5 Features That Make Our CAT Machines Maximize Performance

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Doing construction work is never easy, no matter the task or setting. But one thing that does make it easier is CAT machinery. This machinery is one of the best out there and consistently maximizes performance for all projects it is used for. Whether you have used CAT machinery before or are looking to begin, Pantropic Power, located in Miami, Florida, is the place to rent out the machines. We have tons of machinery for any of your project needs and even have a rental program that comes with benefits. But, if you’re new to CAT machines then you may want to know what the excitement is all about. After all, the machinery is everywhere, from highways to backroads; however, here at Pantropic Power, we’re going to break down what makes these machines so great.

    CAT Technology

One part of the machines that many do not know about is the technology portion. Our machinery has technology built into the machine so you can ensure it is running at its peak performance. The technology also can let you know when there is an issue with the machine, that way you know when it needs to be fixed and can stay on track with your progress without any delays. While the machines do not commonly have issues, it’s good to know when regular maintenance is needed to keep them going. Similar to a car, CAT machinery needs the occasional check-up. The technology can also assist with how the machine maneuvers, making it now easier than ever to get a project done.

    Lift and Stability

The caterpillar trucks are used for many different tasks, including lifting. Without these machines, lifting heavy objects would be next to impossible. This is especially true on most construction sites. When these machines lift objects, they provide a stability that other machines simply cannot. This may not seem like an important aspect of lifting; however, without the stability, it would not matter how heavy the CAT machines can lift, the items being lifted would have a hard time efficiently moving from point A to point B.


A big part of any construction project is having control over what you are moving to. This is something the CAT machinery can help with. Operating many of the machines out there can be difficult, making any project more complicated. With CAT, you can expect precision and accuracy when maneuvering your machinery and objects. This control will boost performance and help move along the operation.

    Breakout Force

The breakout force comes down to the power of the machine. The more powerful it is and the more force applied to tasks, the more successful and efficient everything is as a whole. This can significantly reduce the time of a project all due to productivity. It may not sound like it would make a big difference now; but trust us, it adds up in the grand scheme of things.

    Hydraulic Horsepower Advantage

This aspect of the CAT machines is all worked on during the engineering part. While you do not need to worry about this, it’s good to know that the engineers add in more power to the CAT machines. Essentially, the hydraulics is what does the work on the machine. The engine power goes into this function and results in an increase in productivity and a reduction in time doing whatever task you have the machine assisting with. All in all, this feature adds a boost to the machine and what it is capable of.

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