BMW X5 FEM Odometer Correction: Cheapest & Easiest Way

Purpose: To do Mileage Correction

The car: 2014-2015 BMW X5 F15


Have tested most odometer correction tools popular in the market..

Some success and some failure

Here are the test result and suggestion. Hope it helps you out.

Digiprog 3: NO

Digiprog 3 v4.94 will not do bmw f15. Digiprog can not erase original eeprom

Eeprom: NO

You don’t need to buy eeprom (eraser can erase these eprom ) only can filter and install in dashboard or FEM and Avdi, BMW explorer or …….

Vvdi prog: YES

If it is cas4 you need to do cas and dash with vvdi prog

CAN filter: YES
If it is with fem you can use can filter and have also to do dash
R270: YES
You can use vvdi prog or r270

E-sys: YES

It can be cleared in custom kombi coding with esys

Cheapest way:

Program new EEPROM with Xprog, filter in Fem will be cheapest

Eraser is about $110

Easiest way:

X5 has fem
Can filter in dash is easiest.
Remove battery First

Btw, i think not possible change it in new type of key f15 without change to new key.

buy new bdc, then key will take km from there

You’d better read –

buy new FEM ( 490eu) , buy New Ecu if it diesel ( doesn’t matter which engine) , program the dash on new KM

update the car with ISTA ( latest version—- if you have) and car will get 100% new KM in all ECU

but if it diesel , then Buy New Engine Ecu also

but be careful because all Ecu and Fem come out from fabrik in latest version of ISTA , which can not be LOW DOWN with another tools,

if you have ISTA online , then can not be problem at all !!!

I know the guy who have ISTA online with own server , and never get problem ….ISTA online is cost for 1 year 1800 eu .