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Solution for Autel MS908P Authorization Check Failed Error Code 3

This is the solution of “Authorization Check Failed” with fault 3 on Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Diagnostic system.

Error Message:

Authorization Check Failed!
Error Code 3



If you changed language, you can get this error

How to solve MS908P Authorization problem:

connect to the internet
log in PC Suit upgrade tool on networked computers
Obtain authorization automatically
If this serial number to determine the corresponding Autel ID, you can contact technical support queries.

Hope this helps those autel MS908P users!

How to do MB91Fxx mileage correction with Yanhua ACDP?

Topic: How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to correct mileage for Japanese car with CPU MB91.


1.Have one Yanhua Mini ACDP basic package + module 5 CPU MB91FXX package & authorization (Send the machine serial number to the dealer for authorization)

2.Browse the official site

Click on “Resource download“.

Click on “Download” icon to download and also “Download the runtime installation package“.

Install on Win7/Win10.


Also, you can install on PC (no resource bundle), as well as Android APP & IOS APP.


3.Open Mini ACDP, click on “Fujitsu MB91FXX“.


4.We have option: Honda, Hyundai, Kia.


5.Enter “Honda” and we have option:

FIT General (MB91F061BS)

FIT Deluxe (MB91F061BS)

Vezel (MB91F061BS)

XR -V (MB91F061BS)

Greiz (MB91F061BS)


6.Enter ” FIT General (MB91F061BS)” and have option:

Auto Mode   (Help)

Advanced Mode (Help)

Just click on “Help” and you will have wiring diagram to follow.

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-8 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-9 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-10

7.Back to select “Hyundai” and have option”Sonata9 (MB91F062BS) ” .

Go to Auto mode  or Advanced mode.

Click on the “Help” and you will get wiring diagram.

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-11 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-12 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-13
mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-14 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-15 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-16

8.Back to select “Kia” and have option:

K3 (MB91F067CS)

K5 (MB91F067CS)


9.Go on “K3” and have option:

Auto Mode (Adjust Mileage)

Advanced Mode ( Reading mileage, Adjust mileage, Backup data, Recover data)

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-15 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-18

10.Next is go to “K5” and have option:

Auto Mode (Adjust Mileage)

Advanced Mode ( Reading mileage, Adjust mileage, Backup data, Recover data)


If you have no idea how to connect the cables and the adapters? Click the “Help” to follow the wiring diagram.

mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-20 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-21 mb91-mileage-correction-with-yanhua-acdp-22


That’s all.


V2019 Super DSP3 Odometer Correction Vehicle List

Comparing v2017 Super DSP3 mileage programmer, the newest V2019 Super DSP III adds newer vehicles, including Audi/VW/Skoda/SEAT MQB platform and Benz/Land Rover/Jaguar/Volvo/Porsche 2010-2017 models.

2019 Super DSP3+ Mileage Correction Tool Car List:
2019 Super DSP3+ Odometer Correction Car List

VAG MQB Platform odometer reset vehicle list:

vw/golf sportsvan 06.2014- nec35xx diag    by obd2

vw/golf mk7 06.2014- nec35xx diag    by obd2

vw/passat b8 06.2014- nec35xx diag     by obd2

vw/polo 06.2014- nec35xx diag    by obd2

vw/tiguan 06.2014- nec35xx diag by obd2

vw/touran 06.2014- nec35xx diag by obd2

audi/a3 06.2014- nec35xx diag     by obd2

audi/q2 06.2014- nec35xx diag     by obd2

skoda/fabia 06.2014- nec35xx diag by obd2

skoda/rapid 06.2014- nec35xx diag      by obd2

skoda/octavia 06.2014- nec35xx diag    by obd2

skoda/superb 06.2014- nec35xx diag    by obd2

seat/ibiza 06.2014- nec35xx diag   by obd2

seat/toledo 06.2014- nec35xx diag by obd2

seat/leon 06.2014- nec35xx diag   by obd2

*attention:the above new updates are for car models with platform mqbab-(continental/vdo) from 6/2014

Lonsdor K518ise adds new ID46 keys to Suzuki Vitara: 1 minute done!

Good News! Lonsdor K518ISE is able to program new ID46 keys to Suzuki Vitara! All done for 1 minute around!

Here is the detail steps:

In Lonsdor K518ise:

Select Immobilization


-> Vitara

-> immobilizer

-> type 1

-> lost all keys programming

Lonsdor K518ise-1 Lonsdor K518ise-2

Will start to program a new key

Lonsdor K518ise-3

Enter the password (generally it’s 0804, 0408)

Lonsdor K518ise-4

Make sure the input is correct

Lonsdor K518ise-5

Current key count

Lonsdor K518ise-6

Insert the key to switch ignition on

Lonsdor K518ise-7

Dashboard status

Lonsdor K518ise9

Lonsdor k518ise is adding a new key

Lonsdor K518ise-10

Key adding completed!

Add another new key

Lonsdor K518ise-11

Please insert the key

Lonsdor K518ise-12

Adding a new key

Lonsdor K518ise-13

Key adding completed!

Lonsdor K518ise-14

SUZUKI key programming completed!

Lonsdor K518ise-15

Job’s done!

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Range Rover TPMS Module and Autel TPMS Sensors


The car has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and 5 sensors (4 wheels + spare). In October, messages about pressure testing in all tires began to appear on the dashboard with the indicator on fire, then these messages disappeared and the indicator went out. Reading errors through SDD did not give a result (no errors). The system is extremely simple 4 antennas and 1 unit (located in the rear right sidewall). Having called the antenna to break the short circuit, I found out that everything is fine with them. The block itself remained in question. After conducting a study (a series of tests to check the performance), it turned out that the unit responds to a decrease in pressure in the wheels but forgets these values. After opening the unit, he discovered that he turned green, cleaned it, put it in its place … the module’s working capacity did not return.


here is the TPMS module

autel-tpms-land-rover-2 autel-tpms-land-rover-3



Decided to buy a new module. Winter came to the car set new wheels with new sensors.

Autel Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Searching on the Internet and buy a module 5WK4 7594 ( NNW502305 )
replacement (new unit at the top)
Changed new module in places, diagnosed using SDD (read module, initialized new unit). When the unit was initialized, the program asked either to enter the 8-digit codes of all 5 wheels or drive for 15 minutes and then install the spare wheel instead of standing on the car. For me it seemed difficult, so I started the auto display, there are no messages, I was glad and went home. After 15 minutes of movement, a system failure message popped up, after reading the errors, found that there was no response from all 4 new AUTEL MX-sensors. It turns out the sensors are sold asleep and are programmed for a specific make model and year of the car at atmospheric pressure (if installed on the car, it should be lowered). It is necessary to find a person with a device for programming or buy a Autel MaxiTPMS pad to program by yourself.
spare wheel

and dropping an error module TPMS went home with the confidence that I would have to plug in a computer and prescribe sensor numbers manually, since I did not want to engage in shamanism with a spare wheel. BUT … a miracle happened and the system picked up all the sensors and after 40 minutes the system did not fail. Now on the tidy does not annoy me amber flat tire icon.

How to Read Renault Clio 4 HFM All Keys Lost Dump with Orange5


hello I need a dump of my hfm renault clio 4 year 2014 HFM (Hands Free Module) module all keys lost.
I found a pinout but I do not know how to adapt it to my programmer Orange 5 to read data on NEC processor v850 uPD70F3633.
thank you for helping me to realize the cabling.



Guide: read Renault Clio 4 HFM dump with Orange5 programmer


Make a connection. No need lift pin. Connect wire 6.

orange5-renault-clio4-hrm-1 orange5-renault-clio4-hrm-2

Open Orange 5 software.  Device option: OSC 8000


Read MCU information


Read DATA uP70F3633


Save data




Read success. Save Flash.


Note: You can read HRM dump with vvdi prog, xprog 5.84 or upa etc as well.

After save dump, you can proceed to add key card using Renault key programmer, i.e Renault ECU Tool (RET).

Connect your RET on OBD
Go clio IV
Load your dump in RET dump tab
Press Key programming
Then a tab opens to put the card and read key
Press assign card and follow RET prompts
Here’s photo guide


Buy Volvo 88890300 Vocom or VCADS Pro 2.40

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface can work with old and new Volvo heavy duty, supports j1708 and j1939, can perform programming etc, Vocom can diagnose Volvo Penta that Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 can’t.

Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 is for diagnosing the old Volvo trucks, supports j1708 protocol.

And more below:

Workable vehicle models:

Vocom:  Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck

VCADS: Volvo truck

Operation system:

Vocom: requires windows XP/ window7 32bit

VCADS requires windows XP


How to Install Volvo PTT v2.03 Software with Vocom interface

Laptop required:

Vocom has no limitation on laptop

VCADS can only be supported by Dell 630

Reliable Source of:

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface


How to make Xentry Passthru 12.2018 work with Actia XS 2G

I (@AfXv237) found and made Xentry Passthru 12.2018 to work with Actia XS 2G so I decided to share the way I made it run.

It also works with other passthru devices like KTS, Techstream VIM, VAS 5054A etc but I did not tested.
How to make Xentry Passthru 12.2018 work with Actia XS 2G
Xentry Passthru

Works only on X64, I tested on Win7 64bit.

Disclaimer: The guide for installation is just edited and adapted to Actia. I do not try to steal fame by this. I only spread the information which regards Actia and I strongly encourage you to buy it and make it work with all passthru programs since it has J2534-1 and J2534-2 protocols. It also has its own multibrand program made to work with latest updates. Please read the other thread I made for further infos.

Note: Xentry passthru software was designed to work mostly or only via CAN. It might not work on older models. I tested on DAS a 2003 W211 E240 (2.6 gasoline) and sees most of the modules. But on newer cars it must see pretty much every module.

I also tested, Actia xs 2g also works with forscan and toyota techstream.


Installation guide for Actia XS 2G (2nd generation):

You need the latest drivers for Actia. I installed them from 43.06 version

1.Prepare windows sp1 x64 as an administrator, UAC (user control) off.

– for Xentry Diagnostic Passthru use x64 only

2.Mount Xentry Passthru iso to virtual drive. Run “start.exe”. Finish. Restart

3.Extract medicines & replace. it will replace xentry missing pictures, dll for old keys loader, fix 2221-45 error, 3.91

error and install das license 0 day fix.

4.double click file “old key loader for configassist or startkeycenter 64bit.reg” in medicines and click “yes” to upload it to the registry. with this, now old key can be accepted by xentry.

5.Run configassyst to enter Xentry license key (mine gets valid only with internet off. after I succesfully put the key, I do not run configassyst with internet ON, otherwise the key get erased, but there is a fix for this as well for SCN online, which I do not have)

6.Prevents xentry’s key deleted and get “no access authorization code” when diagnosing while online.

1.X4711 Methods.

Purpose: Introduce by Rocinante in 2012. It prevents xentry’s key being deleted and it is SAFE FOR SCN Online Coding Xentry Internal Error (3.17)-3.175 “no access authorization code” after xenty diagnose while online

COPY C:\ProgramData\LicDir\lic_key_2.dat to the desktop, rename it to lic_key_2.x4711, and make this file READ ONLY MOVE it back into the directory C:\ProgramData\LicDir\.make sure the lic_key_2.dat file IS NOT read only while lic_key_2.x4711 file READ ONLY…

DAS Ignition On/Off enabler

Purpose: after coding or offline programming, DAS asks to ignition the vehicle off. do ignition vehicle off, but DAS is not recognized it and still asks ignition off.

2.when you want to use the floating menu on/off, and it is grey


copy IgnitionEnabler.exe to desktop, when you need, just run it and it will definitely activate/enable the floating ignition on/off menu in DAS.

New protocol:
The idea was that I made it work to diagnose/code/adapt via Xentry program with Actia. KTS540 has only J2534-1 protocol as far as I know. It might be good, but I have read that is capable of passthru, but is not “completely compatible with passthru” like Actia is.

Newer KTS560 and 590 are fully-passthru and DoIP.

“As early as 2009, Bosch provided with the KTS 540/570 communication modules that can still be used, with certain restrictions, for Euro 5/6.”

“KTS 560/590 can today be used with Euro 5/6 PassThru for the following vehicle manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Citroën, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Škoda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.”

” KTS560/590: Enable PassThru by working with OEM software Work with Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP)”

The cost for KTS560 is 1500EUR+VAT. It costs way too much since I already have it licenced on KTS540 and I don’t feel like being in need for an update. I bought Actia for further range of cars database.

I have tried actually an old car (DAS) with Actia via Xentry Passthru and it sees almost all modules on a W211 E240 2.6 gasoline. I attached photos in the info file. With Actia’s Multidiag program it works too. It covers all european cars and it can do lots of functions and stuff. The whole reason I bought Actia was because an X-klass came to me to delete airbag error and I couldn’t do it with any of Launch, KTS or Delphi (all genuine updated). So, I researched a bit, bought Actia and hit 2 birds. I have both Passthru and its own multibrand program which helped me out twice already, because it had functions that others didn’t. For me is money well spent. P.S: I didn’t try on X-Klass because the customer went to the dealer in the meantime, so I lost a potential customer.

In my personal opinion, KTS is good on newer cars like euro5 onwards. It knows plenty of stuff, but I wouldn’t pay 1500eur just for the hardware alone+ licence if you say it isn’t exactly what it is described. Delphi on the other hand is much more intuitive and use it mostly. Launch is always in my pocket and can diagnose anywhere via smartphone, but on some specific cars it returns strange values and I consider it a little bit less stable.

Each one has pros and cons, that’s why I have all of them and they cover 99,99% of cars that come to me

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