MB Star diagnostic tool

Free Download Smart Switcher Xentry 12.2019 between SD Connect C4 & C3

Good to know: This is a full Switching between the two devices (C4) and (C3) so that people can use only one laptop with the devices (C4) and (C3) with [...]

How to Turn On/Off Benz Daytime Running Light Menu by DTS Monoca

In this post,www.cnautotool.com will show you how to use DTS Monoca to turn on/off Benz daytime running light menu.And i wrote many cases before about DTS,so [...]

Update! MB sdconnect C4 2019.12 with DTS monaco 8.13 and Vediamo

V2019.12 MB Star Diagnostic SD Connect C4 256G SSD Supports HHT-WIN Vediamo and DTS Monaco. Having problems to activate software? Follow steps here: mb sd [...]

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI Setting Manual

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI Setting Manual We know The MB SD Connect Compact 4  can connecting with Both Lan cable and WIFI, some customers [...]

Solutions for SD Connect 4 DAS License Key is Corrupted

I have bought SD Connect 4 , when i use it get the message as bellow : Your license key is corrupted please contact support@... How to solve this [...]

FAQs for MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnosis Problems

  MB SD Connect Compact 4 MB Star C4 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool latest software version is 2019.07 now , if you have any problem use the machine , [...]

MB diagnostics: C3/C4/C5/eCom

Hi While i’m completely newbie to MB star diagnostics i’m in need to take care of small MB fleet. Could anyone please explain in few words what should [...]

How to do 2009 Benz E350 Gas tank mod reset cluster

Purpose:do Gas tank mod reset cluster on my 2009 E350. Tool option:MB SD Connect C4 with dell 6410 laptop( Has ssd, 4gb mem, so it should be quicker than [...]

Choose Super MB Star C3 Diagnostic Tool Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 3 Or MB SD Connect C4 Multiplexer

Super MB Star C3 Diagnostic Tool and MB SD C4 Both Mercedes Star Diagnostis Tester. Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 3 and Mb Star C4 All can use new v2018.9 [...]

(Solved) Online SCN coding not work with Xentry 032018

the following: It asks for discs after selecting online. The computer has internet access and it works. I have not tried coding on newer car [...]