Launch X431 IV Auto scanner VS Launch X431 diagun III update software online

Launch X431 Diagun III is the update version of launch x431 diagun. The design is more fashionable and integrated. The battery is much better than old x431 diagun, with 3800 mAh. What’s more, Launch DBScar diagnostic adaptor is inserted in the PDA, with wireless function, which is much more convenient than the old diagun red connetor.

X431 IV cover all function of X431 Master, X431 IV scan speed faster than X431 Master, performance better than X431 Master. Launch company based on X431 Master developer X431 IV. X431 IV Main unit, SMARTBOX and Mini printer they are a whole unit  permanently connected, the communication time between Smartbox and main unit is reduced and solve the communication stop problem that frequently insert and pull to cause a loose connection among the three components.

X431 Diagun III diagnostic cars via Bluetooth.Launch X431 IV need to connnect cables,without Bluetooth,but X431 IV with The built-in printer,while x431 diagun without.

Both of Launch X431 IV Auto scanner and Launch X431 diagun III update software online free 1year.OBD2TOOL provide best price for Launch X431 tool.

Launch X431 Diagun V-1

Launch X431 Diagun V-2

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