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The history of the OBD scans tools

What is OBD?

The On-Board diagnostics known as OBD is used as a generic term that refers to the self-diagnostic and reporting capability of a vehicle. This performance offers the mechanic   and the user a direct access to information on the state of the engine health and it always encompasses various sub-systems inside the vehicle.

There are two known models of the OBD2 Tools in the market. While the OBD-I was essentially intended to alter and encourage automobile mechanics to align to certain reliable emission management systems that were to last throughout the vehicle’s usable life. It was found not to cover the car engine system in the most efficient of ways.

The new generation on board diagnostics, known as OBD-II this is often an improvement over OBD-I in every capacity and standardization. The  auto scanner diagnostic tool primarily offers three unique specifications embodied on the manner in which the diagnostic tools are built to give a clearly specified data scan. These specifications border on the electronic messaging format, electrical signaling protocols and a list of auto parameters to scan besides having the capacity to give very clear interpretation of the scanned data.

There are a number of standards used within the on board diagnostic system. One of such is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.  The EPA was aimed at reducing motor vehicle emissions especially the trucks and cars. The EPA rules require the manufacturers to make cars that meet the strictest emissions standards.

Most of the OBD II scanners are EPA compliant if we dissect it against the former OBD I. whereas OBD-I tools could simply be used for emission management systems on cars that didn’t have any given standards, OBD-II provides a universal scrutiny and identification methodology to make sure that the car is working according to the Original instrumentation Manufacturer (OEM) standards.
Do you want know another information about OBD2 code reader? Click link below

Read “The best automotive technology – The OBD 2 scanner”
Origin and evolution of OBD scan tools

The state of California had intent to combat the air pollution issues in the state. This led to the authorities to start requiring emission management systems on all 1966 model of cars. It was in 1968 that the federal government enforced these controls nationwide.

It was finally with the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1970 which was underpinned in the congress in the same year of 1970.the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) of 1970 was established through this act. This started a series of emission standardization for emission which was meant to help in the maintenance of vehicles which has been in place for some time now.

Only electronically controlled systems OBD were found to meet these high end standards. Most Sensors help in changing the engine performance so as to produce the minimum potential of the engine to cause pollution. These sensors are additionally useful in providing early diagnostic help.

Since its origin in the early nineteen eighties, OBD has undergone varied levels of complex changes in terms of the number of diagnostic information it offers. The earlier models of OBD would merely indicate malfunctions illumination indicator light (MIL). These indicators are additionally marked as “the check engine light”. However some OBD scan tools of yonder wouldn’t give elaborate information on the character of the matter.

Modern OBD models use an identically quick digital communications port to produce timely and periodic data besides the manufacturer standardized series of diagnostic fault codes (DTCs). These are known to enable the mechanics and the drivers to spot malfunctions within a vehicle and organize for the appropriate remedies in a flash.

What is important for any driver or mechanic who wants to use these scan tools on his car is to know which car brand is in question. This is then bound to assist the user in making the best selection. However, having them has become a fundamental requirement in most emission regulated countries globally; it is just a matter of time before all countries adopt their use.

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The OBD user assumptions, the red lights to look for

While the OBD scan tool is quite an important tool to have within your car, there seems to be an over indulgence on their importance. This has even made most users have the misconception that the OBD scan tool is a know it all tool. Far from it, the auto diagnostic tools suppliers covers so much within your car engine but it still has certain points to look for in case you develop a problem with your car.

Some of these areas may help you in expeditiously solving issues arising from your car showing the malfunction indicator light which in most cases can be persistent. They include;

1.Over-relying on the data-studies has shown wide gaps in the OBD data availability especially if the fault may have been caused by some gas issues. For instance, there could be a malfunction indicator light even after the coding process is complete. This usually presents a big challenge yet the problem could just be that some area within the gas tank is not fully closed.

2.Not conducting OBD periodic inspections– the benefits accrued by conducting inspections at intervals involving several drive circles has been emphasizes. While most drivers think that the scan process should be continuous, it is beneficial to allow the scanner pick enough data for you to act on. The periodic inspection also helps the driver be kept abreast with the going on within his car and thus avert any cases of engine breakdowns which may also result into spiraling costs of repair.

3.Avoiding visiting the mechanic– it is clear that in most scenarios, there are likelihoods that the driver may intend to cut on the overall costs of repair and so jump the process of seeking professional advice. This should not be the case. The mechanic still play an important role in helping detect certain faults that may be appearing on the OBD scan tool data display and not known to a non professional.

It is additionally clear that there are likely other car issues which are not related to the gas situation of the engine. These scenarios are not likely to be detected by the auto scanner diagnostic tool system which requires professional help.


Think of other automotive car effects-the presence of other additional failures not likely seen on the OBD scan tool is also another challenge which calls for visiting of someone qualified. For instance, it is not entirely final that all environmental issues will be sorted out with the presence of an OBD scan tool. Take the case of the usual OBD 4gas analysis which only identifies the emissions of CO2 and potassium. Environmental experts on car use may be of help here.

Cost assumptions– while the debate on the use of the OBD scan tool continues, cost remains one of its strengths. The pundits claim that it is the most cost effective method of conserving the environment as well as courting down on the car user cost.

The disparities which have been proven in different studies conducted in Germany and Britain have however proven this to be only true to some extent. While the Germans experience zero cost reduction with the use of an OBD scan tool, the Britons were noted to benefit a lot from the use of OBD scan tool. These factors could be attributed to the fact that the several diverse user policies adopted in different countries influence how much the OBD use will cost.

The OBD scan tool assumptions and theories will be important if the countries are to develop comprehensive user policies which may help determine the user scope and environmental policies. More input may still be needed from the stakeholders.

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What is the best OBD tool for the car

The question of which on board diagnostic (OBD) scan tool suits the car has been one shrouded in mystery with lots of answers hanging. This is usually seen in people who are just getting introduced to the OBD use and may not have the best know how on which the most suitable tool to use is.

The choice of which OBD Scanner Tool usually rests with the car manufacturer in most cases, it can also be the prerogative of the car owner to make the choice of which tool will be used on his car. In the years of yore, OBD scan tool requirements stipulated that all cars must be fitted with a functioning OBD scan tool.
U380 OBD II car scanner

U380 OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner Trouble Code Reader

The rule has not changed a bit with the introduction of more advanced OBD 2 and the EOBD 2 in Europe. What it now stipulates is that the car owner is more at liberty of selecting an appropriate tool for his use without having to rely on the manufacturer gadget.
Why is it so?

The need for standardization brought with it an open market system. initially, the manufacturer specific OBD scan tools were limited to given cars and required that the car owner bought new BMW ICOM the moment a new car brand would be bought. This was quite expensive and made most people to pile OBD scan tools in the house, some of which they didn’t use.

The reduction of emission and the need to have quick and efficient repairs was the main aim of the innovation regarding OBD scan tools. If the Heavy Duty Diagnostic was going to present a new front for delayed repairs, then it would not serve the purpose. The environmental protection agency (EPA) in the United States recommended for an electronic gadget which was standard and would not have these challenges.

The second generation onboard diagnostic scan tools were thus invented. These tools are among the best the automotive industry has seen because of the nature of their action. One tool can in fact be seen to work on several other cars without any trouble. In most instances, novices are found to have their use quite appropriate.

EOBD2 scanner

EOBD2 & OBD2 Diesel Diagnosic tool

The success seen with the second generation scanners is immensely attributed to the protocol coverage within them which makes them more compatible with newer car models and even older car models. This has led to their being seen as the best scan tools for use on the car.
Why OBD 2?

The OBD 2 machines have thus been rated highly as one of the best tools worth using if you want to have a smooth scan.

The reasons for OBD 2 preference are as follows;

Wide protocol coverage- while the old generation scan tools were known to cover almost all the known protocols within the span of the diagnostic scanner use. This fact has always given them great advantages in terms of compatibility.
Ease of use- with the OBD 2 the user may not have to hustle around looking for code meaning. This is mostly because most of them have a directory where all the codes read are translated. In addition, some have audio for relaying the code progress meaning and completion of the repair process.
Cost effective- by reducing the time taken by the mechanic on the car, these OBD scan tools have drastically reduced the repair time as well as the overall cost that a mechanic would charge. Moreover, most of them are cheap in terms of price.
Longer use- the OBD 2 scanner is known to have an updatability feature that is the most special thing about them. This can allow them to be used with newer cars. Moreover, by just downloading some of the software associated with these tools, one can turn any mobile devices into an OBD 2 Bluetooth scan tool.

With all these facts at hand, it is clear that the OBD 2 is among the best gadgets to use on the cars. The European version may b e the EOBD 2 but the purpose id the same. This however does not overrule all OBD 1 scan readers in the market. They are equally good but cannot be the best.

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Of cars and car faults

Using cars has been an exciting thing since the innovation of wheels. Many people love their cars for the convenience they are known to provide. While the process of car use may be the most exciting, the prevalence e of car faults is usually something which is commonplace.

Car fault has been known to arise from different car areas. Some of which include:

The engine
The wheels

Engine faults

The Car Diagnostic Tool has been the major area which keeps the car moving. However much we may want the engine to remain in good condition, the car engine is the most common area of fault. Engine faults are caused by several factors which include heating, blockages and just mere cases of negligence.

car engine faults

Because of the combustion process, the car engine is bound to heat up and as a result need urgent cooling. The heating arise from the fuels which are used and the lack of ventilation. The car filters are usually placed strategically to help in reducing the oil clogging on the car system.

When the engine is clogged, it is bound to cause heat. Oxygen and water are usually some of the most important elements when this arises. The emissions of carbon dioxide in the course of the combustion usually cause the car engine to have the chocking effect.

Engine fault is also known to arise from other factors like the imbalances in the car engine pressure. The maintenance of the car engine pressure is quite important if the car engine were to have ‘good health’. The use of certain oils is some other contributors to the problem of temperature and pressure.
The car body

Car bodies are made of diverse metallic components. Aluminum and steel are some of the most commonly used materials in the car body industry. Aluminum is regarded to be lighter than its steel compatriot, steel is harder. The fact that aluminum does not rust as fast makes it to be used in most of the Auto Repair Software.

car body faults

The corrosive nature of natural forces usually eats away the metallic part of the car body. However, the aluminum is known to last longer than steel. A car with corroded body looks ugly and un-roadworthy. This in itself is a fault which needs urgent correction.
The wheels

Because it is the part which is in contact with the road, car wheels are the most important part of car movements.  Car wheel problems arise from the wheel alignment issues or just the mere fact that the bearings have failed.

the car wheels

When the problem is with the car wheel alignment, there is bound to be numerous vibrations which may bring a lot of discomfort to the car users. In fact, the car vibrations alone may make the use of the car unbearable.

When the bearings fail, the most prudent thing to know is the cause and how to rectify the fault. Because the bearings form an important part of the wheel movement, it may sometimes be a matter of just oiling the bearings or just replacing the balls within the b, if some are cracked.
How do we rectify car fault?

In the past, it would take ages to be able to identify and rectify certain areas of the car fault. Since the 1960s in California, the introduction of onboard diagnostic scan machines (OBD), which were basically meant to identify the car fault in the course if car use. The result has been the revolutionizing of the process of identification and correcting of the car faults.

The initial stages of the on board diagnostics only used the simple car engine readers whose scope was not large enough. This posed a big problem and so the introduction of the second generation scan machines (OBD II).

Most of the second generation scan tools are known for their efficient nature of getting the car fault readings. This has lessened the process of car fault identification and car repairs. OBD2 Scanner in essence are meant to reduce the cases of having faulty cars on the road.

Because of their universality, OBD II scan tools are known to be compatible with most of the car brands in the market. Their availability in the market has also never been in question given their stock on most of the online as well brick and motor stores.

So if you are one of those who are suffering from the numerous cases of car fault, getting yours is just a click away. Take that step and get yours, it would be the most ideal decision of your life.

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VW Passat 2009 all keys lost,which tool

Which tool will program VW Passat 2009 all keys lost? Here are the solutions provided.

Customer question:
I haven’t done any VAG Cables group programming in my career mainly because we don’t have this cars in my market. However I got customer who has Passat 2009 and needs to program a key in. I have the mechanical key already.

I would appreciate if anyone can give pointers on where to start with. I have heard its precoding and about 7th byte etc, but i don’t the exact steps

Can anyone guide me through? I think i have all the equipment necessary for the job for ex; Tango, tagkey tool. Thanks.

Solution 1:

Remove comfort access and program key with Tango from In tango maker help, they show you how to differentiate ID48 and 46.

Modulo comfort, eeprom it, and dump the tango key programmer records. TagKey also writes.

Solution 2:

Remove comfort it s being glovebox
Read 95320 u then put dump here and someone give you all 7 bits
Make dealer key ID48 can for vw and put with vcds
Or write your transponder in dump ready to start Tango or TM100 Key Programmer create image.


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How to Program Volvo S80 05 All Keys Lost via TM100

A Volvo S80 2005 driver has lost all car keys. Here is the step-by-step guide to program new key fob under all keys lost.

Step 1:  Read EEPROM Data
Disassemble  Engine Control Module (ECM) under dashboard, remove and open ECU



Locate 93C86 chip on CPU

Desolder chip and read 93C86 data via ECU programmer,i.e XPROG Programmer, then save eeprom data


Step 2: Write key

Some key programming tool optional options you can write key on this model, i.e TM100, VVDI or Tango Programmer.
Here take an example of TM100 Key Programmer.

Connect TM100 with computer, open software, select KeyMaker
Select Volvo-S80-(-2003 28F400)

Then select Open Dump File, upload 93c86 eeprom data just read
Wait some minutes to upload file. Then Car Key Programmer TM100 will display key information, key number, key position etc.

Select unused key position, place a new ordinary ID48 chip into coil of TM100 , then select Write Key

TM100 will re-write ID48 key chip data to car original 93C86 chip and generate a new 93C86 dump file in a few minutes.

Re-write the new 93C86 chip data to car original 93C86 chip via ecu programmer.

Reinstall ECM back to car, now you can start car with the ID48 chip.

Re-write the new 93C86 dump file back to car original 93C86 chip with ecu programmer.

Reinstall the ECU back to car. The new ID48 chip will start car.

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Free Download New OEM Tango Update Tool

Here is the free update tool for OEM Tango key programmer from CnAutotool company.

OEM Tango Key Programmer Software Version:
1. Firmware version :V1.072;
2. Software version:V1.100;
Language:  English.

Free Download New OEM Tango Update Tool!H9ESUZgb!QIXdyafN_fi0rYWWhKp5XRmNaLuMjDfDZDGARfMhm1c

Directly run the Update Tool to update

Operating system: Windows XP(SP2 or later) Professional Version,Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Professional;

Update feature:

Fix  48 chip rewrite bug


tango key pro and key

OEM Tango Support List:

Chang an
Chang cheng
FAW Group
Great Wall

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How to use Launch X431 V on BMW, Toyota 2017, VW online coding

Being a workshop technician whose purpose is to provide diagnose & reset service on all automotive brands. I would like the most inexpensive tool that will support the function what I want and meanwhile help me make money. Which tool is the best choice?

. Normal function: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream
. Special functions incl. Brake reset, Oil reset, SAS Rest, BAT reset, ABS Bleeding , Elec. throttle Relearn, TPMS reset, DPF reg. , Gear learning, IMMO.

Automotive brands and year to cover:
1. Automotives from America, Europe, Asia, Chinese, India, Australia, Malaysia, especially Proton, Ford Australia, IRKIA, PERODUA, Proton, TATA, Maruti, Lancia, etc. that old X431 tools and other tools can’ t communicate with.
2. A tool can cover automotive up to 2017 year.

The tool I was recommended:
Launch Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi/Bluetooth Full System Diagnostic Tool with Special Function (Paid 799USD incl. shipping cost on

5 working days delivery to California at a good package.
I think I got this tool is occasional and feel lucky, at first, I wondered if this tool is what I want, can it work as described. Only after the customer service Karen sent me a Youtube video then I would like to have a try:

Tested and it works very fine. It’s awesome. I pick up some test results i.e. BMW coding/programming and key programming test, Toyota A/T registration, Electric throttle learning and write VIN as well as VW online programming.

Test result 1.  Lots special functions works

Tap the screen option, there are even step-by-step instructions on how to do. I already use it to help several car owners reset service, very easy to use.


2. I take only 3 pictures to prove it can cover  Indian cars, Australian cars, Malaysian cars.

Launch X431 vehicle coverage inquiry system: to check
7-02 7-03 7-04
4.  I choose BMW to diagnose, and got prompt “The newest BMW V49.55 software can diagnose the elec. Control sys. Of BMW up to 2017, include Engine / Chassis / Body and other parts. The operation is the same as the original tool.”


Next to BMW menu, it even have coding/programming option, i.e BMW Mini and 3 Series are covered. Before I think  BMW ICOM is for professional engineers, then this is for me who are new to BMW coding / programming world, by using Launch X431 V, it will prevent me damaging the ECU , meanwhile to use ICOM I will  save the training money that may be several times of device price.

You could also see it has “special functions” option.

7-06 7-07 7-7 7-08

Next is “Car key memory” option.

Haven’t test this function, but I am sure it will be much easier for those fresh locksmiths since the professional Auto key Programmer is expensive and the procedure is comprehensive. Make key via OBDII will be easier and not possible to damage the IMMO.


5. Toyota 2017 year works and lots special functions works.
Newest Toyota V28.82 software can diagnose Power train, chassis and Body system up to 2017 on Toyota vehicles.

7-09 7-10

Toyota electric throttle learning and A/ T registration works

Toyota VIN Write works

6. VW online coding works and free (a big improvement)
Need no pay additional money to subscribe account to login Germany server.
Besides, Special function, VW Crafter (LT3)light Trucks, Guided functions and Procedure option.

7-14 7-15

7.  Covers Ford and Mazda up to 2017 year incl. Escape, MKC, Fusion, MKZ, Expedition, Navigator, Transit Connect, Explorer, Transit Connect, Super Duty, F150 etc

And more..


Launch X431 V 8″ is the best choice for workshop. It defeat autocom / Delphi, old Launch X431 tools, and other universal repair maintenance tools.

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Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet tested vehicle list-89 diagnostic software in total

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet WiFi Bluetooth scanner at is tested to cover 89 diagnostic software in total, this is tempting if you have many car brands to fix. To check which specific models are covered, read following table.


Software No.     Software name
2     DAEWOO
4     LEXUS
5     FORD
7     AUTOSEARCH(AutoSearch)
8     RESETSAS(转向角复位)
9     BENTLEY(宾利)
10     DEMO(演示程序)
11     EUROFORD(欧洲福特)
12     JACTY(江淮轿车(通用))
13     VAZ(VAZ)
14     PORSCHE(保时捷)
15     QIRUI_TY(奇瑞轿车)
16     RESETBRAKE(刹车片归零)
17     ECUAID(电控助手)
18     MASERATI(玛莎拉蒂)
19     RESETGEAR(齿讯学习)
20     BMW(宝马)
21     GM(通用)
22     SEAT(西特)
23     ISUZU(江铃汽车)
24     JINLONG(厦门金龙)
25     USAFORD(美国福特)
26     LANCIA(蓝旗亚)
27     PEUGEOT(标致)
28     SUZUKI(铃木)
29     HM(HM)
30     RESETOIL(保养灯归零)
31     RESETIMMO(防盗匹配)
32     MAYBACH(迈巴赫)
33     LUXGEN(纳智捷)
34     TOYOTA(丰田)
35     VW(大众)
36     CHANGAN(长安汽车)
37     AUDI(奥迪)
38     CITROEN(雪铁龙)
39     HONDA(本田)
40     LANDROVER(路虎)
41     LIUWEI_TY(柳州五菱)
42     XINKAI(新凯汽车)
43     BXFIAT(巴西菲亚特)
45     JPISUZU(五十铃)
46     KIA(起亚)
47     RENAULT(雷诺)
48     SKODA(斯柯达)
49     SPRINTER(奔驰商务车)
50     ROVER(罗孚)
51     WEILI(威力汽车)
52     BUGATTI(布加迪)
53     RESETTPMS(胎压复位)
54     EOBD2(EOBD)
55     HAFEI(哈飞汽车)
56     HAOQING(吉利汽车)
57     NISSAN(日产)
58     XIALI(天津一汽)
59     ZHONGSHUN(中顺汽车)
60     ROMEO(罗密欧)
61     RESETBMS(电池匹配)
62     AUSTFORD(澳洲福特)
63     ACURA(讴歌)
64     BENZ(奔驰)
65     CHANGHE(昌河汽车)
66     FIAT(菲亚特)
67     MAZDA(马自达)
68     ZHONGTAI(众泰汽车)
69     JAGUAR(捷豹)
70     OPEL(欧宝)
71     ROLLSROYCE(劳斯莱斯)
72     VOLVO(沃尔沃)
73     CHRYSLER(克莱斯勒)
74     DAIHATSU(大发)
75     FLYER(比亚迪汽车)
76     HYUNDAI(现代)
77     BXGM(巴西通用)
78     SUBARU(斯巴鲁)
80     FERRARI
82     DACIA
84     SAAB(
85     GAZ(GAZ)
86     JIAO
88     RESET ETS
89     RESET DPF

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Advice to the locksmith who wants to step into car key programming


These years, an increasing number of people want to engage in locksmith industry, many civil locksmiths also want to join. I summarize 6 pieces of advice to the locksmith who wants to step into car key programming, in the aspect of invest, key programmers and cutting machines and some more attentions.

Firstly, how much money and what ways to invest, it depends on your professional skills and budgets. Better ask for advice from the elder master and the experience locksmith. No device can do all, High price not means good quality, and not all machine is suitable for you. In order to avoid broking vehicle or making the vehicle can’t start, advise you choose the machines which have been proved that can work for a long time in the market, and among the same products which sold by many sellers, not the cheaper the saver, some sellers sell the products at a lowest price, but they don’t provide essential technical support, when you encounter problems they will not answer you, the money you save is meaningless. The more technical support you get, the more function the device can realize, therefore, the cheapest one is not suitable. Then what about the high-end tools, I have proved the most expensive tools Is not necessarily the best, such as the expensive Tango key pro, original AVDI, key pro M8 and more, they are all international tools and also very expensive, but actually the most expensive is not necessarily the best, the update operation is neither suitable for the junior locksmiths, the locksmith who has not enough budget will not afford to the update fee or the adapter fee. The freshman is not advised to invest the newest machines, for the senior locksmith they are experienced when they meet any problems and find the solution, but for the junior locksmith, when they meet any problem, they will have no any idea, if wrongly solved, the vehicle may be broken or can’t start, then you will be frustrated and lose confidence to program key. Therefore, if you are a junior locksmith, just wait until the senior locksmith prove the newest machines can work well. And you are suggested to start from the easier steps to the difficult steps, for example, firstly use the tool that needs not to remove the chip before use the tool that needs to remove the chip.

Secondly, one customer’s demands to the consumables is different from that of the other, some customers prefer to the cheap one, some to the original one and some to the easier one, therefore we need to supply the original products, the reequipped products and cheap products. But you are not suggested to deal with too many inferior products; otherwise the customers may less trust you and you lose the reputation

Thirdly, a grade store design will impress the customers, and the store with bad display will give the drivers bad impression that less profession and less reliability, then they are not willing to let you program his car. And you are supposed to be familiar with most brand car models, it is very bad to ask others or search the materials only after the driver drives the car to you, the more you know the more customers trust you.

Fourth, Inform and explain, clarify responsibilities. Avoiding unnecessary trouble

Take the battery change for example, when the car owner give us remote key and ask us to change the battery, usually we will directly change the battery and return to the driver, it seems to be easy, right? But, some auto locksmith react they encountered these incidents: after the battery changed, the remote control does not work, or the driver say the remote control distance is too short, even can’t start the vehicle. Why? There are three reasons: 1) the remote key code is lost and need to match again. 2) The remote key is damaged for the unprofessional operation by the locksmith. 3) The remote has problem before the driver gave you to change battery.

As for the reason three, I advice after you get the driver’s key, the first thing to do is to test whether the driver’s remote key can work or not and the remote has frequency or not. Or you have better change the battery within sight of the owner, and the driver will believe you do nothing accept change the battery, although it is the phenomenon of lack of trust between you and the driver, but it will avoid some unnecessary troubles.

Besides, before copy the new key you have better do the following work: 1) check if the key can work or not by inserting it into the car and try to start the car; 2) check if the warning light flash on the dashboard; 3) check if the light flashes when you use remote key to open or close the door; 4) if necessary, check the glass lift. To do the 4-steps work can avoid the misunderstanding between our locksmiths, according to my experience the car driver maybe thinks it is caused by our locksmith improper operation.

Fifth, In order to peacefully deal with the locksmith industry for a long time, please strict compliance with the law, because car decoding involve motor vehicles identity, the vehicle that lost all keys is required to record and verify identity, It is easy to check if any future problems. Do not trap into vehicle robbery and property dispute because of immediate benefits.

Finally, advice you make some locksmith friends, one good locksmith friend prior to ten key programming machines, as long as you are willing to learn and keep passion, your friends will help you when you have troubles during daily work.

According to my years of experience, I suggest you some Obd2 Key Programmers according to different car models and key chip.
1)Remote key programmer: H618 and KD600
2)Decoding machine: CI-PROG 300+, A168, key pro M8, X100
3)key programmer for 4th immobilizer system: VVDI2, DATA Smart3, original AVDI
4)chip read and writing machine: AD900, 884 and Tango
5)BMW key programmer: BMW OBD, AK300, BMW AK91
Mercedes Benz key programmer:  AK500, MB2
6)the key cutting machine: cheap working Condor XC-007 made in China, original expensive 994 or VIP

In conclusion: which one tool to buy, it depends on your budget and needs, wish you earn more profits with less investment.