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Five Reasons You Need the X431 Pad

The launch of the X431 PAD has been a great success for Launch UK, with garages up and down the country putting their orders in for the brand new device. But there are still a few people out there who are wondering why they need the Pad for their garage. Here, we’re going to tell you why. You Don’t Have to Plug It into the Car Directly
Five Reasons You Need the X431 Pad
1.Unprecedented OE-Level Access
2.Quick Access in Any Situation
3.High Quality Touch Screen
4.Regular Software Updates
5.With a DBS connector and wireless Bluetooth technology

Within the The us, pretty some states now use OBD-II screening in lieu of checks in OBD-II compliant cars and trucks and extra new). Considering the fact that OBD-II stores challenges codes for emissions equipment, the checks laptop or computer process can question the vehicle’s X-431 PAD laptop or computer process and validate there will not be any emission joined challenges codes which the vehicle was in compliance with emission benchmarks for that products twelve months it unquestionably was built

X-431 PAD is the newest and first diagnostic products

Launch X431 diagnostic tool information including Launch scanner,Launch X431 Diagun, Launch X431 Master, Launch Crecorder, Launch Creader,X431 GDS,X431 Idiag,X431 PAD,X431.etc. Launch Tech USA has launched its lat-est scan tool, the X431 Launch Pad – which the com-pany says is the absolute fastest scan tool, from diag-nos-tics to repair, right at the vehi-cle. With this new scan tool come a free trial of Inden-ti-fix Direct-Hit and offers the lat-est in OBDII wire-less tech-nol-ogy.

Our latest diagnostic tool, the X431 PAD has taken the world by storm, with people from multiple countries appreciating the giant leap forward in diagnostic capabilities. With this interest there has been a wealth of videos being made, showcasing it’s features. So we’ve decided to bring together some of them so you can see for yourself what a fantastic tool the X431 Euro Pad is.

X-431 PAD is the newest and first diagnostic products together with the internet. Printer inside, equipped with a DBScar diagnosis connectors.Our online store just only offer you 1080USD. It is global version, you can update on Launch offical website.Its support multi-languages. Such as Support Languages: Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, English, France, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, spanish.

X-431 PAD is LAUNCH new generation diagnostic
X-431 PAD is the newest and first diagnostic products together with the internet. Printer inside,  equipped with a DBScar diagnosis connectors. It Support 3 G/WIFI communication  and the Internet to diagnose.also is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. Launch X431 PAD is the newest equipment for technicians.

X-431 PAD is LAUNCH new generation diagnostic options based mostly automotive methods tablet-style diagnostic scanners; Windows Embedded Standard7 working system; built-in printer, pluggable DBScar connector;

The Launch Pad, running on Windows 7, offers a true PC-Based Diagnostic Scan Tool experience that is both X431 PAD wireless to the car and the internet. Multiple applications can be run simultaneously and at blazing fast speeds. Bi-directional controls, module coding, and the latest in OE level coverage and capabilities for Asian, European and American car-lines – are right at your fingertips with the Launch Pad.

Luanch X431 PAD is very easy to operation

Launch X-431 PAD is very easy to operation, printer inside, DBS cards connectors.  support 3G/Wifi communication. owerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians.

X431 PAD Extended functions is VGA/HDMI projection, Oscilloscope, Engine ignition analysis, Sensor simulation and test, Multimeter, Battery test, endoscope.Color touch screen, Easy operation.Comprehensively mixed with modern day commuication engineering, the primary car networking application for high-end diagnostic products of LAUNCH

X431 PAD completely adapts on the key conmunication techniques for instance Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.LAUNCH has powerful research and growth capabilities on communication, and linked items (Diagun-Bluetooth, GDS-Wifi, etc.) have passed through the business inspection for 2-3 years.

Are there any extra capabilities for the X431 Pad?

This innovative piece of kit is designed for professionals, and is made to be flexible to suit different diagnosticians’ needs. Optional modules available for the Pad expand on its capabilities and include a four-channel oscilloscope with ignition analysis, a sensor tester and simulator, a battery test with print-out, and a bore scope.

X431 PAD is well-known warming up, seeing that explained through the amount I have no problem, in the event it’s a resistive warming up, for you to demonstrate When i level of fault, and the remaining thing can be basic. Presuming this seat can be warming up line, in that case probably the most handy, and also it does not make a difference and also back this resistance,

The Launch Pad also boasts the latest in OBDII wireless technology with a patented communications chip that utilizes LPT (Large Packet Transfer) Technology, offering the fastest and most stable OBD wireless diagnostics experience in the industry.

Launch Tech USA is pleased to announce its latest scan tool, the X431 Launch Pad – the absolute fastest scan tool, from diagnostics to repair, right at the vehicle. With its large 9.7 IPS color touch screen and Windows 7, multiple applications can be utilized simultaneously and at blazing speeds. Performance is further optimized with an automatic vehicle ID and module search feature, greatly reducing the technician’s guesswork and diagnostic time.

It is program edition is definitely Vagcom 12.12 and Language is definitely British. Look when placed against aged edition vagcom 12. ten. a few, are usually various? VAGCOM 12. 12 Assist on the October 2013 Volkswagen Audi automobiles; VAGCOM12. 12 Adjust your method period instantly, your program isn’t expired, irreversible and efficient; VCDS 12. 12 Instantly up to date real world to prevent expensive; VCDS12. 12 Having password safeguards; VAG COM 12. 12 Assist WINDOWPANE xp and Glass windows 7 32 and 64 little.

The high performance functionality made X431 pad so popular

Launch Car Scanner is one of the trusted authorized distributor of launch product based in Ahmedabad, India. We offer variety of launch car scanner products that includes X431 PRO, X431 tool, X431 IV, X431 PRO3, X431 GDS, X431 PAD, CRP123 OBD, CRP129 OBD and other heavy vehicle scanners for Indian market. These launch products are termed as a perfect combination between automotive electronic technology and information networking.

Launch Tech has adopted the performance and usability of tablet computing with this new piece of kit, making it one of the most user-friendly and accessible they have produced. Of course, being a Launch X431 product, it is the result of more than twenty years’ experience in vehicle diagnostics and displays all of the high performance functionality which has made their previous X431 tools so popular.

Launch X-431 PAD quite as a new imagine stage, as well don’t feel that’s the different appropriate. Hence When i start by damage, most of us start by damage, definitely not from your assess this outset, although from your stage with failing trend to begin by damage, mainly because many Sign can explain a lot of info, When i located this fault principles revealing to my family a lot of car info, When i lso are your vehicle seat warming up sleep pad heats a 2nd or a couple, in that case how push are away, in that case turn off the key towards door, don’t switch, after which wide open the key towards door, warmed bicycle seats and also vibrant lamps there are twelve a few moments mins, in that case don’t switch.

Vagcom 12.12 Description:
1. Is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.
2. Has a database of more than 14000 fault-codes and measuring-block texts.
3. Can use the new 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models.
4. Allows you to view, log, and graph 3 groups of Measuring Blocks at once.
5. Can access all control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running the KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules), KWP6000 (CAN) and/or KWP7000 (UDS).

we’d like to give you the notice about Launch X431 PAD

We are truly grateful for your great concern and powerful help on cnautool tech company all the way, and now we’d like to give you the notice that The Launch X431 PAD is ready to release. The latest Launch X431 has up-to-date OBDII wireless technology and a comms chip using LPTT, a patented technology, that provides a super-fast user experience. On top of this it has a thermal printer for instant print outs of fault codes. It can also save screenshots and graphs for analysis or comparison later on.

It is possible through a VPN connection with the Launch server to transfer images and videos, and to allow a remote support centre to control the Euro Pad functions while connected to a vehicle. In addition there is a superb feedback function which allows users to send fault reports directly to the Launch service centre server.

The Launch X431 PAD is designed to be flexible and planned optional modules will expand on its capability even further. Save screenshots while working for review later and print out reports for archiving with the built-in thermal printer. This flexible and versatile solution to car diagnostics is the next generation in Launch technology, offering a number of essential functions with convenient wireless capabilities.
These modules include:
Four channel oscilloscope with ignition analysis
Sensor tester and simulator
Battery test with print out
Bore scope

For me one of the most important things about this provider is that the product is in Spain !! You do not have to wait 15 days or 1 month as others in China and then turn a lottery if they work properly or not. Another problem with many cables that sell both in China and assumptions sellers in Spain, is lockable indiscriminately as much as you beware of upgrades or licenses, this cable Vagcom 12.12 which I recommend wearing an anti-lock chip (as you can see in the picture), so you can be more relaxed in normal use.

what a fantastic tool the X431 Euro Pad is.

The launch of the Launch X-431 PAD has been a great success for Launch UK, with garages up and down the country putting their orders in for the brand new device. But there are still a few people out there who are wondering why they need the Pad for their garage. Here, we’re going to tell you why. You Don’t Have to Plug It into the Car Directly. folllwing we’ve decided to bring together some of them so you can see for yourself what a fantastic tool the X431 Euro Pad is.

One – Unboxing If you ignore the rather energetic music and sometimes shaky camera work, the Launch Pad straight out of the box. It also features what it comes with and the secure and safe packaging.

Two – Testing with the BMW X5 This video is an interesting showcase of how the Pad actually performs, with this company using a BMW X5 as it’s testing model. It goes through many of the features the diagnostic tool offers.

Three – X431 Pad Setup Guide Our friends at Launch USA have produced this handy setup guide for those who have already purchased a device from us. The steps are likely to be the same, but for any problems you may have please contact Launch UK directly.

China Vagcom 12.12 is latest version vagcom cable. Some customers may meet China VCDS 12.12 diagnose Interface Not Found and Vag Com 12.12 cable Registration problem. Vag Com 12.12 cable Registration problem solution: Register and Activate: if Cnautotol vcds 12.12 interface includes Activation Instructions for vag com 12.12, Chinese Vag com run on cracked vcds software, then it doesn’t need to be activated, just use our software.

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Launch X431 V+ with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system

To individuals who never valued the tool a  minimum of you value your time and expense so you have to get one and begin  taking pleasure in the merchandise. The product supports enhanced diagnostics  for a lot of different vehicles’ and generic diagnostic on Obd-11 complaint  automobiles around the globe would advice everyone available to create a  advance purchase the product and check out it, I guarantee you won’t ever be  sorry in the end its affordable, a top quality product and lengthy lasting.

There may be investment intended for ESTABLISH Launch X431 X-431 V+(X431 Pro3) on cnautotool. com. therefore should you be inside China and taiwan, it is possible to take pleasure in no cost delivery time period along with most effective time period. Its First Launch X431 V+ (X431 Pro+ Pro3) Wifi/Bluetooth Tablet Full Procedure Diagnostic Device.

Launch X431 V+ with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system, is a new car malfunction diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech for Internet application. X-431 V+ completely substitutes X431 IV and X431 Diagun III. It passes on Launch advantages in car fault diagnostic technology, such as vast car model coverage, powerful test function, special function and accurate test data, etc. X-431 V+ achieves the full car model and full system fault diagnosis through the bluetoooth. communication between DBSCar connector and intelligent mobile terminal.

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Launch X431 V+ PRO3 may be a normal diagnostic device


Launch X431 X-431 V+(X431 Pro3) may be a normal diagnostic device added by means of Introduction for you to diagnostic industry regarding World-wide-web application. It might analyze whole car type and also whole program wrong doing by means of Bluetoooth. This facilitates connecting concerning DBSCar connector and also smart mobile or portable terminal.

At very last, maintain the engine in effectiveness. When driving a manual transmission motor vehicle, uncover the way to alter effectively and acquire your vehicle into considerable equipment when probable. You’d like to assistance maintain folks rpms compact – the slower the motor turns, the significantly significantly less gasoline you burn up. If you drive an automated, you may attain an identical mileage raise by creating use of the overdrive gear.

Last few days,one customer told me that he failed to log into DBS car website when he want to register his Launch X-431 V .He said, he input the serial number and password on the password password paper, but he was not allowed to log in. Another customer said,when he registered his LAUNCH X431 IV,when he logged into his account,when registering, he input the password, but it was wrong, he did not know where to find t he password.

It is known that there is no user manual for LAUNCH X431 V/LAUNCH X431 V+ with the pacakge,many peopel asked, how can I operate the scanner without the user manual?Don’t worry, LAUNCH Factory always know what you will need.They put the X431 V user manual/X431 V+ user manual in the X431 V program.Here I will share the steps of how to find user manual on your scanner.Login your CC account, Choose “Profile” —“settings”—“About”—“User manual”.Please see pictures below,you will find it very easy.