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MB SD Connect C4 C5 Star Diagnosis HTT software Introduction

Which version of Xentry will run on a Windows 7 32 bit system and will give me automatic switching to HHT when I work on the older cars? The latest HHT-WIN [...]

2009 Benz E350 Gas tank mod reset cluster using Das Xentry sdconnect c4

I’m super excited! I just purchase a MB SD Connect C4 system with dell 6410 laptop. Has ssd, 4gb mem, so it should be quicker than a dell630. I got it [...]

Mercedes-Benz SD Connect C4C5C4 Plus Newest V2021.09 Updated Add an extra HHT software for old cars

Mercedes-Benz SD Connect C4/C5/C4 Plus Newest V2021.09 Updated Add an extra HHT software for old cars Xentry Software list: 1. DAS 2021.09: the [...]

How to Solve MB SD C4 Failed To Login EWA Net?

When I run mb sd c4 xentry software and want to access to localhost9001/ewa-net login website, it prompts that “This site can’t be reached”. For this [...]

How to Install batteries into the SD Connect C4 multiplexer

Mercedes SD Connect C4. Install the batteries. When installing batteries follow the correct polarity according to the image: It is recommended to [...]

How to Solve V2021.06 MB SD C4/C5 HHT-WIN Internal Fault Code

Problem: HHT launches properly from DAS but gives me message COM port in use! Close other application! I tried restarting, then running HHTPKW directly, same [...]

MB SD Connect C5 is Verified Working Great

Lots of customer encounter setting problem when using MB SD Connect C5 star diagnosis, so we recommend this bundling sale for those customer who want once get [...]

How to recover/reset Xentry SD Connect C5?

Xentry SD Connect C5 recovery… Here you go. You can reset your Xentry Connect C5 multiplexer if your Xentry connect can not work well. Make sure the [...]

How to Solve MB SD Connect C4 Software Unable to Start on Win10

Problem MB SD Connect C4 software unable to start or automatically repair on Win10. Solution Step1. Go to advanced options; Step2. Go to [...]

Tips to update Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect C4 firmware without batteries

Question: Is it possible to update sd connect C4 without batteries, because I am damaged and batteries do not work !!!. Answer: It can be done [...]