What do you know about Mongoose Pro GM II

MongoosePro GM II supports GDS2 for Global A vehicle diagnostics, enhanced data, bi-directional controls, service bay tests and data logging. MongoosePro GM 2 is a low-cost, high-performance reprogramming diagnostics interface for GM vehicles. It supports TIS2WEB for module reprogramming and GDS2 & Tech2WIN for diagnostics.
MongoosePro GM II supports Tech2WIN for diagnostics on powertrain, chassis, body, anti-theft, and tpms systems. Tech2WIN supports trouble codes, enhanced data lists, bi-directional controls, systems tests, and data logging. Mongoose Pro for GM Reprogramming via TIS2WEB. MongoosePro GM supports module reprogramming using GM’s TIS2WEB software. Technicians can use Mongoose for GM security systems.

The Mongoose GM interface at CnAutotool  is a USB pass-thru device that utilizes the SAE J2534-1 API. What this means is that the Mongoose GM interface  uses a standard communications interface to the vehicle, allowing it to work with 3rd party diagnostic applications. Different diagnostics and data logging applications supported are currently supported by the Mongoose, with more being added all of the time

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