Autel Maxisys Elite,Autel Maxisys Pro,and Mini Version which is best

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Autel Maxisys Elite,Autel Maxisys Pro,and Mini Version which is best

The Autel Pro diagnostic tool rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming. it is new Autel Maxisys series have four autel maxisys diagnostic tools:Autel maxisys elite,autel MS908P,Autel MS908,Mini Autel Maxisys.How to choose the suitable one?

The display device automatically searches for available updates for all of the Maxisys components when it is connected to the internet. Any Updates that are found can be downloaded and installed on the Autel Pro scanner. This section describes installing an update to the Autel MaxiSys Pro Diagnostic System firmware. A notification message displays if an update is available when the Notifications function is enabled in the Settings applications.

Launch iCarScan VCI Bluetooth Scanner, the update version of iDiag, is for Android only no iOS version available. iCarScan features in 5 Brand Vehicle Software for Free.

The difference between Launch idiag and iCarScan:
Someone says software is basically same. Launch ICarScan comes with 5 models free @ $66 each other than that I think maybe the same tool, you do not have to choose models when you register, you can add them as you find you need them. And you don’t have to download the 5 free software during the first time setup, I have downloaded only 2 of those 5 and will download the rest three one by one at once there is a need for new brand. I don’t know if the update support of the later installed software will be year but this does not really matter. However I believe that I need to download all brands before one year from first subscription.

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The Advanage of DPA 5

This is an authentic DPA5 kit unlike the counterfeit versions currently for sale online. If a DPA 5 kit is listed for sale online with multiple versions of OEM software and multiple cables, odds are it is counterfeit. Contact DG Technologies at to understand the defects and problems associated with counterfeit DPA 5 kits. DG Technologies does not provide tech support, warranty or repair service for counterfeit DPA 5 units.

The RMA number must appear clearly on the outside of the shipping box when being shipped to Dealer. We appreciate your cooperation in our continued effort to provide efficient and timely product service and support Heavy Duty Diagnostic.

1.The Fastest, Most Rugged, Most Reliable Adapter on the Market for Diagnostic and Reprogramming Activities with both Commercial Vehicle & Automotive Coverage. Manage Service Bay Repairs for Class 1 through Class 8 Vehicles using the software provided. This is an authentic Dearborn Protocol Adapter designed, built and manufactured in the USA.

2.The Best Dual CAN RP1210/J2534 Compliant Vehicle Datalink Adapter for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

3.The RP1210 Utilities contain the most up-to-date versions of the utility programs that can be used with your Dearborn DPA5 (and other DPA products). Download the file, extract the contents and run the RP1210Utilities.exe file to begin the install program.

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Cummins INSITE 7.62 software supplies engine information quickly

Cummins INLINE 5

Cummins INLINE 5

Cummins Inline 5 INSITE 7.6.2 license expired error solution can be found in this part. Cummins Inline 5 license expire has two occasions: expired and about to expire. Cummins INLINE 5 software supplies engine information quickly, getting the inside details you need. No matter what kind of equipment you run, Professional Diagnostic Tools INSITE is the one support product to have in your virtual tool box to fit every Cummins electronic engine.

After I have it received, actually it works well. However, it gets me in trouble when I received at the beginning. First of all, I have cummins insite software completely installed, and then got to active/register. I was confused with this. And then I got help from my friend Joe. He told me to click Cummins insite software on the desktop and click ok on the registration required window. After input the password, it is ok to click yes. I thought it might be ok finally, while find that I got an error message that INSITE has detected an invalid PC data.

Cummins INLINE 5 Diagnostic Tool software supplies engine information quickly, getting the inside details you need. No matter what kind of equipment you run, INSITE is the one support product to have in your virtual tool box to fit every Cummins electronic engine. Cummins INSITE 7.62 is offered in four functional levels: Basic, LITE, RSGR and Pro, ranging from a read only access level to full-function access and capability for the service professional. TOP Authority for FREE.

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Two models with the different colors of Nexiq 125032 USB LINK

For the Nexiq USB Link 125032 ,We have two models with the different colors,one is blue ,other one is yellow .So many customer maybe ask us why the both function is same could work with many kinds of heavy duty, trucks, engines and transmissions, brakes and more.why the price is different.Because the Yellow is exclusive agent by other .so the price is higher than the blue .

When we use that we note some points : pls do not update .otherwise ,The Multiplexer Will Be Damaged.Although Nexiq support the windows xp and windows 7 ,we suggest you use the xp system that is better .Nexiq data link adapter connection via USB cable. Cnautotool Nexiq wireless adapter cuts the time for reprogramming and can quickly access to vehicle data. Nexiq interface adapter More easy for diagnostic operation.

You may spend much money on catalytic converter replacement, change shock absorber, and cost more on transmission or engine. With Nexiq Scanner bluetooth adapter, we could have diagnostics on vehicles engine, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and so on.

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Summarized seasons to get NEXIQ USB LINK

Summarized seasons to get Nexiq 125032 USB Link:
1.Efficient reprogramming via direct USB connection.
2.Mixed fleet capability with broad protocol support
3.Quick access to vehicle data for maintenance or management report
4.Easy portability increases flexibility
5.Compatible with applications (including engine, transmission, ABS and so on)

NEXIQ Wireless Vehicle Link 2 is an automotive interface device that’s designed to wirelessly connect an external computer to a vehicle’s onboard computer for diagnostics purposes. This device is fully compliant to the Technology and Maintenance Council’s RP1210a/b standards. It links vehile computer via a 15-pin serial connector and communicates with a PC through 4-pin USB connector or IEEE802.11b/g WLAN Module.

Nexiq 125032 API Support RP1210A, RP1210B, J2534-2, USB vehicle-to-PC connectivity, XTruck USB linke supports Windows xp and windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and windows CE compliant. Not all applications are included. If compatibility confirmation is required, more information is needed, or there are questions about an unlisted application, please contact us, a specialist will help you make the right choice.

NEXIQ will not be responsible for losses of any kind incurred

When arrived, my brother cannot wait to put it on test for some vehicles, what he tested are including Cummins 7, Allison DOC 8.4 and ISUZU IDSS and so on. My brother said to me that Nexiq USB Link can be used to diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more for wide range of vehicles (you can check here) includes heavy-duty, light and medium-duty trucks.

NEXIQ will not be responsible for losses of any kind incurred as a result of misapplication of its diagnostic tools. Any use of the Pro-Link on any MACK chassis having software levels greater than V-MAC III Step 8 is a misapplication. Please refer to the attached Mack Trucks Service Bulletin Link.The COM port provides well communication between diagnostic base system and the NEXIQ USB link. After built connection with Bluetooth, the system will ask for a PIN “NEXIQ” (with all letters capitalized) to confirm Bluetooth communication. You need to specify this port when you install the diagnostic application.

Recently auto diagnostic obd newly released one professional heavy duty truck scanner. Xtruck Diesel Truck diagnostic tool, the function almost same as nexiq scanner.  Nexiq 125032 USB Link Software Diesel Truck + Software Diesel Truck Interface Support Heavy-Duty, Light-and Medium-Duty Trucks.

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What windows system Nexiq Usb Link works with

I really would like to buy Nexiq USB Link, but I have a question, this product only works on XP, it doesnot work on vista or Windows7 and if yes the drivers are on installation disk, the installation disk are in Spanish or English or both?.. Thanks I will wait for your answer. You have better use Nexiq Usb Link on XP, but also can use on Windows7. Nexiq support multi-language, like English and Spanish.

Nexiq 125032 is compatible with 6 pin, 9 pin and obd2 standard 16pin adapter which worked no problem with various vehicle protocols. I have now posted the device to diagnose Volvo truck NH565, FH16, B7R, Volvo excavator EC140C, EW140B. It was capable of accessing to vehicle data for maintenance as well. As for other truck makes and function, I am confident that I will try them out in the near future.

When it came time to set up an additional diagnostic laptop wtih heavy duty software I decided to take a look at data link communicators other than the Nexiq USB link that I have used for years. Nexiq has great support and is the benchmark for the diesel engine industry, but I was looking for something that could take more abuse than the USB link.

I see there have been questions if Nexiq 125032 USB can change ECM parameters on cat/Cummins/Detroit/Volvo engines. Two had been told no, and the most recent was told that it will. I want to buy my own setup with the software as you offer only if I will be able to change ECM settings for at least the 4 engines I listed.

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NEXIQ software does not have expiring.

Summer is good season for enjoy water. You may drive to the beach, the lake and the thrill. And driving to these places should not be wasted for car repair with obd2 tools or in workshop; it will spoil your fun. Therefore, keep your car in good condition is a way of having good time. Here are maintenance tips for reliable summer driving.

As talked about on truck diagnostic equipment, the a short while ago most popular promoting Nexiq USB Link is the most well known tool without question. It is the best option by truck specialists and Do it yourself lovers. It really is suitable with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, Abs, instrument panels plus more. NEXIQ software does not have expiring.

The smart cnautotool Nexiq Scanner enabled quickly attached to the trucks’ diagnostic connector. It is able to work on all diagnostic software. The device needs Cummins Insite to complete the system. Operation was fully under my control. I first have to load the software from the unit onto my laptop. And then sync it to the translator. Next, I can start insite after properly loaded the software. Then plugged in the translator to truck socket. Insite will help me do the rest automatically.

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NEXIQ 125032 USB link can be also connected to the application PC

Cnautotool Nexiq USB Link can be also connected to the application PC by using the supplied USB cable. Windows detects the NEXIQ USB link through Plug and Play, and automatically installs the drivers copied when you installed the diagnostic application. Then NEXIQ completes setup and the diagnostic interface software is ready for use by the diagnostic application.

The Nexiq USB Link 2 is much improved design, and we are sure that it will sell very well for a long time given its history and distribution network. We are constantly lurking in message boards and forums, and there have been reports of it not working with various equipment, but these are usually unfounded. We have yet to run across an application that would NOT work with the USB Link 2. If you do have one, please leave a comment below and let us know!

Once some aftermarket cables are available for this communication adapter, it will make the pain much easier for people to switch. If you are upgrading from the original the new model, you will have to install the new drivers, along with Nexiq 125032 all your software programs to work with it.

Highlights of Bluetooth NEXIQ 125032 USB Truck diagnosis

It is a general interface adapter which can work with almost all diagnostic software. It is suitable with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and etc.

It can reduce the time of reprogram with direct USB connection.Mixed fleet capabilities with its broad protocol support;It can access to vehicle data for maintenance or management reports fast.Also it can attach to vehicle’s diagnostic connector quickly.It is easy to bring and so flexible to be used with desktop PC or laptop.

Highlights of Bluetooth Nexiq 125032 USB Link diagnosis:
1.Support bluetooth wireless connection.
2.Compatible with multiple software applications
3.For Hino, Perkins, Volvo, Cat, Nissan software,only XP system.Other software can be installed on XP or WIN7 32bit.
4.When you change time of your laptop, Cummins Inline software will get locked, please download the attached file “how-to-unlock-cummins-inline” to solve it.
5.After-sale warranty:One year.