Which Autel Scanner Is the Best? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

So, you want to diagnose your car, huh? Well, if you’re hell-bent on skippin’ the trip to Autozone, savin’ the $90-140 engine by a mechanic, and doing one of the manliest things possible (fixing your own car), then it’s time for you or your shop to purchase an Autel Scanner. But, if you’re like most consumers, you might find yourself in one or all of these situations: (A) Not sure where to purchase the unit from (B) Confused with all the models and generic information and (C) Paralyzed by the different prices and offline retailers. That’s where Curtis Hardin (Your Autel Diagnostic Consultant) comes in. I’m happy to have done the research—and mean really did the research—to help you understand the different levels of diagnostic tools and provide an overall top 5 list (spoiler alert, the IM608 stood head and shoulders above the rest):

Level 1
The 4-function calculators of diagnostic tools. Basic read and clear codes ability. Work on vehicles from 1996 to 2010 with ease. (Any vehicles past 2010 might give you trouble with their newer computer modules though.)

Level 1 diagnostic tools: MS906, DS808, MS906 CV.

Level 2
Professional-grade diagnostic tools. All level 2 tools are equipped with in-depth diagnosing that will scan virtually all the modules in the ECU. Also, it has loads of problem-solving coding capabilities that will allow you to configure components after installation. Professional auto worker? This level of diagnostic tool will handle your coding problems now and in the future.

Level 2 diagnostic tools: MS906BT and MS906TS. MS908S. (The MS906TS is the only Level 2 device that has an integrated TPMS software and hardware to test and recalibrate the cars tire pressure sensors when they are faulty.)

Level 3
Advanced-tech. In-Depth Diagnosis, Coding, and Programming abilities. Comes with J2534—called a “J box”. Level 3 tools allow technicians to program blank ECU modules. Want to keep virtually all your work in-house? Get on this level.

Level 3 diagnostic tools: Maxisys Elite, MS908S Pro, IM608. To be honest, the IM608 is on another level though. Not only does it offer in-depth diagnosis as well as coding and programming with its j2534, but it also offers professional locksmith-level key coding capabilities. (we’re talking about all keys lost, immobilizer pin code retrieval, etc).

Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to determine which diagnostic tool is right for you –without a consultation that is–but, if we had to rank our top 5, it’d go something like this:

1. IM608
2. MaxiSys Elite
3. MS908S PRO
4 .MS906 TS and BT
5. MS906

Stop wasting your time reading through technobabble and getting no valuable information. Get clarity of which level listed above is right for you and learn how Autel Consultancy helps its clients get results with our tools—after all, that’s exactly why Autel Consultancy exists. Contact Curtis Hardin today–so you can prevent yourself from making a costly purchasing decision!