Month: November 2019

(Solved) ACDP programmed a new key to 2016 Rang Rover Sport but car NOT started

Yanhua Mini ACDP programmed a new key to 2016 Rang Rover Sport. It said, “programmed a new key successfully”, but when KVM is installed to the car. The [...]

How to Solve Xtool EZ400 Pro V/V Exception Error ?

How to Solve Xtool EZ400 Pro V/V Exception Error ? One of my customer Mexico who had this issue during using. He told that it is the fist time his [...]

Comparison Between Xtool X-100 PAD and X-100 PAD2

If you are wondering to get a XTOOL X100 Pad or XTOOL X100 Pad2, this post may help you. In this post, I will share the difference between XTOOL X100 Pad [...]

Solution to EZ500 Fail to Communicate after update

One of our customer contract us for his XTOOL EZ500 went wrong after he update the device. It shows “Fail to communicate” when using Add a key, All [...]

How to diagnose AUDI full systems by XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline?

This blog will guide you how to diagnose AUDI full systems, read and clear DTC codes using XTool PS2 GDS Gasoline diagnostic tool. Easy to do and cost you [...]

XTOOL EZ400 PRO VS Xtool EZ400 VS Xtool PS90

What’s the differences and similarities among Xtool EZ400 PRO, Xtool EZ400 and XTOOL PS90. Go on reading. Differences: XTOOL EZ400 PRO = Xtool EZ400 + [...]

How to read VW POLO pin code from EEPROM by XTOOL X100 PAD?

Here share with you steps how to read VW POLO pin code from EEPROM 95080 by XTOOL X100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer? Hope it helps! Step 1: To connect the [...]

How to change Fiat Punto 2005 mileage fast by XTOOL X100 PAD?

Here is a guide for you using XTOOL X100 PAD to change Fiat Punto 2005 mileage easily in 3 minutes! Simple steps for DIY car owners! Fiat Punto old odometer [...]

Xtool EZ500 Program Spare Key 2009 Grand Caravan (Video)

Recently, we have got a review of our customer who used XTOOL EZ500 to program 2009 Grand Caravan Space Key and he did it! Here is what we received: we [...]

How to program Toyota Camry by Xtool x100 PAD?

I am writing this post aiming to display how to program new remote key on Camry 2010 year up using XTool X100 PAD. How to Remote Matching using Xtool X100 [...]