’t move ?! Lock like something prevent the steering wheel so the key not working

I try to find the electronic steering lock but can’t see it because it was hide deep the back of the steering column.

As I know there no diy or instruction for the steering lock remove for now so I will take the picture and help people like me wont have to pay thousand $$$! In repair bill at the dealer.

The ESL ( electronic steering lock ) cost $500 , you will need the key $300 to sync, program new ESL to make it working with the key, EIS ( electronic ignition switch ) plus labor for remove,install and program for MB dealer !

my cost only $60 to shipped the whole steering column with Mercedes ESL EIS and key, $500 to repair with 1 year warranty to ESL take me 15 minutes to remove and 25 minutes to put everything back.

You need 3 things :
W204 ESL EIS and car key to rebuilt, repair it DIY

The tools :
Torx 25 27
hex socket 10 mm
U joint 3/8 with socket extension

1) disconnect the car battery

2) using torx?27 to remove 2 bolts behind the steering wheel

3) using 10 mm hex socket to remove the bolt in the center of the wheel remove the to plug of the airbag

3) using 10?mm?hex?socket to remove the bolt in the center of the wheel
remove the 2 plug of the airbag
pull its out

4) Using the E 28 external torx remove the 4 bolt on 4 side of the steering column

5) you have to remove the cable and pull it out

6) you can see the ESL in the back of steering column with the Mercedes Star Diagnosis

7) to remove the EIS , take the small flat?head?screw?driver and put it into the key ring, rotate it counter clockwise

On left top of the EIS, using the flat head to pry the black plastic retain that lock the EIS to the dashboard and pull it out from the back

remove the bolt that connect the steering column to the steering shaft.


How to Change MB Star DAS Xentry Start Picture

It’s a customer interesting setup on changing a picture of Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool DAS XENTRY software interface. Here is what he shared for all:

I was playing around with DAS the other day, changing things when i came across a picture of Xentry
So i decided to change it and it worked…
I think you guys can change it so that it displays your shop logo every time you start DAS or picture that you like.
It takes couple of tries but once perfected it can be used on other systems as well
When you change it, just make sure it’s confined to standards such as

File must be in location C:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\DAS\bin
File name must be “XentryDAS 991×620.bmp”
File must be in “bmp” format or Bitmap image (.bmp)
Width must be 991
Height must be 620

The Car Diagnostic Tool original Xentry DAS interface picture:

2016.09V MB Star xentry das start picture after change:

(BIG thanks to CATAHA from