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Dernier calculateur Jaguar & Land Rover SPC564B64L8 en lecture / écriture: CG100 terminé! (cablage)

Dernier - calculateur - Jaguar - 1
Comment:  Jaguar et Land Rover SPC564B64L8 lecture et écriture

Puce: SPC564B64L8 du dernier écu Jaguar & Land Rover

Clés: TOUTES les clés perdues

But:  lire et écrire ECU

Solution: programmeur CG100  -confirmé à programmernouvelles clés aprèslecturedonnées etécriture etprogrammation



Sortez le module et la puce de la voiture



Exécuter le logiciel CG100: autres fonctions – Land Rover


Schéma de cablage

Connectez la puce avec CG100 pour lire et écrire des données


écrire de nouvelles données avec succès

Ensuite, programmez et ajoutez de nouvelles clés!

Lonsdor K518ISE Adds 2017 DACIA Dokker Spare Key


Lonsdor K518ISE added a spare key (OEM key) to a 2017 DACIA Dokker 1.6 gasoline success
Perfect work, pincode reading and key programming.
The same for all Dacia(Renault) brand:Duster, Logan, Sandero, Dokker
?Thanks the feedback from Mr. Slavo Backov?
DACIA-Dokker-1 DACIA-Dokker-2
Step 1: Read Pin Code
Select Immobilizer->Dacia->Dokker->2012->Read Pin Code
DACIA-Dokker-3 DACIA-Dokker-4

DACIA-Dokker-5 DACIA-Dokker-6

DACIA-Dokker-7 DACIA-Dokker-8



Read pin code success
Step 2: Program key
Select Program Key in Lonsdor K518










Number of keys programmed: 2
Program success

Test the remote control
Start engine with the new key.

CGDI MB adds Benz Kline W202 W208 W210 Key via OBD

Topic: How-to’s of CGDI MB adds Benz Kline W202 W208 W210 Key via OBD


This is new key to be programmed


Step 1: Calculate Password

Plug CGDI MB to the laptop and vehicle

Open CGDI MB software

Go to EIS->Read EIS data

Choose Computer Password-> Copy key with key-> Collect data.


Collect data by following the below 7 steps:

1.Insert the original key into EIS and press OK

This is a k-line EIS, the operation is different from the ordinary EIS.


2.Insert the key into CGDI MB and wait for collection

3.Insert the car key into EIS 10s and remove

Make sure to twise the key to ON position and turn on

instrument. If failed, pull out the key and try again. Press OK to continue.

4.Insert the key into EIS


Remove the key for 5s and then insert the key into EIS

6.Insert the key into CGDI MB

Save the generated files.

Key_via_OBD_7 Key_via_OBD_8

8.Save the file successfully. Upload the data to calculate password.


Upload data successfully. Press Query Results to calculate pass–done.

Key_via_OBD_10 Key_via_OBD_11

Copy and paste the pass to EIS Key password box and then save it.


Select Generate EE->V051-> Load EIS file.


Upload EIS file just saved–>Press Generate Key File–>The key file was generated successfully.


Go to Read/Write Key->IR —>

read the key/chip


Then Open/Write


For Smart key choose 41 format, for common key and BE key choose 51 format.

Select a key file and write it.


Write key success.


Test the new key. Works good.

Job is done.

How to Add European Ford Transit Custom 2016 key with Lonsdor K518

NEW TEST, NEW UPDATE —Ford Transit Custom 2.2 Tdci 2016 successfully done by Lonsdor K518ISE.
Key learning is all fine!
The car I tried to do the same two days before !
Failed to work then ,but now yes.
Check: Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S May 2019 updated Ford vehicle list
Procedure and images attached:
lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-1 lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-2
2 keys are required to program
The function is done though subscribed menu
Select Immobilizer->Ford->Europe->Transit Custom->2014 up->Immobilizer->Add key
lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-3 lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-4

lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-5 lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-6 lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-7
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Make communication
Read Vin and key number
Make sure you have inserted key and turn on ignition
Lonsdor K518 identifies current number of keys: 3
Program success. Turn ignition switch to ON and OFF for 10 times.
Test the remote control and start engine.
lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-13 lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-14 lonsdor-k518-ford-transit-15

LONSDOR KH100 Manual: How to Register, Update, Program Keys

This is LONSDOR KH100 remote maker user manual:

LONSDOR KH100 definition

LONSDOR KH100 how to register

LONSDOR KH100 how to update

LONSDOR KH100 how to use

in detail…

What is LONSDOR KH100:

The Lonsdor KH100 handheld full-featured key mate and related materials are only used for normal vehicle maintenance, diagnosis and testing, and should not be used for illegal activities. If you use our products to violate laws and regulations, the company does not assume any legal responsibility. This product has certain reliability, but does not exclude the possible losses and damages, the risks arising from this shall be borne by the user, and Lonsdor does not bear any risks and liability.



Device dimension: 193MM*88MM*24MM

Screen size: 2.8 inch

Screen resolution: 320X240 Battery: 3.7V

2000MAH Power: 5V         500MA

Work temperature: -5℃~60℃

USB: USB-B/charge-data transfer

Connector port: PS2-7PIN OD3.5 7PIN , 1.27 spacing, the 2nd PIN: NC

Remote support:


How to register Lonsdor KH100:

Note:      After      booting        the      device,      please       connect       to      WIFI     and      enter      the following     process.

New user

① For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete

activation process, click OK to start.

② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

③ Input user name, password. Confirm password, cellphone number or email to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.

④ Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.

Registered user(who has registered Lonsdor products before)

① For the first use, please prepare a registered call phone or email to help complete

activation process, click OK to start.

② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

③ Input your registered mobile number or email, password to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit login.

④ Account login succeeded, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.

In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor’s product can directly choose [registered user] to activate account.

How to update Lonsdor HK100:

Enter settings menu

Connect the device to network

Then choose [check for updates]

One-click for online update!

How to use Lonsdor KH100 remote maker:

Read before use:

Before use this product, please read this instruction carefully to know how to use it properly.

Do not hit, throw, acupuncture the product, and avoid falling, squeezing and bending
Do not use this product in damp environment such as bathroom, and avoid it being soaked or rinsed with liquid. Please turn off the product in circumstances when it’s forbidden  to  use,  or  if  it  may  cause  interference  or  danger.
Do not use this product while driving a car, so as not to interfere with safety
In medical establishments, please follow the relevant regulations. In areas close to medical equipment, please turn off this
Please turn off this product near high-precision electronic equipment, otherwise the equipment may
Do not disassemble this product and accessories without authorization. Only authorized institutions can repair
Do not place this product and accessories in appliances with strong electromagnetic
Keep this product away from magnetic equipment. The radiation from magnetic equipment will erase the info/data stored in this
Do not use this product in places with high temperature or inflammable air(such as near gas station).
When using this product, please comply with relevant laws and regulations, and respect the privacy and legal rights of

Read for better use:


Identify Copy

Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).


Access Control Key

Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).

Identify ID card

Identify IC card

Simulate Chip

Put KH100’s antenna at the ignition switch(as shown), choose the corresponding chip type to simulate. This device supports below chip types:

①4D                   ②46                   ③48


Generate Chip

Put below types of chip into the induction slot(as shown), choose the corresponding chip to operate according to the prompts.

This device supports below chip types:

①4D              ②46            ③48              ④T5

⑤7935          ⑥8A            ⑦4C            ⑧Other

Note: some chip data will be covered and locked.

Generate Remote

Enter [Generate key]->[Generate remote], choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate remote control(as shown) according to different regions.


Generate Smart key(card)

Enter [Generate key]->[Generate smart key] menu,choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate smart key/card(as shown) according to different regions.


Identify Coil

1 Search smart induction area

Connect  remote  key  with  remote  connector,  Put  KH100’s  antenna  close  to  the pre-determined position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will continuously make sounds, please check if the position is right(as shown below).
②Detect IMMO

Connect  remote  key  with  remote  connector,  Put  KH100’s  antenna  close  to  key identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100 buzzer beeps, it means signal is detected.

Remote Frequency

Enter  this  menu,  put  remote  control  at  the  device’s  induction  area  to  detect  remote frequency.


Special function

Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, More functions, to be continued…

Detect infrared signal

Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote’s button once. When the light on KH100’s screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal(see below pic).


P1: signaled                                                     P1: no signal

Unlock Toyota smart key

Put in smart key, click OK to operate.