How Handy baby copy new key for Fiat 500 2015

Handy baby is tested to copy ID46 ID48 chip really fast and easily! Here i will tech you how to copy new key for Fiat 500 2015 with JMD Handy Baby II, only 3 minutes needed!

Device: Hand-held Handy Baby Auto Car Key Copier

Vehicle:FIAT 500 2015

Insert the original key to the slot, and press OK to read the key

Handy baby read out the type of the key, press OK to Decode

Then insert the key into the ignition switch

Keep handy baby close to the ignition switch and press Down arrow

And Turn switch on

Handy baby will prompt successful gets the key information from the vehicle.

Next we put the key into the slot to receive the info directly, press OK to begin decode


Next we put a JMD6 Chip and press OK to copy

Copying success!

Then we try to start the car

Done! The new programmed key works well!

Hope the procedure helps!