Month: June 2019

Dernier calculateur Jaguar & Land Rover SPC564B64L8 en lecture / écriture: CG100 terminé! (cablage)

Comment:  Jaguar et Land Rover SPC564B64L8 lecture et écriture Puce: SPC564B64L8 du dernier écu Jaguar & Land Rover Clés: TOUTES les clés [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Adds 2017 DACIA Dokker Spare Key

Report: Lonsdor K518ISE added a spare key (OEM key) to a 2017 DACIA Dokker 1.6 gasoline success Perfect work, pincode reading and key programming. The [...]

CGDI MB adds Benz Kline W202 W208 W210 Key via OBD

Topic: How-to’s of CGDI MB adds Benz Kline W202 W208 W210 Key via OBD Procedure: This is new key to be programmed Step 1: Calculate [...]

How to Add European Ford Transit Custom 2016 key with Lonsdor K518

NEW TEST, NEW UPDATE —Ford Transit Custom 2.2 Tdci 2016 successfully done by Lonsdor K518ISE. Key learning is all fine! KEEP IT UP!!!! The car I tried to [...]

LONSDOR KH100 Manual: How to Register, Update, Program Keys

This is LONSDOR KH100 remote maker user manual: LONSDOR KH100 definition LONSDOR KH100 how to register LONSDOR KH100 how to update LONSDOR KH100 [...]

CGDI BMW adds iDrive Coding and Diagnostic Function in June 2019

CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmer release new upgrade in June 2019. Add BMW E-series iDrive coding Add BMW E/F/G series diagnostic (Read and Clear [...]