Month: September 2017

The history of the OBD scans tools

What is OBD? The On-Board diagnostics known as OBD is used as a generic term that refers to the self-diagnostic and reporting capability of a vehicle. This [...]

The OBD user assumptions, the red lights to look for

While the OBD scan tool is quite an important tool to have within your car, there seems to be an over indulgence on their importance. This has even made most [...]

What is the best OBD tool for the car

The question of which on board diagnostic (OBD) scan tool suits the car has been one shrouded in mystery with lots of answers hanging. This is usually seen in [...]

Of cars and car faults

Using cars has been an exciting thing since the innovation of wheels. Many people love their cars for the convenience they are known to provide. While the [...]

VW Passat 2009 all keys lost,which tool

Which tool will program VW Passat 2009 all keys lost? Here are the solutions provided. Customer question: I haven’t done any VAG Cables group programming [...]

How to Program Volvo S80 05 All Keys Lost via TM100

A Volvo S80 2005 driver has lost all car keys. Here is the step-by-step guide to program new key fob under all keys lost. Step 1:  Read EEPROM [...]

Free Download New OEM Tango Update Tool

Here is the free update tool for OEM Tango key programmer from CnAutotool company. OEM Tango Key Programmer Software Version: 1. Firmware version [...]

How to use Launch X431 V on BMW, Toyota 2017, VW online coding

Being a workshop technician whose purpose is to provide diagnose & reset service on all automotive brands. I would like the most inexpensive tool that will [...]

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet tested vehicle list-89 diagnostic software in total

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet WiFi Bluetooth scanner at is tested to cover 89 diagnostic software in total, this is tempting if you have many car [...]

Advice to the locksmith who wants to step into car key programming

These years, an increasing number of people want to engage in locksmith industry, many civil locksmiths also want to join. I summarize 6 pieces of advice to [...]